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  Ohara et al., 2007 [ACP site])


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    Frontier Research Center for Global Change (FRCGC) has developed an emission inventory for key species in order to understand the role of trace constitutes in the atmosphere in such phenomena as global warming with the goal of constructing a prediction model that incorporates the mechanisms underlying concentration changes.    This emission inventory was named as REAS (Regional Emission inventory in ASia).   

  • Overview   
    An overview paper for REAS was published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.
    (Ohara et al., Atmos. Chem. Phys., 7, 4419-4444, 2007 [ACP site])

  • Target Area map )
    Our target area is South, Southeast, and East Asia,   whose range is from 50oN to 10oS in latitude and from 60oE to 150oE in longitude.

  • Base Years
    1995 & 2000

  • References

  • Chemical species & Source

  • Data sets
    base years     historical*     prediction**     future     soil NOx     CH4(rice field)
    (1995&2000)              (1980-2003)              (2004-2009)                  (2010&2020)

    *historical emissions were developed in collaboration with Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN).
    **predictions were estimated by linear interpolations between emissions for 2003 and 2010(PFC).