Hiroki Kondo of Integrated Modeling Research Program
received the 2004 Okada Prize from the Japan Weather Association

Hiroki Kondo, at the Award Ceremony

Hiroki Kondo, Research Supervisor of Integrated Modeling Research Program, Frontier Research System for Global Change, received the 2004 Okada Prize from the Japan Weather Association. According to the provision of the Okada Memorial Division of the Japan Meteorological Association, this prize is awarded to contributors to the meteorological community, or researchers who conducted something exceptional studies in the field of geophysics. The awardees are decided by the examination of the nominees selected by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). His receiving is based upon the ‘great contribution to the meteorological community in Japan by taking the lead to the engagement in such international activities as those of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’.

After joined the JMA, he engaged in the modeling of numerical weather prediction at the Electronic Computation Unit of the Forecast Department, research at the Atmospheric Science Laboratory of the University of Illinois in the U.S.A. as a research associate, teaching at the Meteorological College of the JMA as a lecturer, taking charge of the Tropical Meteorology Research Program in the WMO Secretariat as a Senior Scientific Officer, operational management as Director of the Oceanographical Division of the Climate and Marine Meteorological Department of the JMA, and research management as Director of the Climate Research Department of the Meteorological Research Institute. During his later career, he joined various activities of the IPCC and the WMO as a Japanese delegate or expert.

In December 2002, after retired from the JMA, he joined the FRSGC and has been working for the national supporting bureau for the compilation of the Forth Assessment Report (AR4) of the Working Group I of the IPCC in 2007, as well as many other international activities.

About this honor, Kondo comments:
“In order to contribute to international communities in research areas, I assume it is necessary not only to make most advanced research accomplishments but also to reflect them appropriately to the relevant aspects of international communities. I believe the award I have received unexpectedly this time is due to the recognition of the importance of the latter role, a part of which I may have played in trying to reflect research outcomes from Japan to international communities with regard to global climate issues, in particular. I would like to appreciate deeply to the cooperations of a number of people related in various aspects. As for my future perspectives, I will continue to make efforts in reflecting Japanese research accomplishments to international communities, with a further hope to help establishing a leadership there from Japan.”