Newsletter No.7 July-1999@

World Climate Research Programme Second International Conference on Reanalyses

August 23`27,1999
Wokefield Park,Mortimer,Reading,UK
For further information visit.

International Conference on Climate Change
and Variability

September 13`17,1999
Tokyo Japan
Organized by Commission on Climate,IGU

Fourth International Conference on Modeling of Global Climate Change and Variability

September 13`17,1999
Max-Planck-Institut Fur Meteorologie,Hamburg
For further information:
Dr.Lydia Dumenil
Max-Planck-Institut Fur Meteorologie,Hamburg
Bundesstrasse 55 D-20146 Hamburg

Introduction of the Business of the Earth Science and Technology Organization

Earth Science and Technology Organization (ESTO)supporting the FRSGC
  As a supporting business for publicity of the FRSGC,ESTO provides the following services:producing and operating the homepage,editing and making pamphlets,handbooks and newsletters,planning and producing instructional video tapes and CD-ROMs.
  Last fiscal year,ESTO produced the video tape entitled "Exploring Frontiers in Global Change Research"-The Mission of the Frontier Research System for Global Change -,and the CD-ROM "Wonders of the Earth and its Future"-Challenge to Quizzes on the Mysterious Planet -.In addition,we published an Earth Science and Technology Handbook.

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