Newsletter No.8 October-1999

To understand our earth, it is necessary to grasp variation phenomena over the continent and ocean scales including the regions where observation is difficult, such as polar areas, tundra, tropical rain forests, as well as the huge underwater space. Based on the observation data, we will model each process and integrate it into a high resolution, global model.

It is also important to establish the global observation system consisting of satellites, buoys, drifting floats, land observation network, etc., in order to improve the precision of simulation by a super high speed, parallel computer. Through these comprehensive approaches, prediction of climate change such as global warming will be achieved and we may make it clear how rapid expansion of anthropogenic activity affects climate systems and ecosystems.

With this whole conception,"Intensification of earth observation scheme "under "The Action Program to Arrest Global Warming " was set up as one of the key policies in 1998.Following the above,"Frontier Observational Research System for Global Change (FORSGC)"was established in August 1999.

a) FORSGC will cooperate with the modeling research of the FRSGC, which was established in 1997.
b) FORSGC aims to elucidate variations over large- scale temporal and spatial periods, which are difficult to detect with existing research systems and organizations.
c) FORSGC will concentrate on recruiting excellent leaders, researchers and the post- doctorate, etc., under a flexible employment system.
d) FORSGC will secure the means for ocean and land observation in cooperation with related ministries and universities, with their own research vessels, and volunteer ships from private sectors. The results of this cooperation will greatly surpass their respective organizations.
e) FORSGC will also cooperate with the project of the Earth Simulator project (effective speed:‚TTFLOPS, horizontal resolution :10km as an objective)being completed at the end of FY 2001.

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