ACRP Informal Seminar Schedule (alphabetical order)
    Normal Day - Thursday
    Starting Time - 16:30 JST
    Venue - Meeting Room, Conference Building

    Date Speaker/Event Location
    10-Jan-2008 Hajime Akimoto Frontier Meeting Rooms
    17-Jan-2008 Hitoshi Irie Meeting Rooms 1&2
    24-Jan-2008 Kentaro Ishijima Meeting Rooms 1&2
    31-Jan-2008 Yugo Kanaya Meeting Rooms 1&2
    13-Mar-2008 Jie Li Meeting Rooms 1&2
    06-Mar-2008 Yu Liu Frontier Meeting Room(Next to Director room)
    21-Feb-2008 Masanori Niwano Meeting Room 1&2
    28-Feb-2008 Kazuyuki Miyazaki Meeting Room 1&2
    14-Feb-2008 Taku Umezawa IT Building R#403
    17-Apr-2007 Prabir Patra Meeting Rooms 1&2
    04-Oct-2007 Pakpong Pochanart IT Bldg 403
    18-Oct-2007 Fumikazu Taketani Meeting Rooms 1&2
    22-Oct-2007 Matthew Johnson * IT bbuilding R#403
    01-Nov-2007 Masayuki Takigawa Meeting Rooms 1&2
    08-Nov-2007 Kazuyo Yamaji Meeting Rooms 1&2

    * Guest Speaker

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