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    In this Newsletter,we introduce,in a successive manner,the global change research institutes in the world.For the fourth time,Dr.Motoyasu Miyatya,who is a senior researcher of the ESTO,and a liaison officer at the IPRC,will introduce the School of Ocean &Earth Science &Technology(SOEST), the University of Hawaii.

Name and address of the SOEST

SOEST,University of Hawaii
1680 East-West Road,POST 802
Honolulu,Hawaii 96822
TEL :+1-808-956-6182
FAX :+1-808-956-9152

POST (Pacific Ocean Science and Technology)buiding

    The University of Hawaii (UH)is the only state university in the Hawaiian Islands,and has 90 year history.It consists of ten independent colleges.Among them,UH at Manoa on Oahu Island is the largest (with nearly 20,000 students). SOEST is located at a corner of that campus,bordering on the lush Manoa valley,with a lovely forest at the back,and the Pacific Ocean and Waikiki beach at the front.Lively research and educational activities are conducted in this blessed natural surroundings.

    SOEST started in 1988,reorganizing and integrating relevant existing departments and institutes of study at that time. The IPRC,in which the FRSGC has joint research in cooperation with the U.S.,was established as the newest organization at SOEST in October 1997.SOEST also includes Department of Oceanography,Department of Meteorology,Department of Ocean Engineering,Department of Geology &Geophysics,Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI),Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL),Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology (HIGP),Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB),Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (JIMAR),and the Sea Grant Program (in cooperation with NOAA).

    SOEST is one of the leading research institutions in the U.S.A.,studying the Earth comprehensively.The total number of its faculty and staff is approximately 700 (including 200 Ph.D.),and more than 300 papers are published yearly.The annual budget for SOEST is about 60 million dollars;two-thirds from federal agencies,and the rest from the State of Hawaii and others.At present there are about 70 undergraduate and 160 graduates enrolled.

    SOEST operates three ocean research ships.There are also smaller nearshore vessels operated by HIMB.Two three-person research submersibles (one with a capability of diving up to 400 m,and the other 2,000 m)and one Remotely Operated Vessel (ROV)(1,000 m)are operated under the aegis of HURL.Cooperative research with other institutions is quite common,both within the U.S.and abroad.Recently geological structures of the ocean floor in the Hawaiian region were investigated,as a joint effort between SOEST and JAMSTEC with aide of ROV "Kaiko"and R/V "Kairei".

The picture shows Dr.Miyata (right end)doing publicity work at Pearl Harbor navy base.
    One year has passed rapidly since I started to work as Liaison Officer for IPRC.I observe that the IPRC,which is operated jointly by two countries,is similar to an international marriage in which two persons with entirely different background decide to live together.It often happens that the wife prepares rice and miso-soup for her husband who is expecting bread and butter for his breakfast.I have been wondering if one important role of Liaison Officer is to encourage the couple to create a new dish combining rice with butter or bread with miso.(The photograph on the left page shows M.Miyata (right)engaged in publicity activities at Pearl Harbor US Naval Reservation)

International Pacific Research Center(IPRC)liaison officer,
ESTO Motoyasu Miyata
2241 Kapilani Blvd.Rm1010,Honolulu,HI 96826
TEL :+1-808-983-4125 FAX :+1-808-983-4199

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