Frontier Research Center for Global Change (FRCGC) /
Institute of Observational Research for Global Change (IORGC)
Joint Annual Symposium for FY2007

March 17th , 2008
Miyoshi Memorial Auditorium at Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences (YES),
JAMSTEC, Yokohama

9:30 - 9:40

Opening Remarks

Tatsushi Tokioka, Director- General, FRCGC Program

9:40 - 10:15

Atmospheric Composition Research Program / Japan EOS Promotion Program

Hajime Akimoto
"Overview and Selected Achievements for FY 2007"

Hitoshi Irie
"Development of a New Ground-based Measurement System(MAX-DOAS) for Detecting an Atmospheric Composition Change"

Masayuki Takigawa
"Evaluation of temporal variations and vertical profiles of ozone calculated by using a regional/global nested chemical weather forecasting system"
10:15 - 10:50

Climate Variations Observational Research Program / Japan EOS Promotion Program

Keisuke Mizuno

Takuya Hasegawa
"Relationship between SST cooling over the western part of the Pacific warm pool and coastal upwelling along the Papua New Guinea coast prior to 2002/03 El Niño"

Hiromichi Ueno
"Anticyclonic eddies in the Alaskan Stream"
10:50 - 11:15

Climate Variations Research Program

Toshio Yamagata

Masami Nonaka
"Localization of surface heat flux in association with a sea surface temperature front in the South Indian Ocean in a high-resolution coupled GCM, CFES"

C. de Boyer Montegut
"Mechanisms of interannual SST variability in the Somalia upwelling region"
11:15 - 11:50

Hydrological Cycle Observational Program / Japan EOS Promotion Program

Tetsuo Ohata and Jun Matsumoto
"Progress report of Hydrological Cycle Observational Research Program in 2007/08"

"JEPP (Japan Eos Promotion Program) 21-01:HARIMAU (Hydrometeorological ARray for Isv-Monsoon AUtomonitoring)"
11:50 - 12:15

Hydrological Cycle Research Program

Tetsuzo Yasunari
"Overview of Hydrological Cycle Research Program for FY2007"
12:15 - 12:40

Global Warming Observational Research Program

Takashi Kikuchi
"Extraordinary change of the Arctic Ocean; How does the Arctic sea ice decrease?"

Shuichi Watanabe
"Changing carbon cycle in the northern North Pacific" (Biogeochemical Cycles Group)

Kana Nagashima
"Coupled millennial-timescale variations in Asian monsoon and the westerly jet recorded in the south-central Japan Sea sediments"
<Lunch 12:40-13:35>
13:35 - 14:10

Global Warming Research Program / KAKUSHIN

Tatsushi Tokioka

Yoko Tsushima
"A climate sensitivity test using a global cloud resolving model NICAM"

Minoru Chikira
"Improvements of boundary layer and cumulus parameterization in MIROC"

Fuyuki Saito
"Development and improvement of an ice sheet model for evaluation of the sea level change"

Masayoshi Ishii
"Reproduction of the 20-th Century Climate"
14:10 - 14:45

Ocean General Circulation Observational Research Program / Research Development Promotion Award

Masao Fukasawa

Takeshi Kawano
"Deep water warming in the Pacific"

Yuichiro Kumamoto
"Decadal variations in dissolved oxygen concentration in the North Pacific"

Hiroyuki Tomita
"Surface heat flux observation over the Kuroshio Extension region by JKEO buoy"
14:45 - 15:10

International Arctic Research Center (IARC)

Larry Hinzman
"JAMSTEC-supported research at the International Arctic Research Center"
15:10 - 15:35

International Pacific Research Center (IPRC)

Julian McCreary
"Activities at the International Pacific Research Center"

<Break 15:35-15:50>

15:50 - 16:15

Ocean, Land and Atmosphere Interactions Integrated Research Project

Activity Report of "Ocean, Land and Atmosphere Interactions Integrated Research Project" in FY2007
Masanori Yoshizaki

Kunio Yoneyama
"Progress in MISMO project"

Qoosaku Moteki
"Impact of the assimilation of dropsonde observations during PALAU2005 in ALERA"
16:15 - 16:50

Ecosystem Change Research Program / KAKUSHIN

Eitaro Wada
"Overview of Ecosystem Change Research Program (ECRP) in 2007"

Sanae Chiba
"Mechanisms and Future Scenario of Marine Ecosystem Changes: Selected Results of Marine Ecosystem Model Research Group in FY2007"

Dennis Dye
"The Terrestrial Ecosystem Modeling Group and the Ecosystem Spatial Observation and Modeling Group: Selected results in FY2007"
16:50 - 17:25

Global Environmental Modeling Research Program / KAKUSHIN

Akira Noda

Tomoe Nasuno
"Next-generation atmosphere model development-Global cloud resolving simulation of an MJO event -"

Toru Miyama
"Estimating permissible carbon emission for CO2 concentration stabilization using an Integrated Earth System Model"

Nozomi Sugiura
"Applications of ocean data assimilation"
17:25 - 17:35

Closing Remarks

Masao Fukasawa, Director-General, IORGC

<Break 17:35-17:40>

17:40 - 18:00

Ceremony for Achievement Award

18:00 - 20:00

Reception at Guest House, YES