Newsletter No.7 July-1999@

  FRSGC formed a plan to introduce a large-scale supercomputer,which is a core in the information system for the global change prediction, indispensable to promote a research of data assimilation, by the FY 1998 supplementary budget.
  We have begun the action procedure for supercomputer procurement on October 20,1998, starting with an announcement of introducing plans and requesting proposals from vendors and also through market research, documentation of the specification, open competitive bid and bench mark test, and determined to adopt the NEC SX-5/16A system on April 23,1999.

  The SX-5/16A consists 16 multiple vector processors (maximum peak performance is 128 GFLOPS) and a large-scale shared memory of 96 GB. High performance RAID Disk Array subsystem (1 TB) is connected with the main frame through a network of 400 Mb/sec in data transfer speed. The system also includes a high speed tape archives with 50TB capacity, StorageTek Powder Horm 9310,and Hard Disk with 1 TB memory,which are connected with the main frame via the file tape server,SGI Origin 2000 (8 CPUs,2GB memory), with high speed network HIPPI (800 Mb/sec).

Configuration of Information System at IGCR
  This supercomputer system is supposed to send &receive from the Earth simulator (which will become operable at the end of FY 2001) a huge amount of data,such as assimilation data and calculated results of general circulation models of both the atmosphere and oceans, etc.The system will be set up in the former Kanagawa Industrial Research Institute,at Yokohama-city,after rebuilding as the computer center.FRSGC researchers can remotely access the system by means of a high speed computer network.Hereafter,starting with the operation of the supercomputer by the end of October, this year,we will have improvement constructions and make system designing (making an operation rule)corresponding to research content in order for the researchers to utilize this system pleasantly and effectively.

Kiyoshi,Otsuka Assistant Director
"Frontier"Research Promotion Department

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