Newsletter No.5 January-1999@

Dr.Takuji Waseda
n the previous work at the University of California,as a part of the project team studying the Radar observation of breaking waves,I had inspected the dynamical processes of wave group formation due to sideband instability of Stokes wave,both by experimental investigation and by numerical simulation based on a weakly nonlinear theory.Besides,I had been engaged in the research of wind waves that play an important role in the physical processes at the air-sea interface.At the IPRC,I would like to develop my research focusing on the analyses of various ocean observational data including those from satellites,keeping in mind the possibility of incorporating micro processes at the air-sea interface such as wind waves into the air-sea coupled model.
    At present,as a new research,I have started to work on the data assimilation of the Kuroshio regional circulation model (POM) developed by Dr.Mitsudera and the JAMSTEC group.In addition,jointly with Dr.Jameson,I have started working on the development of a new data assimilation scheme utilizing the numerical error estimation by wavelet analysis.In the future,I intend to incorporate the wind-wave parameters into the estimation of wind stresses and turbulent fluxes used in the general circulation models.

Dr.Toru Miyama
y work field is ocean dynamics,and I use numerical models as a means.From my student years,I have had a special interest in the Indonesian Throughflow.In the Indonesian Islands,there are many detailed geographical features,and they also relate to the phenomena of the global circulation level,which make our understandings difficult.However,from the reverse point of view,there is a possibility that any small event may affect global scale ones,which has attracted me.In the new research area with Dr.Leland Jameson at the IPRC,we are now in the process of applying grid generation by wavelets to the ocean model.By making a distinction between large and small scale with wavelets,we can concentrate grids in the small scale.
    Moreover,we are testing the NJR model,in order to understand the maintenance of sea surface temperatures.In Hawaii,there is a powerful parallel computer center,comparable with other high performance computers in the world,and by using this computer the NJR model will surely display its expertise.
    Please come and see us in Hawaii.Aloha!

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