Newsletter No.8 October-1999

Dr.Ohba,Chairman of JAMSTEC,
making opening remarks
STA Minister's Secretariat
Deputy Director- General Mr.Miki
giving a guest speech
Mr.Uchida,President of NASDA,
making closing remarks

On the 8th of October (Fri), FRSGC held a Commemorative symposium on the establishment of the Frontier Observational Research System for Global Change (FORSGC) and the Ecosystem Change Research Program, and to introduce the new research program. The symposium was taken place at TEPIA Hall, Minato- ku, Tokyo.

After the lecture by Dr.Matsuno, Director-General of the FRSGC, entitled "Present status and future prospect of the FRSGC/FORSGC ", Mr.Fujita, Director of the Frontier Research Promotion section, gave an outline explanation about the FORSGC in the first session of the"Commemorative Symposium on the Establishment of the FORSGC".It was followed by the lectures of Dr.Takeuchi, Director of the Climate Variations Observational Research Program; Dr. Ostrovskii, the group leader; Dr.Yasunari, Director of the Hydrological Cycle Observational Research Program; Dr.Ohhata, the group leader and Dr.Ikeda, Program Director of FORSGC 's Program for IARC, who explained in detail of their respective research plans.

In the second session, as the"Commemorative Symposium on the Establishment of the Ecosystem Change Research Program in the FRSGC",Dr.Yasuoka, Director of the Research Program, and three group leaders, Dr.Kouyama, Dr.Oikawa and Dr.Saino, delivered the lectures on their research plans respectively.

About 200 participants took part in this Symposium, and the Symposium was a great success.

Director-General Dr.Matsuno giving a lecture
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