Dr. Matsuno has been elected as a new member
of the Japan Academy

Dr. Matsuno, a Senior Scientist of the Frontier Research Center for Global Change (FRCGC) has been elected as a new member of the Japan Academy on 12 December 2005. We are happy to have a member of the Japan Academy from FRCGC, for the 1st time. The membership is given to leading scientists who possess the most distinguished records of academic achievement. This time, 8 members were appointed including Dr. Matasuno.


There are 2 sections - Section I, Humanities and Social Sciences and Section II, Natural Sciences. They consist of 7 Subsections under the Japan Academy. Dr. Matsuno belongs to the “Fourth Subsection (Basic Sciences)” under the Section II.

The achievements of Dr. Matasuno that have brought the membership are as follows.

He founded the theory on the dynamics of atmosphere and ocean phenomena in the equatorial area and established the basis of clarifying the mechanisms of phenomena in the equatorial area such as El Nino. In addition, he made a great contribution to the meteorology of the upper-atmosphere by clarifying the unique mechanisms of sudden stratospheric warmings in the winter Northern Hemisphere which had been a long-standing question in those days. Recently, he is working to promote major collaborative research projects on climate and environment using computer simulations to contribute to progress in the prediction of global warming and tropical meteorology.