FRONTIER Newsletter No.9 Jan.2000

7th Japan-U.S. Workshop on Global Change
The 7th Japan- U.S.Workshop on Global Climate Change was held at the SEAVANS North building in Minato- ku, Tokyo for three days, through November 16 - November 18, 1999.
As a part of activities in the field of "Earth Science and Global Environment " under the framework of the Japan- U.S. Agreement on Cooperation in Research and Development in Science and Technology. This workshop aimed to propose how to proceed with joint research tasks and cooperative activities and how to promote them in both countries. This would be done through mutually exchanging opinions, knowledge and having concentrated discussions, by active researchers from both countries. The goal is to attempt further promotion of Japan - U.S.collaboration in this field.

Mr. Miki,
STA Minister's Secretariat Deputy Director-General giving welcoming remarks
Dr. Robert Corell,
Chair of the NSTC / CENR, SGCR, making opening remarks

Under the theme of "Precipitation Systems/Processes and their Variability in the Asian Pacific Region", five topics were set up to discuss in this workshop. Which are: Modeling Cloud, Heavy Precipitation and Land- Surface Processes, ENSO-Monsoon Processes, Satellite Mission Issues (2005 and beyond), Long- Term Climate Variability and Precipitation, Ad Hoc Working Group on CEOP.Active opinions and discussions were carried out by the researchers of both countries for three days, including discussions on the above five topics. On the last day, a joint communique was issued.

Dr.Lau, NASA (left) and Dr.Yasunari, FRSGC (right)
the Co_conveners at the plenary sesshion

Working Group Sessions
WG-1. Modeling Cloud, Heavy Precipitation and Land-Surface Processes
WG-2. ENSO-Monsoon Processes
WG-3. Satellite Mission Issues (2005 and beyond)
WG-4. Long-Term Climate Variability and Precipitation
Ad Hoc Working Group on CEOP
(Coordinated Enhanced Observation Period )

Participants of the 7h Japan-U.S. Workshop on Global Change

Construction of the Earth Simulator Facility

The Ground-Breaking Ceremony
Mr. Hirano, President of JAMSTEC
Inauguration ceremony for the construction of the Earth Simulator was held at the former Kanagawa Industrial Research Institute in Yokohama- City, Kanagawa on October 29, 1998 .The Earth Simulator is a high- speed supercomputer system, which predicts global change phenomena, like global warming, precisely. JAMSTEC has been promoting the Earth Simulator, in cooperation with NASDA and JAERI.The computer will commence operating by the end of FY 2001, and will be expected to become the world's fastest supercomputer in calculation. The "Information System for the Global Change Prediction "with the core of a large-scale supercomputer of SX- 5 which was introduced in the Newsletter No.7 had been completed,and an opening ceremony was held at the same place mentioned above, starting with full- scale operation of the core computer on November 1, 1999.

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