Presentations (ppt, pdf files)

  • L. Yurganov et al. "Hemispheric air pollution from the boreal forest fires in 1996, 1998, 2002, and 2003. Results of recent measurements and scenarios for the future", IIASA, April 22, 2005. (ppt file)

  • L. Yurganov et al. Carbon monoxide forest fires emissions in the Northern Hemisphere in 1996-2003 retrieved from total column ground-based and satellite measurements using a box model"., Meeting of TransCom Working Group, Tsukuba, Japan, June 16, 2004.(ppt file)

  • L. Yurganov et al. "CO TOTAL COLUMN MEASUREMENTS IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE FROM THE GROUND AND FROM SPACE: EFFECTS OF FOREST FIRES IN 2002 AND 2003."A poster report to the IGAC-2004, Christchurch, New Zeland, September 5, 2004.(ppt file)

  • L. Yurganov, T. Blumenstock, P. Dechatellet, D. P. Edwards, E. I. Grechko, F. Hase, I. Kramer, E. Mahieu, J. Mellqvist , P. C. Novelli , J. Notholt , H.-E. Scheel, A.Strandberg, R. Sussmann,H. Tanimoto, V. Velazco, J.R. Drummond, J.C. Gille, Increased northern hemispheric tropospheric CO burden in 2002 and 2003 detected from the ground and from a satellite. Report at the 2004 JOINT ASSEMBLY of AGU, CGU, SEG, and EEGS, Montreal, 19 May, 2004.(ppt file)

  • L. N. Yurganov, A.V. Dzhola, E. I. Grechko, D. P. Edwards, J. C. Gille, J.R.Drummond, Measurements of CO Tropospheric Burden From the Ground and From a Satellite: Error Analysis Report at the 2004 JOINT ASSEMBLY of AGU, CGU, SEG, and EEGS, Montreal, 20 May, 2004.(ppt file)

  • Y. Kanaya et al., Intensive field measurement campaign at Rishiri Island in fall 2003: Measurements of OH and HO2 radical concentrations, The 14th Symposium on Atmospheric Chemistry, Toyokawa, Japan, Jan. 7-9, 2004. (pdf material in Japanese)
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