Newsletter No.8 Ocotober-1999

Cake Cutting (From left)
Dr.Wood from NOAA,
Mr.Tomita from NASDA,
Dr.Rogers from BOR,
Dr.Ikeda from FRSGC,
Mr.Takagi from JAMSTEC,
Ms.Schedler from UAF office of the IARC.
The International Arctic Research Center (IARC),a joint project between the U.S.and Japanese governments,celebrated its opening on the campus of the University of Alaska,Fairbanks (UAF),on Friday,August 27th.

250 guests gathered for the ceremony including 27 delegates from agencies and organizations in Japan:the Science and Technology Agency (STA),the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA),the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC), the Frontier Research System for Global Change (FRSGC),the Earth Science and Technology Organization (ESTO),and Hokkaido University,among others.

The ceremony began with comments from the Chair of the U.S.Arctic Research Commission (ARC),Dr.George Newton,and the Consul- General of Japan,Mr.Tsujimoto.They were followed by seven other keynote speakers,including the Secretariat Deputy Director- General of STA,Mr.Miki;the Director- General of FRSGC,Dr.Matsuno;and the President of the University of Alaska,Dr.Mark Hamilton.

Dr.Merritt Helfferich,the Master of Ceremonies,read aloud a list of the U.S.contributors,and Director Akasofu of IARC introduced the Japanese delegates to the crowd.The President and CEO of ESTO,Dr.Sakata,and President Hamilton cut the ribbons for celebration of its opening.

A friendly reception followed the conclusion of the ceremony.Three cakes,each with a decorated flag on top (IARC,U.S.Japan, respectively),were cut by three U.S.representatives and three Japanese representatives:the Program Director of FRSGC for IARC,Dr. Ikeda;the Assistant Executive Director of NASDA,Mr.Tomita;the Director of JAMSTEC,Mr.Takagi,as well as the U.S.counterparts.

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