Report on the Third Japan-EU Workshop on Climate Change Research
20-21 January 2005

Frontier Research Center for Global Change

The Third Japan-EU Workshop on Climate Change Research was held on 20-21 January 2005, at the Miyoshi Memorial Auditorium in the JAMSTEC Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences. It was co-sponsored by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), the National Institute of Environmental Studies (NIES), the Meteorological Research Institute (MRI)/ the Japan Meteorological agency, the Center for Climate System Research (CCSR)/ The University of Tokyo, and the Disaster Prevention Research Institute/ Kyoto University, and also under the auspice of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

The workshop was organized under the framework of the EU-Japan science and technology cooperation, and was a follow-up of the first and second workshops held in March 1999 (in Hakone/Tokyo, under the title: ‘EU-Japan workshop on Climate Change ‘99’ and in March 2003 (in Brussels, Belgium under the title: ‘Second EU-Japan Symposium on Climate Research’), respectively. This third workshop was intended to promote mutual understanding by exchanging information on research accomplishments between Japan and EU, and further identify possibilities in future research cooperation.

The workshop was attended by about 80 participants including 23 Japanese presenters, 14 EU presenters, and about 40 observers. The workshop consisted of six sessions under the titles: 1) Climate Research Strategy in Japan and EU; 2) Carbon Cycle; 3) Climate Change Projection Modelling; 4) Atmospheric Chemistry; 5) Monsoons and Water Cycle; and 6) Global Earth Observation (cf. Agenda). Participants engaged in lively discussions on every topic.

As a result of the workshop, Joint Statement was adopted for the future cooperation between Japan and EU, and the workshop was closed successfully.