The Project for Sustainable Coexistence of Human, Nature, and the Earth
Datasets for Climate FResearch

As an activity of the infrastructural technology (category #7) of "RR2002: Project for Sustainable Coexistence of Human, Nature, and the Earth" sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), we are now making public 4D-VAR assimilation data products. Observational datasets for the assimilation's input and verification are also made public. We believe these datasets are useful for global warming, hydrological cycle and other climate research.

4D-VAR model assimilation data products can be produced only by the Earth Simulator developed in Japan, and are expected to verify and to improve further climate model. Water adjoint trajectory data gotton by an application of 4D-VAR technique are expected to advance hydrological cycle research as well.

In principle, the data provided at this site is only for a purpose of nonprofits use. If you wish profit-making purpose, please contact webstaff. For more detail, please see the usage information of each data.

What's New
9 Sept, 2006
Coupled Data Assimilation Product for Remarkable ENSO Year is made public
6 Jan, 2006
This site is made public worldwide
28 Dec, 2005
This site is available for participation researchers in category #7 of This project
  4D-VAR Assimilation Data