Newsletter No.7 July-1999@

 New SX-5 and the prospect of FRSGC research activities

Hirofumi Sakuma,
Group Leader,
Integrated Modeling
Research Program
  Ever since the advent of high-speed computers back in 1950's, the geophysical fluid dynamics community,then embarked on daily weather predictions,h as been and still is one of active users of them. Half century later, both of the community's interest and our society's growing needs reach the level of attempting a "short-range prediction" of global and regional climate variations. In order to meet these demands,mission-oriented researches in FRSGC require model simulations with quite high resolution. The on-going model-related researches cover Kurosio prediction, basin-scale or global eddy resolving simulations, development of high resolution coupled models,cloud resolving atmospheric models, oceanic data assimilation and fundamental studies on dynamical cores for next-generation climate models.To fulfill those goals, now we are recruiting promising talent for developing sophisticated climate models to form a core group of the integrated model development program,which is a very difficult but challenging enterprise in FRSGC. The door is open to wider fields of scientific disciplines including engineering, mathematics and astrophysics. By the end of last fiscal years, everal such researchers joined our programs and we initiated a preliminary study meeting led by Dr.Kurihara with distinguished model development carrier at Princeton.

  All of those activities desperately need a high performance super computer and for us a new SX-5 machine is a precursor of the Earth Simulator, a super-computer with unprecedented dimension. One of urgent research targets, say, in the oceanography would be high-resolution simulations in which energetic meso-scale eddies are directly resolved. Emerging pioneering works toward this direction seem to be promising and it is considered as a Grand Challenge for a new millennium to come. I believe that those who take part in our programs share a similar sort of challenging spirit regardless of their fields of expertise. One of the key elements for success is whether we like our jobs or not and our researches should be something to play with. In this sense,as someone already said,the difference between adults and children is just the price of their toys. And many of our frontier kids are excited by wide research opportunities a new expensive TOY can provide to us.

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