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Last update: 16/Nov/2004

List of acronyms collected and edited by Rikie Suzuki (FRCGC)

Version No.8, 2004

頭字語 意味1(英語);意味1(日本語);意味2(英語);意味2(日本語);...の順で並んでいます.

  1D-VAR       1-Dimensional Variational Method in the Vertical
  2D           Two-dimensional
  3D           Three-dimensional
  3DRT         3D Radiative Transfer Working Group
  3Dvar        3 Dimensional Variational Method (4DDA) 3次元変分法
  4DDA         Four-Dimensional (4D) Data Assimilation; 4次元データ同化
  4DVAR        4 Dimensional Variational Method (4DDA) 4次元変分法
  6S           Second Simulation of the Satellite Signal in the Solar Spectrum
  A-AMS        Asia-Australian Monsoon System
  AABW         Antarctic Bottom Water
  AAMP         Arctic Airborne Measurement Program
  AAN          Asian AWS Network (GAME); アジア地域自動気象観測ネットワーク
  AAO          Antarctic Oscillation
  AAOE         Airborne Antarctic Ozone Experiment
  AARI         Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
  AARRP        Applied Atmospheric Resources Research Program (by BRRAA)
  AARS         Asian Association on Remote Sensing
  AASE         Airborn Arctic Stratospheric Expedition (北極域成層圏航空機観測)
  ABL          Atmospheric Boundary Layer; 大気境界層
  ABLE         Amazon Boundary Layer Experiment
  ABRACOS      Anglo-Brazilian Amazonian Climate Observation Study
  ABRFC        Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center
  ACARS        Aircraft Communication and Recording System
  ACC          Anthropogenic Climate Change (CLIVAR's project);; Antarctic Circumpolar Current
  ACCP         Atlantic Climate Change Program
  ACE          Aerosol Characterization Experiment (NOAA);; Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (onboard sensor on SCISAT, Canada);; Advanced Composition Explorer (a satellite of NASA)
  ACE-Asia     Aerosol Characterization Experiment-in Asia Pacific Region
  ACMAD        African Center for Meteorological Applications and Development
  ACOS         Automatic Climate Observation System (GAME-Siberia/Hakusan)
  ACRES       Australian Centre for Remote Sensing
  ACRIM        Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor; 絶対放射計
  ACRS         Asian Conference on Remote Sensing
  ACRoRS       Asian Center for Research on Remote Sensing (AIT)
  ACSYS        Arctic Climate System Study (WCRP); 北極圏気候システム研究計画
  ACW          Antarctic Circumpolar Wave
  ADAR         Airborne Data Acquisition and Registration
  ADCC         ARCSS Data Coodination Center
  ADEOS        Advanced Earth Observing Satellite (Japan); 地球観測プラットフォーム技術衛星
  ADEOS-II     Advanced Earth Observing Satellite-II (Japan); 地球環境観測技術衛星
  ADESS        Automated Data Editing and Switching System (JMA)
  AEB          Agencia Espacial Brasileira (Brazil)
  AERI         Atmospherically Emitted Radiance Interferometer
  AEROCE       Atmospheric Ocean Chemistry Experiment
  AERONET      NASA Aerosol Robotic Network
  AEROS        Atmospheric Environmental Regional Observation System
  AES          Atmospheric Environmental Service
  AESTO        Advanced Earth Scinece and Technology Organization; 地球科学技術総合推進機構(April, 2002 established; formerly ESTO)
  AFES         Atmospheric general circulation model For Earth Simulator;地球シミュレータによる大気大循環モデル
  AFGWC        Air Force Global Weather Central
  AFOS         Automation of Field Operations and Services
  AGAGE        Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment
  AGCM         Atmospheric General Circulation Model; 大気大循環モデル
  AGORA        Assessment of the Global Ocean ciRculation with dataAssimilation
  AGU          American Geophysical Union
  AGWP         Absolute Global Warming Potential
  AIM          Asia-Pacific Integrated Model
  AIP          Algorithm Intercomparison Project (satellite precipitation)
  AIRIES       Association of International Research Initiatives for Enviornmental Studies (APN's office); 国際環境研究協会
  AIRS         Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (onboard sensor on Terra)
  AIST         The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology; 産業技術総合研究所
  AIT          Asia Institute of Technology; アジア工科大学
  AJG          The Association of Japanese Geographers; 日本地理学会
  AL           Aleutian Low; アリューシャン低気圧
  ALGAS        Asia Least-Cost Greenhouse Gas Abatement Strategy (ESCAP)
  ALIS2001     Atmosphere-Land surface Ineteraction Study in 2001
  ALMA         Advancing Land-surface Modeling and Analysis;; Assistance for Land Surface Modeling Activities
  ALOS         Advanced Land Observing Satellite (Japan); 陸域観測技術衛星
  ALS          Airborne Laser Scanner
  AMAP         Atelier of Modeling of Architecture Plants (植物成長モデル)
  AMDAR        Aircraft meteorological data relay
  AMI          Active Microwave Instrument;; Advanced Microwave Instrument (ERS-1)
  AMIP         Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project
  AMMA         African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis Project
  AMON         Asian Meteorological Online Newsletter
  AMOS         Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
  AMS          American Meteorological Society
  AMSR         Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (onboard sensor of ADEOS-II)
  AMSU         Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (onboard sensor of ADEOS-II, etc.)
  AMSU-B       ?Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit .... (onboard sensor of next NOAA)
  AMeDAS       Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System (JMA); 地域気象観測網
  ANDES        Asia Pacific Network for Disaster Mitigation using Earch Observation Satellite
  ANN          Artificial Neural Networks
  ANOVA        ANalysis Of VAriance between groups
  ANSI         American National Standards Institute
  ANSTO        Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organization
  AO           Arctic Oscillation;; Announcement of Opportunity
  AOGCM        Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model
  AOGS         Asia Oceania Geosciences Society
  AOMIP        Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project
  AP-FRIEND    Asian Pacific FRIEND (UNESCO)
  APAC         Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing
  APD          Associate Program Director;; Avalanche Photo Diode
  APDRC        Asia-Pacific Data Research Center (US)
  APF          Asian Pacific FRIEND (UENSCO)
  APHW         Asia Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources
  APN          Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research; アジア・太平洋地球変化研究ネットワーク
  APN SM       APN Satellite Meeting on Asian Monsoon-ENSO
  APN SPC      APN Scientific Planning Committee
  APT          Asia-Pacific Telecommunity;; Auto Picture Transmission
  ARCSS        Arctic System Science
  ARCSyM       Arctic System Model
  ARESE        Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Enhanced Shortwave Experiment
  ARGASS       AVHRR GAC-dataset for Atmosphere and Surface Studies
  ARGO         Part of the Integrated GLobal Observation Strategy;; Array for Real-Time Geostrophic Observations (JAMSTEC)
  ARIC         Atmosphere Research and Information Centre
  ARIES        Australian Resource Information and Environmental Satellite
  ARL          Air Resource Laboratory
  ARM          Atmospheric Radiation Measurement;; Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program
  ARM-CART     Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program ? Cloud and Radiation Testbed
  ARPEGE/OPA   Action de Recherche Petite Echelle Grande Echelle/Ocean Parallelise
  ARS          Agricultural Research Service (USDA)
  ASAR         Advanced Synthetic Aperature Rader
  ASCII        American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  ASCS         Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation (USDA)
  ASDAR        Aircraft to Satellite Data Relay
  ASE          Association of Space Explorers
  ASEAN        Association for Southeast Asian Nations
  ASHOE/MAESA  Airborne Southern Hemisphere Ozone Experiment/Measurement for Assessing the Effects of Stratospheric Aircraft
  ASI          Agencia Spatiale Italiana
  ASMC         ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre (Singapore)
  ASOS         Automated Surface Observing System
  ASPRS        American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
  ASTER        Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (Onboard sensor of Terra);; Atmosphere Surface Turbulent Exchange Research
  ATDD         Atmospheric Turbulent and Diffusion Division (NOAA)
  ATMOS        ? (NASDA); 太陽非同期観測衛星; Atmospheric Trace Molecular Spectroscopy
  ATMS         Advanced Technology Microwave Sounding
  ATSR         Along Track Scanning Radiometer
  AURA         Earth Observing System (EOS)/Aura
  AVHRR        Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (onboard sensor of NOAA); 改良型超高分解能放射計
  AVIRIS Airborne Visible InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer
  AVIRIS       Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
  AVNIR        Advanced Visible and Near-Infrared Radiometer (onboard sensor of ADEOS)
  AVRIS        Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
  AWI          Alfred Wegener Institute (Germany)
  AWIPS        Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
  AWOS         Automated Weather Observing System
  AWRA         American Water Resources Association
  AWS          Automatic Weather Station; 自動気象観測装置
  AeSRi        Advanced Earth Strategy Research Institute, Inc; (株)地球科学技術政策研究所
  Aqua         = EOS-PM1
  BAHC         Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle (IGBP); 水循環の生物的側面
  BAIM         Biosphere-Atmosphere Interaction Model (Mabuchi, MRI)
  BALTEX       Baltic Sea Experiment (GEWEX)
  BAMS         Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
  BASE         Beaufort and Arctic Storms Experiment (MAGS)
  BATS         Biosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme (NCAR)
  BBC          BALTEX/ BRIDGE Campaign
  BBHRP        Broadband Heating Rate Profile
  BC           Black Carbon
  BEPS         Boreal Ecosystem Productivity Simulator)
  BERN2D       Two-dimensional Climate Model of University of Bern
  BEST         Bare Essential of Surface Transfer
  BGC          Biogeochemical Cycle
  BGR          Bulletin of Glaciological Research
  BIOME6000    Global Paleo-vegetation Mapping Project
  BIP          Band Interleaved by Pixel
  BISE         Best Index Slope Extraction (by Viovy et al 1992)
  BMG          Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika ((Indonesia) Meteorological and Geophysical Agency); (インドネシア)気象地球物理庁
  BMRC         Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre (Australia)
  BOMEX        Barbados Oceanographic and Meteorological Experiment
  BOREAS       Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (ISLSCPの一環)
  BPPT         Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (of Indonesia)); (インドネシア)技術評価応用庁
  BRAVE        Booth for Resolving Aspects of Virtual Earth (virtual reality system of ECS)
  BRDF         Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function
  BRF          Bidirectional Reflectance Factor
  BRRAA        Bureau of the Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation (Thailand)
  BSRN         Baseline Surface Radiation Network (GEWEX); 基準地表放射測定計画
  BST          Beijing Standard Time
  BUFR         Binary Universal Format Representation
  BUV          Backscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer
  BfG          Federal Institute of Hydrology
  Biome-BGC    Biome- BioGeochemical Cycles (NTSG, Univ Montana)
  BoM          Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)
  C.V.         Curriculum Vitae; 履歴(書)
  C/A          Coarse/Acquisition (a code for GPS)
  C4MIP        Coupled Carbon Cycle Model Intercomparison Project
  CAAC         Centralized Archiving and Analyzing Center
  CAC          Climate Analysis Center (a division in NOAA)
  CAFE         Climate Variability, Anthropogenic Forcing, and Agricultural/Marine Ecosystem Interaction (A project of NASA)
  CAGES        Canadian GEWEX Enhanced Study
  CAGEX        CERES/ARM/GEWEX Experiment
  CALIPSO      Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations
  CALM         Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring
  CAMP         CEOP Asia-Australia Monsoon Project
  CAMS         Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences;; Climate Anomaly Monitoring System
  CANAE        Code for Aggregating Nested Atmosphere and Environment
  CAO          Central Aerological Observatory (Russia)
  CAPE         Convective Available Potential Energy
  CAPS         Circumpolar Active-Layer Permafrost System (IPA);;Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
  CARDS        Comprehensive Aerological Reference Data Set
  CARE         Centre for Atmospheric Research Experiments
  CART         Classification and Tree Analysis;; Cloud and Atmospheric Radiation Testbed
  CAS          Committee for Atmospheric Sciences (WMO); ; Chinese Academy of Sciences;; Catalog/Aggregation Server;  Commission for Atmospheric Sciences
  CASA         Carnegie-Ames-Stanford-Approach Biosphere Model
  CASES        Cooperative Atmosphere-Surface Exchange Study
  CASH         Commercial Aviation Sensing Humidity
  CASI         Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager
  CAST         Chinese Academy of Space Technology
  CATCH        Coupling of the Tropical Atmosphere and Hydrological Cycle (GEWEX)
  CBD          Convention on Biodiversity
  CBERS        China Brazil Earth Resource Satellite
  CCA          Canonical Correlation Analysis
  CCC(MA)      Canadian Centre for Climate (Modelling and Analysis); カナダ気候センター
  CCCO         Committee on the Climate Change and Ocean (IOC)
  CCD          Convention to Combat Desertification in Countries Experiencing Serious Drought and/or Desertification, Particularly in Africa;; Charge-Coupled Device
  CCIW         Canadian Centre for Inland Waters
  CCM          Community Climate Model (NCAR/USA)
  CCMLP        Carbon Cycle Model Linkage Project
  CCN          Cloud Condensation Nuclei
  CCRS         Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
  CCSP         (US) Climate Change Science Program
  CCSR         Center for Climate System Research (University of Tokyo); 気候システム研究センター
  CCW          Couter Clockwise (時計回りに)
  CD-R         Compact Disk - Recordable; シーディーアール
  CD-ROM       Compact Disk - Read-Only Memory; シーディーロム
  CD-RW        Compact Disk - Rewritable
  CDAS         Climate Data Assimilation Scheme; ;Command and Data Acquisition Station; 気象庁気象衛星通信所;; Climate Data Assimilation System
  CDC          Centers for Disease Control (United States);; Climate Diagnostics Center
  CDCD         Canadian Daily Climate Data
  CDDB         Climate Diagnosis Database
  CDIAC        Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (USA)
  CDP          Climate Data Portal
  CEC          Canonical Ensemble Correlation
  CEOP         Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period (WCRP/GEWEX)
  CEOS         Committee for Earth Observation Satellites; 国際地球観測衛星委員会
  CEPT         European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
  CERES        Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (sensor of Terra)
  CERFACS      European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation (France)
  CEReS        Center for Environmental Remote Sensing (Chiba Univ.); 環境リモートセンシング研究センター
  CES          Cryospheric Environmental Simulator (NIED/Shinjo)
  CESBIO       Centre d'Etudes Spatiales de la Biosphere
  CFC          Chlorofluorocarbons; フロン
  CGCM         Coupled General Circulation Model; 大気海洋結合大循環モデル
  CGER         Center for Global Environmental Research (NIES); 地球環境研究センター
  CGI          Common Gateway Interface.
  CGMS         Co-ordination Group for Meteorological Satellites
  CHAOS        Coupled Hemisphere Atmospheric Oscillation
  CHASM        CHAmeleon Surface Model (GSWP participating model)
  CIA          Central Intelligence Agency (USA)
  CIAP         Climate Impact Assessment Program
  CIESIN       Center for Earth Science Information Network (Columbia University, USA)
  CIGNET       Cooperative International GPS Network
  CIRES        Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (Univ. Colorado, USA)
  CISK         Conditional Instability of the Second Kind
  CITES        Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
  CLASS        Canadian Land Surface Scheme (GSWP participating model);;Cross-chain Loran Atmospheric Sounding System
  CLIMAP       Climate: Long-range Investigation, Mapping and Prediction
  CLIMBER      Climate-Biosphere Model
  CLIMPACTS    Integrated Model for Assessment of the Effects of Climate Change on the New Zealand Environment
  CLIPS        ?Climate Information and Prediction Services (project of WCP)
  CLIVAR       Climate Variability and Predictability Programme (WCRP); 気候変動性及び予測可能性研究計画
  CLIWA-NET    Cloud LIquid WAter NETwork (an EU project)
  CLM          Common Land Model (GSWP participating model)
  CLiC         Climate and Cryosphere
  CMA          Chinese Meteorological Administration
  CMAP         CPC Merged analysis of Precipitation
  CMAQ         Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model
  CMC          Canadian Meteorological Centre
  CMDL         Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory of NOAA (USA)
  CMI          Composited Microwave Index
  CMIP         Coupled Model Intercomparison Project
  CMS          Convention on Migratory Species
  CNES         Centre Nationale d'Etudes Spatiales (French National Center for Space Studies)
  CNRM         Centre National de Recherches Meteorologiques (France)
  CNRS         Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France)
  COADS        Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set
  COAGMET      Colorado Agricultural Meteorology (CSU)
  COARE        Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Response Experiment (TOGA); 大気海洋応答実験
  CODIAC       Cooperative Distributed Interactive Atmospheric Catalog
  COE          Center of Excellence
  COHMAP       Co-operative Holocene Mapping Project
  COLA         Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
  COMET        Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training
  COMNAP       Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs
  CONICET      Center for Sea and Atmosphere Research of Argentina
  COP          Conference of the Parties (to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change)
  CORBA        Common Object Request Broker Architecture
  CORINE       Coordinator of Information of the Environment
  COSAM        Comparison of Large-scale Atmospheric Sulphate Aerosol Model
  COSMIC       Country Specific Model for Intertemporal Climate
  COSMOS-G2    COntinuous Strain MOnitoring System with GPS by GSI
  COSPAR      Committee on Space Research
  COWL         Cold Ocean Warm Land
  CPC          Climate Prediction Center (NOAA)
  CPPC         Core Project Planning Committee (IGBP); コアプロジェクト計画委員会
  CPROF        GRP Working Group on Column Profiling
  CPTEC        Center for Weather and Climate Forecasting (Brazil) (Centro de Previsao de Tempo e Estudos Climaticos)
  CRCES        Center for Research on the Changing Earth System (USA)
  CREAM        Climatic REsearch on Asian Monsoon
  CREH         ?Cryosphere Research on Himalaya (Nepal - Japan)
  CREQ         Cryoshpere Research on Qingzang Plateau (China - Japan)
  CREST        Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology; 戦略的基礎研究推進事業
  CRF          Cloud Radiative Forcing
  CRL          Communications Research Laboratory (JAPAN); 郵政省通信総合研究所; Communications Research Laboratory (Thailand)
  CRMs         Cloud Resolving Models
  CRU          Climatic Research Unit (School of Environmental Science, University of East Anglia)
  CRYOSat      Cryosphere Satellite
  CRYSYS       Cryosohere System in Canada
  CRaM         Combined Radiometric Correction Model
  CSA          ; カナダ宇宙庁;;Continental-Scale Affiliate
  CSE          Continental-Scale Experiment (GEWEX/GHP)
  CSG          Climate Scenario Generator
  CSIR         Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (India)
  CSIRO        Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial and Research Organization (Australia)
  CSM          Climate System Model (NCAR)
  CSRM         Cloud-System Resolving Model
  CSTP         (Japanese) Council for Science and Technology Policy
  CSU          Colorado State University (USA)
  CSV          Comma Separated Value format
  CTBTO        Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization
  CTM          Chemical Transport Model
  CU           Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
  CVPR         Calimate Variations Research Program (FRSGC)
  CWR          Center for Water Research (University of Western Australia)
  Caro-COOPS   Carolinas Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction System
  CoML         Census of Marine Life
  DAAC         Distributed Active Archive Center (GAME, GCIP, NSIDC, EROS, etc.);; Data and Access Center
  DACOM        Data Collection and Management Committee
  DACSC        Data and Communications Steering Committee (of Ocean.US)
  DAN          Digital Asia Network (Prof. R. Yokoyama promoted)
  DAO          Data Assimilation Office (NASA)
  DAPHNE       Deployment of Asia-Pacific Hazard-mitigation Network for Earthquakes and volcanoes (Japan)
  DARF         Direct Aerosol Radiative Forcing
  DAT          Digital Audio Tape (= 4mm tape)
  DAWEX        Darwin Area Wave Experiment
  DB           Data Base; データ・ベース
  DBH          Diameter at Breast Height; 胸高直径
  DCD-file     Decorded Data file (world aerological and etc data via GTS in JMA); デコードファイル
  DCP          Data Collecting Platform; 通報局
  DCW          Digital Chart of the World (NIMA)
  DDC          Data Distribution Centre of IPCC
  DEEPSTAR     DEep-crust Exploration Program for Subsurface Terrain Animalcule Retrieval; 極限環境生物フロンティア研究システム
  DEM          Digital Elevation Model
  DEMETER      Development of a European Mutimodel Ensemble system for seasonal to inTERannal prediction (ディミータ計画)
  DEMs Digital elevation models
  DERF         Dynamical Extended Range Forecasting group of GFDL (USA)
  DFD-DLR      The German Remote Sensing Data Center for Atmosphere and Land
  DFIR         Double Fence Inter-comparison Reference
  DFT          Discrete Fourier Transform
  DGM          Director General of Meteorology (IMD)
  DGVM         Dynamic Global Vegetation Model
  DHM          Department of Hydrology & Meteorology, Nepal
  DIAL         Differential Absorption Lidar
  DIC          Dissolved Inorganic Carbon
  DID          Department of Irrigation and Drainage (Malaysia)
  DIS          Data & Information System (IGBP); データ及び情報システム
  DIVERSITAS   International Programme of Biodiversity Science (IGBP); 生物多様性国際共同研究計画
  DIWPA        DIVERSITAS Western Pacific and Asia (IGBP); DIVERSITAS西太平洋・アジア
  DJF          December-January-February
  DKRZ         Deutsche KlimaRechenZentrum (Germany)
  DLR          Deutschen Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt (Germany Aerospace Center)
  DLT          Digital Linear Tape
  DM           Digital Mapping
  DMA          Decision Making Algorithm;; Defence Mapping Agency  (USA) (curent NIMA)
  DME          Dipole Mode Event
  DMS          Dimethylsulfide
  DMSP         Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
  DMSS         Date Management and Service System
  DN           Digital Number
  DNM          Department of Numerical Mathematics (Russia)
  DNMET        Departamento Nacional de Meteorologia (Brazil)
  DOC          Dissolved Organic Carbon
  DODS         Distributed Oceanographic Data System (GSWP-2)
  DOE          Department of Energy (USA)
  DOE-ARM      US Department of Energy's Atmospheric Radiation Mearsurement
  DORIS        Determination d’Orbite et Radiopositionnement Integres par Satellite
  DOY          Day of the Year
  DPRI         Disaster Prevention Research Institute (Kyoto University)
  DRF          Direct Radiative Forcing
  DSS          Decision Support System
  DTR          Diurnal Temperature Range
  DVD          Digital Variable Disc
  DVM          Dynamic Vegetation Models
  DWD          Deutscher Wetterdienst (German Weather Service)
  DYNAMO       Dynamics of North Atlantic Models
  DecCen       Decadal to Centennial Variations (CLIVAR's project)
  E            Evaporation (蒸発)
  E-MAIL       Electronic Mail; 電子メール(電子メイル)
  E-P          Evapotranspiration (or Evaporation) minus Precipitation
  EA           Environmental Agency
  EAFES        East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies
  EAR          Equatorial Atmosphere Radar
  EASE-Grid    Equal Area Scalable Earth Grid
  EBM          Energy Balance Model
  EC           European Community
  ECHAM        European Centre / Hamburg Model (an A-GCM)
  ECMWF        European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (UK); ヨーロッパ中期予報センター
  ECRP         Ecosystem Change Research Program (in FRSGC)
  ECS          EOSDIS Core System;; Effective Climate Sensitivity
  ECVs         Essential climate variables
  EDA          Eta Data Assimilation
  EDAS         Eta Model Data Assimilation System
  EDC          EROS Data Center
  EDC DAAC     EROS Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center
  EDGAR        Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research
  EDOS         Earth Data Operations System
  EEA          European Environmental Agency
  EEOC         Earth Environment Observation Committee (Japan)
  EEPCo        Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation
  EERS         European Remote Sensing Satellite
  EFEDA        European Field Experiment in Desertified Areas
  EFOV         Effective Field of View;; Expanded Field of View;; Extended Field of View
  EGAT         Electric Generation Authority of Thailand
  EGDM         Ecosystem Geographical Distribution Model Group (in ECRP/FRSGC)
  EGPM         European Global Precipitation Measurement Mission
  EGS          European Geophysical Society
  EISMINT      European Ice Sheet Modelling initiative
  EMC          Environmental Modeling Center
  EMD          Empirical Mode Decomposition
  EMDI         Ecosystem Model/Data Intercomparison
  EMEX         Equatorial Mesoscale Experiment
  EMIC         Earth system Models of Intermediate Complexity
  EMSEA        Environmental Monitoring from Space of East Asia (Japan-Korea-China)
  ENRICH       European Network for Research in Global Change; 欧州地球変化研究
  ENSO         El Nino and Southern Oscillation; エルニーニョと南方振動
  ENVISAT      European Space Agency Environmental Satellite
  EO           Earth Observation
  EOF          Emprical Orthogonal Functions
  EOP          Enhanced Observing Period
  EORC         Earth Observation Research Center (NASDA, Japan)
  EOS          Earth Observing System (A project in NASA including Satellite program);; Earth Observing Satellite;; Earth Observing Summit
  EOSDIS       Earth Observing System Data and Information System
  EPA          U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  EPA-STORETUS Environmental Protection Agency Storage and Retrieval
  EPIC         Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (onboard sensor of Triana)
  ERA          ECMWF Reanalysis
  ERA-40       ECMWF Reanalysis-40
  ERB          Earth Radiation Budget
  ERBE         Earth's Radiation Budget Experiment; 地球放射収支実験
  ERBS         Earth's Radiation Budget Satellite; 地球放射収支衛星
  ERC          Environmental Reseach Center (University of Tsukuba; current TERC); 水理実験センター
  ERM          Earth Radiation Mission (ESA)
  EROS         Earth Resources Observation Systems (EROS data center);;Earth Remote Observation System
  ERS          Earth Resources Satellite (Japan);; Earth Remote Sensing Satellite;; European Remote Sensing Satellites
  ERS2         European Remote-Sensing Satellite 2
  ERSDAC       Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center (Japan)
  ERTS         Earth Resources Technology Satellite
  ES           Earth Simulator; 地球シミュレーター
  ESA          European Space Agency (The Netherlands); 欧州宇宙機関
  ESC          Earth Simulator Center; 地球シミュレーターセンター
  ESCAP        Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
  ESCAPE       Evaluation of Strategies to Address Climate Change by Adapting to and Preventing Emissions
  ESDIM        Earth Science Data and Information (NOAA);;Environmental Sevices Data and Information Management
  ESMR         Electrically Scanning Microwave Radiometer
  ESOP         Enhanced Seasonal Observation Period
  ESP          Extended Streamflow Prediction
  ESSP         Earth System Science Partnership;; Earth System Science Pathfinder (NASDA)
  ESTAR        Electronically Scanned Thinned Array Radiometer
  ESTO         Earth Science & Technology Organization (Japan); 地球科学技術推進機構
  ET           Evapotranspiration; 蒸発散
  ETH          Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule; スイス国立工科大学; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  ETL          NOAA's Environmental Technology Laboratory
  ETM+         Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus
  ETO          Extended Time Observation (HUBEX)
  ETRI         Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Korea)
  EU pattern   Eurasian pattern (a teleconnection pattern)
  EUC          Equatorial Undercurrents
  EUCOS        EUMETNET Composite Observing System
  EUG          European Union of Geosciences
  EUMETNET     The Network of European Meteorological Services
  EUMETSAT     European Meteorological Satellite;; European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
  EURECA       European Retrievable Carrier
  EVE          Environmental Variable Extractor (the data processor of PAM III)
  EVI          Enhanced Vegetation Index
  EWS          Engineering Work Station; ワークステーション
  Earth-CARE   Earth Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Explorer (ESA-NASDA joint proposal for next space mission)
  F-NET        Full Range Seismograph Network (Japan)
  FAA          New Focus on Atmospheric Aerosol Project;; Federal Aviation Administration
  FAC          Full Aperture Solar Calibrator (also FASC)
  FACE         Free Air Carbon-dioxide Enrichment
  FAO          Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN)
  FAPAR        Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (=FPAR)
  FAQ          Frequently Asked Question
  FAS          Fourier smoothing Algorithms and Solar zenith angle
  FASIR        Fourier Adjusted, Solar zenith angle correction, Interpolation, and Reconstruction
  FCCC         Framework Convention on Climate Change; 国際連合気候変動枠組条約
  FDDA         Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation; 4次元データ同化
  FDH          Fixed Dynamical Heating
  FEOS         Forum for Earth Observation Satellite; 宇宙からの地球観測を考える会 (established June 2002)
  FF           Fossil Fuel
  FFPRI        Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (Japan)
  FFT          Fast Fourier Transform
  FGAN         Forschungsgesellschaft fur Angewandte Naturwissenschaften e. V.
  FGDC         U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee
  FGGE         First GARP Global Experiment
  FHR          Forschungsinstitut fur Hochfrequenzphysik und Radartechnik
  FIFE         First ISLSCP Field Experiment
  FIRE         First ISCCP Regional Experiment;; First International Radiation Experiment
  FLIR         Forward-Looking Infrared Imagery
  FMCW         Frequency Modulated, Continuous Wave
  FNOC         Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Center
  FORSGC       Frontier Observational Research System for Gobal Change (地球観測フロンティア研究システム)
  FOV          Field of View
  FPAR         Fraction of Photosynthetic Active Radiation (=FAPAR);;Plant-absorbed Fraction of Incoming Photosynthetically Active Radiation
  FRA          Forest Resources Assessment (a program in FAO)
  FRCGC        Frontier Research Center for Global Change  (formerly FRSGC (from July 2004)); 地球環境フロンティア研究センター
  FRIEND       Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data (UNESCO)
  FRIM         Forestry Research Institute Malaysia
  FRSGC        Frontier Research System for Global Change (currently FRCGC); 地球フロンティア研究システム (地球環境フロンティア研究センター)
  FSL          Forecast Systems Laboratory
  FSU          Former Soviet Union
  FTIR         Fourier-transform Infrared spectrophotometer
  FTP          File Transfer Protocol
  FUSE         Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
  FY           Fiscal Year
  FY-2         Feng Yun -2 (China)
  FluxNet      Flux Tower Network
  FrAM         Frontier Atmosphere Model
  GABLS        GEWEX Atmospheric Boundary Layer Study
  GAC          Global Area Coverage (a format of NOAA/AVHRR data)
  GACP         Global Aerosol Climatology Project (GEWEX)
  GAIM         Global Analysis, Interpretation, and Modelling (IGBP); 地球規模の解析,解釈及びモデリング
  GAIN         GAME Archive and Information Network; GAMEデータセット・情報ネットワーク
  GAME         GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment (GEWEX); アジアモンスーンエネルギー・水循環研究観測計画
  GAME-T       GAME Tropics
  GANAL        Global Analysis (global objective analysis data of JMA)
  GAPP         GEWEX Americas Prediction Project (Formerly GCIP; ジーエーピーピー)
  GARP         Global Atmospheric Research Programme (current WCRP); 地球大気開発計画
  GASP         Global Assimilation and Prediction
  GATE         GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment
  GATS         Global Applications and Transferability Strategy
  GAVICS       Global AVHRR Image Compositing System (PaNDA Committee)
  GAW          Global Atmospheric Watch (WMO)
  GBA          Global Biodiversity Assessment
  GBIF         Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  GCC          GAME Coodination Committee (India)
  GCDIS        Global Change Data Information System
  GCIP         GEWEX Continental-scale International Project (GEWEX)
  GCIS         GCIP Central Information Source
  GCM          General Circulation Model; 大循環モデル; Global Climate Model;; Global Circulation Model
  GCMD         Global Change Master Directory
  GCOM         Global Change Observation Mission (JAXA)
  GCOS         Global Climate Observation System (WMO/IOC/UNEP/ICSU); 全球気候観測システム;
  GCP          Ground Control Point (Mapping for satellite image)
  GCR          Galactic Cosmic Ray
  GCRMN        Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
  GCRP         Global Change Research Program
  GCSS         GEWEX Cloud System Study
  GCTE         Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems (IGBP); 地球変化と陸域生態系
  GCTM         Global Chemical Transport Model
  GCTP         Global Coordinate Transformation Package
  GDAS         Global Data Assimilation System
  GDP          Gross Domestic Product
  GDS          Global Daily Summary (CD-ROM);; GrADS-DODS Server (COLA)
  GDS          GrADS-DODS Server
  GEBA         Global Surface Energy Balance Archive; 全球熱収支アーカイブ
  GECAFS       Global Environmental Change and Food Systems
  GEDEX        Greenhouse Effect Detection Experiment (NASA)
  GEIA         Global Emissions Inventory Activity
  GEISA        Gestion et Etude des Informations Spectroscopiques Atmospheriques
  GEMS         Global Environmental Monitoring System (UNEP, WHO)
  GEO          Earth Observation Summit ad-hoc Group on Earth Observations;; Group on Earth Observations;; Global Earth Outlook (UNEP)
  GEO-CHEM     (全球3次元化学物質輸送モデルの名称)
  GEONET       GPS Earth Observation Network (Japan)
  GEOS         Goddard Earth Observing System (USA);; Geodetic Earch Orbiting Satellite
  GEOSS        Global Earth Observation System of Systems
  GERP         Global Environmental Research Program (JEA)
  GEWEX        Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (WCRP,ICSU,IOC); 全球エネルギー・水循環研究計画
  GFD          Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
  GFDL         Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory; 米国地球流体力学研究所
  GGD          Global Geocryological Database
  GHCC         Global Hydrology Climate Center
  GHCN         Global Historical Climatology Network (dataset produced by NCDC and CDIAC)
  GHG          Greenhouse Gases; 温室効果気体
  GHP          GEWEX Hydrometeorological Panel
  GHRC         Global Hydrology Resource Center
  GIAM         Global Integrated Assessment Models
  GIDS         GCIP Initial Data Set
  GIM          Global Integration and Modelling
  GIMMS        Global Inventory Monitoring and Modeling Studies (NASA/GSFC)
  GIN          Global Image Network (CEReS)
  GIPSY        GPS Inferred Positioning System (NASA/JPL)
  GIS          Geographic Information System
  GISP         (transitional name of GAME-ISP);; Greenland Ice Sheet Project;; Global Invasive Species Programme
  GISRS        GAME International Sub-panel for Remote Sensing
  GISS         Goddard Institute for Space Studies; ゴダード宇宙研究所
  GISST        Global Sea Ice and Sea Surface Temperature
  GIST         GCIP Integrated Systems Test
  GISTDA       Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Developement Agency of Thailand
  GL           Group Leader
  GLA          Goddard Laboratory for Atmosphere
  GLACE        Global Land-Atmosphere Coupling Experiment (GMPP project; グラッチェ)
  GLAS         GEWEX Land-surface Atmosphere Study
  GLASS        Global Land Atmosphere System Study (GEWEX)
  GLC 2000     Global Land Cover 2000
  GLDAS        Global Land Data Assimilation System
  GLF          Greenleaf Fraction
  GLI          Global Imager (ADEOS II sensor)
  GLIS         Global Land Information System (USGS)
  GLOBE        Global One-km Base Elevation;; Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
  GLOBEC       Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics Project (of the IGBP)
  GLONASS      Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System (Russia )
  GLORI        Global Registration of Land-Ocean River Inputs
  GLOSS        Global Sea Level Observing System
  GLP          Global Land Project (proposed by IGBP and IHDP)
  GMA          Global Marine Assessment
  GMAO         (NASA) Global Modeling and Assimilation Office
  GMES         Global Monitoring for Environmental and Security
  GMPP         GEWEX Modeling and Prediction Panel
  GMS          Geostationary Meteorological Satellite (Japan); 静止気象衛星 (ひまわり)
  GMT          Greenwich Mean Time; ; Generic Mapping Tools
  GNEP         GEWEX Numerical Experimentation Panel
  GNIP         Global Network of Isotope in Precipitation
  GOALS        Global Ocean-Atmosphere-Land System Program (CLIVAR)
  GOCART       Global Ozone Chemistry Aerosol Radiation Transport
  GOCE         Gravity filed and steady state Ocean Circulation Mission
  GODAE        Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment
  GODAI        Global Ocean Assimilation Experiment
  GOES         Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (USA)
  GOFC-GOLD    Global Observation of Forest and Land Cover Dynamics
  GOIN         Global Observation Information Network (JST); 地球観測情報ネットワーク
  GOOS         Global Ocean Observing System (hosted by IOC)
  GOS          Global Observing System (WMO)
  GOSAT        Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite (JAXA)
  GPC          Global Processing Center
  GPCC         Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (Germany)
  GPCP         Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GEWEX); 全球降水気候計画
  GPI          GOES Precipitation Index; ; Global Precipitation Index
  GPM          Global Precipitation Measurement (NASA)
  GPP          Gross Primary Productivity;; Gross Primary Production
  GPS          Global Positioning System; 汎地球測位システム
  GPS/Met      Global Positioning System/Meteorology
  GPV          Grid Point Values
  GRACE        Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
  GRASS        Geographical Resource Analysis Support System
  GRDC         Global Runoff Data Centre (Germany)
  GREDS        GCIP Reference Data Set
  GRIB         Grid point values expressed in binary form
  GRID         Global Resource Information Database (NIES)
  GRIP         Greenland Ice Core Project
  GRL          Geophysical Research Letter
  GRNS         Global Research Network System (supported by STA, Japan)
  GRP          GEWEX Radiation Panel
  GSCC         GEWEX Cloud System Studies
  GSDI         Global Spatial Data Infrastructure
  GSFC         Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA)
  GSN          GCOS Surface Network
  GSR          Global Solar Radiation
  GSWP         Global Soil Wetness Project (GEWEX)
  GTDC         Ground Truth Data Collection
  GTN-H        Global Terrestrial Network for Hydrology
  GTOS         Global Terrestrial Observation System; 全球陸面観測システム
  GTS          Global Telecommunications System
  GUAN         GCOS Upper Air Network
  GUI          Graphical User Interface
  GVI          Global Vegetaion Index; 全球植生指数
  GVaP         GEWEX Water Vapor Project
  GWC          Global Water Cycle
  GWCP         Global Water Cycle Program
  GWE          Global Weather Experiment
  GWEBS        Global Water and Energy Budget Study
  GWEC         Global Water and Energy Cycle
  GWP          Global Warming Potential; 温室効果能
  GWSP         Global Water System Project
  GeoHab       Marine Geological and Biological Habitat Mapping
  GeoTIFF      Geographic Tagged Image File Format
  GrADS        Grid Analysis and Display System (by COLA)
  HAIL         Hydrosphere and Atmosphere Interaction Laboratory (Nagaoka University of Technology); 地球環境研究室 (長岡技術科学大学 環境・建設系)
  HALOE        Halogen Occultation Experiment (onboard sensor of UARS NASA)
  HAPEX        Hydrological Atmospheric Pilot Experiment (France)
  HAPEX-Sahel  Hydrology-Atmosphere Pilot Experiment in the Sahel
  HCRP         Hydrological Cycle Research Program (in FRSGC)
  HDF          Hierarchical Data Format
  HDP          Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Programme (ISSC); 地球環境変化の人間的次元の研究計画
  HEIFE        Heihe river basin Field Experiment (Japan - China)
  HELP         Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy
  HIRETYCS     High Resolution Ten-Year Climate Simulations
  HIRIS       High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
  HIRS         High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder
  HITRAN       High Resolution Transmission Molecular Absorption Database
  HLM          High Latitude Mode
  HNLC         High Nutrient-Low Chlorophyll
  HPCN         High Plains Climate Network
  HPRFCC       High Plains Regional Climate Center
  HPV          Heat Pulse Velocity
  HQC          Horizontal Quality Control
  HRBM         High Resolution Biosphere Model
  HRDF         Hemispherical Directional Reflectance Factors
  HRPT         High Resolution Picture Transmission (NOAA satellite)
  HRV          High Resolution Visible Imaging System (SPOT)
  HRVIR        High Resolution Visible Infrared (SPOT)
  HSB          Humidity Sounder for Brazil (NASA and AEB)
  HSDSD        Historical Soviet Daily Snow Depth (CD-ROM data by NSIDC)
  HTML         Hypertext Markup Language
  HTTP         Hypertext Transport Protocol
  HUAEX        South China Heacy Rainfall Experiment
  HUBEX        Huai River Basin Experiment (GAME)
  HWRP         Hydrology and Water Resources Program (WMO)
  HYDROS       Hydrosphere State Mission
  HadCM        Hadley Centre Coupled Model
  HadCM3       Third Hadley Centre Coupled Climate Model
  Hi-NET       Hi-sensitive Seismograph Network (Japan)
  IAEA         International Atomic Energy Agency
  IAG          International Association of Geodesy
  IAGA         International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy
  IAHS         International Association of Hydrological Sciences
  IAI          Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research; 汎アメリカ地球変化研究; Independent Administrative Institution; 独立行政法人
  IAMAP        International Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics
  IAMAS        International Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
  IAP          Institute of Atmospheric Physics (China)
  IAPSO        International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Ocean
  IARC         International Arctic Research Center (Alaska, USA-Japan); 国際北極圏研究センター
  IAS          Image Assessment System
  IASB         Institut d’Aeronomie Spatiale de Belgique (Belgium)
  IASPEI       International Association Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior
  IAUC         International Association for Urban Climate
  IAVCEI       International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior
  IBIS         Integrated Biosphere Simulator
  IBMN         International Biodiversity Monitoring Network
  IBPC         Institute of Bioilogical Problems of Cryolithozone (Republic of Sakha)
  IC           Internal Calibrator
  ICARUS       Interagency Climate-Aerosol Radiative Uncertainties and Sensitivities Programme
  ICC          Inter-Comparison Center (GSWP-2); 相互比較センター
  ICE-CREAM    International Cooperative Experiment for Climatic REsearch on Asian Monsoon
  ICESat       Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite
  ICG          Institut fur Chemie und Dynamik der Geophare (Institute of Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere)
  ICRCCM       Intercomparison of Radiation Codes used in Climate Models
  ICSI         International Commission on Snow and Ice
  ICSU         International Council of Scientific Unions; 国際学術連合
  ICWLC        International Liquid Water Content
  IEA          International Energy Agency
  IEC          International Electrotechnical Commission
  IEEE         The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  IFC          Intensive Field Campaign
  IFO          Intensive Field Observation (HUBEX)
  IFOV         Instantaneous Field of View
  IFRC/RCS     International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies
  IFREE        Institute for Frontier Research on Earth Evolution; 固体地球統合フロンティア研究システム
  IGAC         International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Programme (IGBP); 地球大気化学国際共同研究計画
  IGACO        Intergrated Global Atmospheric Chemistry Observations
  IGARSS       International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
  IGBP         International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme; 地球圏−生物圏国際共同研究計画
  IGBP-DIS     IGBP Data and Information System
  IGCR         Institute for Global Change Research (FRSGC); 地球変動研究所(地球フロンティア研究システム)
  IGES         Institute of Global Environment and Society
(COLA);;Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; 財団法人 地球環境戦略研究機関
  IGOS         Integrated Global Observing Strategy
  IGOS-P       Integrated Global Observation Strategy Partnership (includes CEOS, FAO, GCOS, GOOS, GOS/GAW, GTOS, ICSU, IGBP, IGFA, IOC, UNESCO,  UNEP, WCRP, WMO)
  IGPO         International GEWEX Project Office
  IGRAC        International Groundwater Resources Assessment Center
  IGS          International GPS service for Geodynamics; 国際GPS地球力学事業
  IGWCO        Integrated Global Water Cycle Observations
  IGY          International Geophysical Year; 国際地球観測年
  IHAS         Institute for Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Sciences (Nagoya University); 大気水圏科学研究所
  IHD          International Hydrological Decade (FRIEND)
  IHDP         International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (ICSUなどが主導している研究計画)
  IHP          International Hydrological Programme
  IIASA        International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria); 国際応用システム研究所
  IIS          Institute of Industrial Science (University of Tokyo); 生産技術研究所; ; インド科学大学
  IITA         Institute of INformation Technology Assessment
  IJB          International Journal of Biometeorology
  IJC          International Journal of Climatology
  IJRS         International Journal of Remote Sensing
  IKI          Институт Космических Исследований (Space Research Institute, Russia)
  IKONOS       (is derived from the Greek word for "image," and according to the Earth Observation Magazine, the name is pronounced "Eye-KOH-nos.")
  ILAS         Improved Limb Atmospheric Spectrometer (onboard sensor of ADEOS); 改良型大気周縁分光計
  ILEAPS       International Land Ecosystem-Atmospheric Processes Study
  IMAGE        Integrated Model to Assess the Global Environment
  IMBER        Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research
  IMCET        Ishigaki/Miyako Compaign Experiment for TRMM (NASDA/JMA/CRL)
  IMD          India Meteorological Department
  IMG          Interferometric Monitor for Greenhouse Gases (onboard sensor of ADEOS); 温室効果気体センサ
  IMGRASS      Inner Mongolia Grassland-Atmosphere Surface Study (USA-China)
  IMH          Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Mongolia)
  IMOP         Intensive Model Output Period
  IN           Ice Nuclei
  INCA         Interhemispheric Differences in Cirrus Properties from Anthropogenic Emissions
  INDOEX       Indian Ocean Experiment
  INFORSE      International Network for Sustainable Energy
  INPE         Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (Brazil)
  INSAT        Indian Satellite for Meteorology, Communication and Broadcasting (India)
  INSU         Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers
  IOC          Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO); 政府間海洋学委員会
  IOCCP        International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project
  IOD          Indian Ocean Dipole
  IOH          Institute of Hydrology
  IOP          Intensive Observation Period; 集中観測期間
  IOP2000      Intensive Observation Period in 2000 (GAME-Siberia)
  IORGC        Institute of Observational Research for Global Change (formerly FORSGC); 地球環境観測研究センター
  IOZM         Indian Ocean Zonal Model
  IP           Implementation Plan (GAME); 実行計画; Internet Protocol
  IPA          International Permafrost Association
  IPAR         Interceptual Photosynthetically Active Radiation
  IPCC         Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; 気候変動に関する政府間パネル
  IPO          International Project Office (GAME);; Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation
  IPOP         International Polar Orbiting Platform
  IPR          Intellectual Property Rights
  IPRC         International Pacific Research Center (Hawaii, USA-Japan); 国際太平洋研究センター
  IPSL         Istitut Pierre Simon Laplace
  IPSL-CM      Institut Pierre Simon Laplace/Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Vegetation Model
  IPWG         International Precipitation WG
  IR           Infrared; 赤外
  IRAP         ISLSCP Retrospective Analysis Program
  IRE-CPSSI    IRE RAS Center of Processing and Storing Space Information (Russia)
  IRI          International Research Institute for Seasonal to Interannual Climate Prediction (Indonesia);; International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades NY);; Interdisciplinary Research Initiative;; IRI International Research Institute
  IRICP        Internaitonal Research Institute for Climate Prediction
  IRIS         Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer
  IRS         Indian Remote Sensing Satellite
  IS           Initial System (GAIN)
  ISA          Intermediate Scale Area
  ISA-MEIDA    Israel Space Agency-Middle East Interactive Data Archive
  ISAM         Integrated Science Assessment Model
  ISARM        Internationally Shared (Transboundary) Aquifer Resources Management
  ISAS         Institute of Space and Astronautical Science; 宇宙科学研究所 (merged with JAXA in Oct, 2003)
  ISBA         Interactions between Soil-Biosphere-Atmosphere (GSWP participating model)
  ISCCP        International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (GEWEX); 国際衛星雲気候計画
  ISCGM        International Steering Committee for Global Mapping
  ISDR         International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
  ISLSCP       International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project
  ISO          International Standards Organization;; International Organization for Standardization
  ISP          International Science Panel (GAME); 国際科学パネル
  ISPRS        International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  ISRO         Indian Space Research Organization; インド宇宙研究機関
  ISRS         International Symposium on Remote Sensing (Japan-Korea-China)
  ISS          International Space Station
  ISSC         International Social Sciences Council; 国際社会科学協議会
  ISSCP        International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
  ISTC         International Science and Technology Center (Russia)
  IT           Information Technology
  ITC          Intertropical Convergence; 熱帯収束
  ITCT         Intercontinental Transport and Chemical Transformation
  ITCZ         Intertropical Convergence Zone; 熱帯収束帯
  ITEX         International Tundra Experiment
  ITOY         International Tropical Ozone Year
  ITU          International Telecommunication Union
  ITU-R        Radio Communication Sector of the International Telecommunicat ion Union
  ITWG         International TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder Working Group
  IUCN         International Union for the Conservation of Nature
  IUGG         International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
  IUPAC        International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
  IWC          International Waterbird Census
  IWESSAPR     International Workshop on Earth Science Study in Asia-Pacific Region
  IWG          Interagency Working Group
  IWRM         Integrated Water Resources Management
  InSAR        Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar
  J-SAR        JERS-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar
  JAM          Journal of Applied Meteorology (USA)
  JAMSTEC      Japan Marine Science and Technology Center; 海洋科学技術センター ; Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (from April 1, 2004); (独立行政法人)海洋研究開発機構
  JANAL        Japan Analysis (objective analysis data around Japan of JMA)
  JARQ         Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly (国際農林水産業研究センター)
  JARS         Japan Association of Remote Sensing
  JAS          Journal of Atmospheric Sciences (USA)
  JASMINE      Joint Air-Sea Monsoon Interaction Experiment
  JAXA         Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (formerly NASDA etc; pronounced "Jacksa"); 宇宙航空研究開発機構
  JCC          Joint Coordination Committee; 共同調整会議
  JCOPE        Japan Coastal Ocean Predictability Experiment
  JEA          Japan Environmental Agency; 環境庁
  JEM          Japan Experiment Module
  JERS-1       Japanese Earth Resources Satellite-1 (Japan); 地球資源衛星1号「ふよう1号」
  JEXAM        Japanese Experiment on Asian Monsoon (STA) (=PJCAMM)
  JGOFS        Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (IGBP); 共同地球規模海洋フラックス研究
  JGR          Journal of Geophysical Research
  JIRCAS       Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
  JISTEC       Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center
  JJA          June-July-August
  JMA          Japan Meteorological Agency; 気象庁
  JMSJ         Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan; 気象集誌
  JOS          Oceanographic Society of Japan; 日本海洋学会
  JOSS         Joint Office for Science Support (UCAR)
  JPL          Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA); ジェット推進研究所
  JPS          Joint Planning Staff (for WCRP)
  JRC          Joint Research Centre (of European Commission)
  JSC          Joint Scientific Committee; 合同企画委員会
  JSM          Japan Spectrum Model (JMA)
  JSPS         Japan Society for Promotion of Science
  JST          Japan Science and Technology Corporation
  JTST         Joint TRMM Science Team; 日米合同TRMMサイエンスチーム
  JWA          Japan Weather Association; 日本気象協会
  JWP          Joint Water Project
  K-NET/KiK-NET Kyoshin Network/Kiban Kyoshin Network (Japan)
  KARI         Korea Aero Space Research Institute
  KB           Kilo Byte
  KIGAM        Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
  KJRS         Korean Journal of Remote Sensing
  KKU          Khon Kaen University (Thailand)
  KLM          NOAA-K, NOAA-L, and NOAA-M
  KMA          Korea Meteorological Administration
  KMITL        King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (Thailand)
  KMITT        King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Thonburi (Thailand)
  KNMI         Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (Netherlands)
  KOFST        The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies
  KOMPSAT      Korean Multi-Purpose Satellite
  KORMEX       Korean Monsoon Experiment
  KRF          Korea Research Foundation Institute
  KSRS         Korean Society of Remote Sensing
  KU           Katsesaert Univerisity (Thailand)
  LAC          Local Area Coverage (a format of NOAA/AVHRR data)
  LAI          Leaf Area Index; 葉面積指数
  LAII         Land-Atmosphere-Ice Integration (USA-NSF)
  LAN          Local Area Network
  LANDSAT      Land Remote Sensing Satellite (USA)
  LAPAN        National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Indonesia); インドネシア航空宇宙庁; Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional
  LAPS         Lower Atmosphere Precipitation Study;; Local Analysis Prediction System
  LASG         State Key Laboratory of Numerical Modelling for Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (China)
  LASMOG       Large Area Soil Moisture Observation on the Ground
  LASUR        Land Surface Reflectances (an algorithm)
  LBA          Large-scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (GEWEX)
  LBRI         Lake Biwa Research Institute (Shiga Prefecture, Japan); 琵琶湖研究所
  LCCS Land Cover Classification System
  LCL          Lifting Condensation Level; 持ち上げ凝結高度
  LCLUC        Land Cover Land Use Change (a project in NASA)
  LDAS         Land Data Assimilation Systems (NASA)
  LDD          Land Development Department (Thailand)
  LEAF         Land-Ecosystem-Atmosphere Feedback
  LED          Light Emitting Diode; 発光ダイオード
  LEO          Low Earth Orbit
  LES          Large Eddy Simulation
  LGGE         Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Geophysique de l’Environnement (France)
  LGM          Last Glacial Maximum
  LIGG         Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology and Geocryology (China)
  LIPAP        Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics (China); 蘭州高原大気物理学研究所
  LIS          Lightning Imaging Sensor; 雷観測装置
  LLNL         Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA)
  LMD          Laboratorie de Meteorologie Dynamique; フランス気象庁
  LOC          Local Organizing Committee
  LOICZ        Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zones (IGBP); 海岸・沿岸域における陸域海域の相互作用
  LOP          Long-Term Observing Period
  LOSU         Level of Scientific Understanding
  LPGS         Level-1 Product Generation System
  LPJ          Land-Potsdam-Jena Terrestrial Carbon Model
  LPS          Landsat Processing System
  LSA          Large-Scale Area
  LSAT         Land Surface Air Temperature
  LSB          Land and Sea Breeze; 海陸風
  LSG          Large-Scale Geostrophic Ocean Model
  LSM          Land Surface Model
  LSP          Land Surface Process;; Land Surface Parameterisation;  Land Surface Parameterization
  LSS          Land Surface Scheme
  LST          Local Standard Time;地方標準時; Local Solar (or Sun) Time; 地方太陽時; Land Surface Temperature; 地表面温度
  LT           Lifetime
  LTAP         Long-Term Acquisition Plan
  LTER         (Jornada) Long Term Ecological Research (southern New Mexico)
  LUCC         Land Use/Cover Change (IGBP-HDP project); 土地利用・被覆変化
  LUE          Light Use Efficiency
  LW           Long Wave
  LWP          Liquid Water Path
  LaD          Land Dynamics (GSWP participating model)
  LaRC         NASA Langley Research Center
  Lake-ICE     Lake Induced Convection and Evaporation
  Laser        Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  LiDAR        Light detection and ranging
  MAB          Man and Biosphere Programme of UNESCO
  MAGICC       Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse-gas Induced Climate Change
  MAGS         Mackenzie GEWEX Study
  MAM          March, April, May
  MAP          Meso-scale Alpine Programme
  MAPS         Mesoscale Analysis and Prediction Systems
  MARS         Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
  MATSIRO      Minimal Advanced Treatments of Surface Interaction and RunOff
  MB           Mega Byte
  MCS          Mesoscale Convective System
  MCSST        Multi-Channel Sea Surface Temperature
  MDB          Murray-Darling Basin Water Budget Project (GEWEX)
  MDG          Millennium Development Goals
  MDPS         Mass Data Processing System (facility of ESC)
  MEA          Multilateral Environmental Agreement
  MECCA        Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Assessment
  MECMWF       Modified Version ECMWF land surface scheme
  MERIS        Medium-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
  MESA         Monsoon Experiment in South America (GEWEX)
  MESSC        Ministry of Education, Scinece, Sports, and Culture (Japan); 文部省
  MESSR        Multispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer; 可視近赤外放射計
  METEOSAT     European Meteorological Satellite (ESA)
  METI         Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; 経済産業省
  METOP        ESA Operational Meteorological Satellite Series
  METRI        Meterological Research Institute (Korea)
  MEXT         Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan); 文部科学省
  MFC          Moisture Flux Convergence
  MGO          Main Geophysical Observatory (Russia)
  MHS          Microwave Humidity Sounder
  MICOS        Meteorological Information Comprehensive Online System (JWA)
  MIMR         Multifrequency Imaging Microwave Sounder
  MINoSGI      Multi-layered Integrated Numerical Model of Surface Physics - Growing Plants Interaction
  MIP          Model Intercomparison Project
  MIRAGE       Megacity Impact on Regional and Global Environment
  MISR         Multi-angle Imaging Spectro-Radiometer
  MIT          Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  MITI         Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan); 通商産業省
  MJO          Madden-Julian Oscillation
  MJO          Madden-Julian Oscillation
  ML           Mailing List; メイリングリスト; Mixing Layer; 混合層
  MLOPEX       Mauna Loa Observatory Photochemistry Experiment
  MLT          Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere
  MM5          Mesoscale Model 5 (Fifth generation mesoscale model of NCAR/PSU)
  MMF          Multi-Scale Modeling Framework
  MMS          Malaysia Meteorological Service
  MODIS        Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (onboard sensor of Terra and Aqua (EOS))
  MOGUNTIA     Model of the General Universal Tracer Transport in the Atmosphere
  MOLTS        MOdel Location Time Series
  MOM          Modular Ocean Model
  MOM3         Modular Ocean Model Version 3
  MONEX        Monsoon Experiment (WMO/GARP in 1979)
  MONTBLEX     ; モンスーントラフ境界層観測計画
  MOPEP        Model Parameter Estimation Project
  MOPEX        Model Parameter Estimation Experiment
  MOPITT       Measurements Of Pollution In The Troposphere (Onboard sensor of Terra)
  MORDS        Model Output Reduced Data Set
  MOS          Model Output Statistics
  MOS-1        Marine Observation Satellite-1 (Japan); 海洋観測衛星1号
  MOSES        Met Office Surface Exchange Scheme (GSWP participating model, UK)
  MOU          Memorandum of Understanding; 覚書
  MOZAIC       Measurement of Ozone from Airbus in-Service Aircraft
  MOZART       Model for Ozone and Related Chemical Tracers
  MPEG         Motion Picture Experts Group
  MPI          Max-Planck Institute Meteorology (Germany)
  MPL          Micro Pulse Lidar; マイクロパルスライダー
  MRF          Medium-Range Forecast
  MRFFT(mrFFT) Mixed Radix FFT
  MRI          Meteorological Research Institute (JMA); 気象研究所; Mitsubishi Research Institute; 三菱総合研究所
  MSAVI        Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
  MSCD         Mirror Scan Correction Data
  MSFC         Marshall Space Flight Center
  MSG          METEOSAT Second Generation
  MSJ          Meteorological Society of Japan; 日本気象学会
  MSLP         Mean Sea Level Pressure
  MSS          Multispectral Scanners; Mass Storage System
  MST Radar    Mesosphere , Stratosphere, Troposphere Radar
  MSU          Microwave Sounding Unit
  MT           Magnetic Tape; 磁気テープ
  MTS          Meteorological Telecommunication System; MTS雪氷研究所
  MTSAT        Multi-functional Transport Satellite
  MVC          Maximum Value Composite
  MWL          Metric Water Level
  McICA        Monte Carlo Independent Column Approximation
  Mosaic       (a land surface model created by Randal Koster, NASA/GSFC)
  N/A          Not Applicable
  NADW         North Atlantic Deep Water
  NAL          National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan (merged with JAXA in Oct, 2003); 航空宇宙技術研究所
  NAM          Northern (Hemispher) Annular Mode; 北半球環状モード
  NAME         North America Monsoon Experiment (GEWEX)
  NAO          North Atlantic Oscillation
  NARE         North Atlantic Regional Experiment
  NASA         National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA); アメリカ航空宇宙局
  NASDA        National Space Development Agency of Japan; 宇宙開発事業団
  NASS         National Agricultural Statistics Service
  NAWDEX       National Water Data Exchange
  NBP          Net Biome Prodution
  NC           The Japan National Committee for GAME
  NCAR         National Center for Atmospheric Research (USA); 国立大気研究センター
  NCC          National Climate Center (China)
  NCDC         National Climate Data Center (USA)
  NCEP         National Centers for Environmental Prediction (USA; formerly NMC)
  NCGIA        National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
  NCSA         National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  NCSS         National Cooperative Soil Survey
  NDVI         Normalized Difference Vegetation Index; 正規化植生指数
  NDWI         Normalized Difference Water Index
  NEE          Net Ecosystem Exchange
  NEESPI       Northern Eurasian Earth Science Partnership Initiative
  NEG          Numerical Experimentation Group
  NEMURO       North pacific Ecosystem Model Used for Rgional Oceanography
  NEP          Net Ecosystem Production
  NERC         National Environmental Research Council (UK)
  NERIN        Northern Eurasia Regional Information Network (a sub-project of NEESPI)
  NERSC        National Energy Research Supercomputing Center
  NES          Northern Eurasian Study (IGBP)
  NESDIS       National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NOAA)
  NEXRAD       Next Generation Radar (WSR-88D)
  NGDC         National Geophysical Data Center (NOAA)
  NGM          Nested Grid Model
  NGO          Non-governmental Organization
  NH           Nothern Hemisphere
  NHM          Non Hydrostatic Model
  NIAES        National Institute of Agricultural Environmental Sciences (Japan); 国立農業環境技術研究所
  NIC          National Ice Center of NOAA (USA)
  NICAM        Nonhydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model (FRSGC)
  NIDS         NEXRAD Information Dissemination Service
  NIED         National Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (Japan); 防災科学技術研究所
  NIES         National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan); 国立環境研究所
  NIMA         National Imagery and Mapping Agency (USA) formerly DMA (Defence Mapping Agency)
  NIO          National Institute of Oceanography (India)
  NIR          Near Infra-Red; 近赤外
  NIST         National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA)
  NISTAR       NIST Advanced Radiometer (onboard sonsor of Triana)
  NIWA         National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd. (New Zealand)
  NMAT         Night Marine Air Temperature
  NMC          National Meteorological Center (USA) (current NCEP)
  NMHC         Non-Methane Hydrocarbon
  NMRF         National MST Radar Facility (ISRO (India))
  NOAA         National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (USA); 海洋大気庁; NOAA (気象衛星の名称); ノア
  NOAA-KLM     see 'KLM'
  NOAA/OAR     NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (United States)
  NOAH         New Opportinities for Altimetry in Hydrology
  NODC         National Oceanographic Data Center
  NOPEX        Northern Hemisphere Climate Processes Land Surface Experiment (IGBP/BAHC)
  NOPP         National Ocean Partnership Program
  NPN          NOAA Profiler Network
  NPOESS       National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (USA)
  NPP          Net Primary Productivity; 純一次生産力; Net Primary Production; 純一次生産; NPOESS Preparatory Project
  NPZD         Nutrients, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton and Detritus
  NRA          NASA Research Announcement
  NRC          National Research Council (USA)
  NRC/CRC      National Research Council/Climate Research Committee
  NRCS         National Resources Conservation Service
  NRCT         National Research Council of Thailand
  NRL          Naval Reserarch Laboratory (USA)
  NSCAT        NASA Scatterometer (onboard sensor of ADEOS)
  NSERC        Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada)
  NSF          National Science Foundation (USA)
  NSF-STC      National Science Foundation-Science Technology Centers (US)
  NSFC         National Natural Science Foundation of China
  NSIDC        National Snow and Ice Data Center (Univ. Colorado, USA)
  NSIPP        NASA Seasonal to Interannual Prediction Project
  NSL          National Sedimentation Laboratory
  NSMC         National Satellite Meteorological Center (China)
  NSSFC        National Severe Storms Forecast Center
  NSSL         National Severe Storms Laboratory
  NTSG         Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group (School of Forestry, The University of Montana)
  NUM          National University of Mongolia
  NVAP         NASA Water Vapor Project
  NVaP         National Water Vapor Project
  NWIS         National Water Information System
  NWP          Numerical Weather Prediction
  NWRA         North West Research Associates, Inc.
  NWS          National Weather Service (NOAA)
  NWSFRS       National Weather Service River Forecast System
  NZ           New Zealand
  NetCDF       Network Common Data Format
  OASIS        Observation at Several Interacting Scales;; Oklahoma Atmospheric & Surface-layer Instrumentation System
  OBIS         Ocean Biogeographic Information System
  OBW          Occupied Band Width; 占有帯域幅
  OC           Organic Carbon
  OCMIP        Ocean Carbon-cycle Model Intercomparison Project
  OCO          Orbiting Carbon Observatory (US satellite for GHG observation)
  OCS          Organic Carbonyl Sulphide
  OCTS         Ocean Color Temperature Scanner (onboard sensor of ADEOS)
  OECD         Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
  OFES         Ocean general circulation model for Earth Simulator
  OGC          Open Geospatial Consortium
  OGCM         Ocean General Circulation Model
  OGP          Office of Global Programs
  OH           Office of Hydrology
  OI           Optimum Interpolation (a process of 4DDA)
  OICET        Optical Inter-orbit Communications Engineering Test Satellite (NASDA)
  OLGA         Off-line Land-surface Global Assimilation
  OLR          Outgoing Longwave Radiation
  OLS          Operational Linescan System (onboard sensor of DMSP, etc)
  ONC          Operational Navigation Map (A series of 1/1,000,000 maps covered the globe)
  OPC          Optical Particle Counter
  OPYC         Ocean on isoPYCnal coordinates
  OPeNDAP      Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol
  ORCHIDEE     ORganizing Carbon and Hydrology In Dynamic EcosystEms (GSWP participating land surface sheme)
  ORNL         Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  ORNL-DAAC    Oak Ridge National Laboratory-Distributed Active Archive Center
  OSMI         Ocean Scanning Multispectral Imager (KOMPSAT sensor)
  OSTC         Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs
  OSU          Oregon State University
  OxComp       Tropospheric Oxidant Model Comparison
  PAC          Partial Aperture Solar Calibrator (also PASC)
  PACE         Permafrost and Climate in Europe
  PACS         Pan American Climate Studies
  PAGE         Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems
  PAGES        Past Global Changes (IGBP); 古地球環境
  PAH          Parametric Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  PAI          Plant Area Index
  PAL          Pathfinder AVHRR Land (data)
  PALAU        Pacific Area Long-term Atmospheric observations for the Understanding climate change
  PALSAR       Phased Array type L-band SAR (onboard sensor of ALOS)
  PAM III      Portable Automated Mesonet III
  PAR          Photosynthetically Active Radiation
  PARASOL      Polarization and Anisotropy of Reflectances for Atmospheric Sciences Coupled with Obersations from a Lidar
  PBL          Planetary Boundary Layer; 惑星境界層
  PC           Personal Computer; パソコン
  PCA          Principal Component Analysis
  PCB          Polychlorinated Biphenyl
  PCD          Payload Correction Data
  PCM          Parallel Climate Model
  PCMDI        Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
  PD           Program Director
  PDF          Probability Density Function
  PDO          Pacific Decadal Oscillation
  PE           Parameterization Estimation
  PE&RS        Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing (a journal of ASPRS)
  PEM          Pacific Exploratory Missions
  PERSIANN     Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information usi g Artificial Neural Networks
  PFT          Plant Functional Type
  PGR          Post-Glacial Rebound
  PHIN         Public Health Information Network (United States)
  PI           Principal Investigator
  PICASSO      Pathfinder Instruments for Cloud and Aerosol Spaceborne Observations
  PIES         Inverted Echo Sounders with Pressure gauge
  PIK          Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Germany)
  PILPS        Project for Intercomparison of Land-Surface Parameterization Schemes (GEWEX)
  PIR          Precision Infrared Radiometer; 赤外放射計
  PIRCS        Project to Intercompare Regional Climate Situations
  PIUB         Physics Institute University of Bern (Switzerland)
  PJCAMM       PRC-Japan Cooperation of Asian Monsoon Mechanisms (=JEXAM); 中日アジアモンスーン機構共同研究
  PLACE        Parameterization for Land-Atmosphere-Cloud Exchange (GSWP participating model)
  PMIP         Palaeoclimate Model Intercomparison Project
  PNA          Pacific-North American (a type of teleconnection patterns)
  PNG          Portable Network Graphics (a format of image file); ; Papua New Guinea
  PNNL         Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)
  POC          Particulate Organic Carbon;; Point of Contact
  POES         Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites
  POLDER       Polarization and Directionality of the Earth's Reflectance (onboard sensor of ADEOS)
  POLINAT      Pollution from Aircraft Emissions in the North Atlantic Flight Cooridor
  POM          Princeton Ocean Model
  POP          Prephase Observation Period
  POPCORN      Photo-Oxidant Formation by Plant Emitted Compounds and OH Radicals in North-eastern Germany
  POPs         Persistent Organic Pollutants
  POSS         Precipitation Occurence Sensor System
  PPI          Plan Position Indicator
  PPT          Precipitation
  PR           Precipitation Radar (TRMM); 降雨レーダー
  PRAC         Principal Research Area
  PRISM        Precipitation-development Regressions on Independent Slopes
  PRMS         Precipitation-Runoff Modelling System
  PROFS        Program for Regional Observing and Forecasting Services
  PROSPECT     PROprietes SPECTrales
  PRR          Profiling Reflectance Radiometer
  PSA          Pacific Science Association
  PSC          Polar Stratospheric Clouds
  PSMSL        Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level
  PSU          Pennsylvania State University
  PUB          Project for Ungauged Basins
  PWRI         Public Works Research Institute
  PhotoComp    Ozone Photochemistry Model Comparison
  QA/QC        Quality Assessment/Quality Control
  QBO          Quasi-biennial Oscillation; 準二年振動
  QC           Quality Control;; Quality Check
  QPF          Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
  QXPMEX       Qinghai-Xizang Plateau Meteorological Experiment; 青蔵高原モンスーン実験計画
  R&D          Research and Development
  R&DC         Research and Development Center (Russia)
  R-GDR        Reduced Geophysical Data Record
  R4D          Response, Resistance, Resilience to and Recovery from Disturbance (R4D) in Arctic Ecosystem
  RA           Research Announcement; 研究公募; Radar Altimeter
  RACE         Radiation, Aerosol and Cloud Experiment (Canada)
  RACM         Regional Atmospheric Chemistry Mechanism
  RACMO        Regional Atmospheric Climate Model
  RADARSAT     Canadian Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite
  RAISE        Rangelands Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Biosphere Interaction Study Experiment in Northeastern Asia
  RAMS         Regional Atmospheric Modelling System (by CSU)
  RAOB         Radiosonde Observation
  RAS          Russian Academy of Science
  RASC         Radio Atmospheric Science Center (Kyoto University)
  RASS         Radio Acoustic Sounding System
  RCHEMA       Research Center of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring at Arvayheer (Mongolia)
  RCM          Regional Climate Model
  RCSM         Regional Climate System Model
  RDB          Relational Database
  REBEX        Radiobrightness Energy Balance Experiment (Alaska)
  REMO         REgional scale MOdel (BALTEX)
  RESTEC       Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan; リモート・センシング技術センター
  RFC          River Forecast Center
  RFD          Royal Forestry Department (Thailand)
  RH           Relative Humidity
  RHI          Range Height Indicator
  RHi          Relative Humidity Index
  RICE         Regional Interactions of Climate and Ecosystems
  RID          Royal Irrigation Department (Thailand)
  RIHMI        Research Institute for Hydrometeorological Information
  RIHMI-WDC    (All-Russian) Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information World Data Center
  RIHN         Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
  RINEX format Receiver-Independent Exchange format (a format of GPS data)
  RISOP        Rapid Interval Scan Operations Plan
  ROI          Radius of Influence
  RPCA         Related Principal Components Analysis
  RR           Research Revolution
  RRR          Rolling Review of Requirements
  RS           Remote Sensing; リモートセンシング
  RSA          ; ロシア航空宇宙局
  RSSJ         The Remote Sensing Society of Japan; 日本リモートセンシング学会
  RST          Regional Steering Committee (APF)
  RTD          Research and Technology Development
  RTNEPH       Real Time Nephanalysis
  RadFlux      Radiative Fluxes
  Radar        Radio Detection And Ranging
  Radarsat     Radar Satellite
  RivDis       Global River Discharge Database
  Rubisco      ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase; リブロース‐1,5‐二燐酸カルボキシル化酵素/酸素添加酵素
  S-VISSR      Stretched Visible and Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer (GMS)
  SAA          Satellite Active Archive (NOAA)
  SACZ         South Atlantic Convergence Zone; 南大西洋収束帯
  SADC         Southern Africa Development Committee
  SAGE         Stratospheric Aerosol & Gas Experiment
  SAHRA        Sustainability of semi-Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas
  SAIL         Scattering by Arbitrarily Inclined Leaves
  SALSA        Semi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere (a program targetted southeastern Arizona, USA, and northeastern Sonora, Mexico)
  SAM          Southern Annular Mode
  SAMOI        Summer Asian Monsoon OLR Indices
  SAO          Semi-annual Oscillation
  SAR          Synthetic Aperture Radar; 合成開口レーダー; IPCC Second Assessment Report
  SARCS        START-Southeast Asia Network (START); 東南アジア委員会
  SASCOM       (START); 南アジア委員会
  SAT          Sonic Anemometer-Thermometer; 超音波風向風速温度計; Surface Air Temperature
  SAVI         Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
  SBRS         Santa Barbara Remote Sensing
  SBUV         Solar Backscatter Ultra Violet
  SCAN         Soil Climate Analysis Network
  SCAR         Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
  SCAR-B       Smoke Cloud and Radiation-Brazil
  SCAT         Scatterometer
  SCE          Snow Cover Extent
  SCENGEN      Scenario Generator
  SCM          Single Column Model
  SCOPE        Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
  SCOR         Scientific Committee on Ocean Research (ICSU); 海洋科学研究委員会
  SCS          Soil Conservation Service
  SCSMEX       South China Sea Monsoon Experiment; 南シナ海モンスーン実験計画
  SCSWP        Small-scale Severe Weather Phenomena
  SD-file      Sorted Data file (world aerological data via GTS in JMA)
  SDD          Statistical-Dynamical Downscaling
  SDGVM        Sheffield Dynamic Global Vegetation Model
  SDI          Spatial Data Infrastructures
  SDPS         Surface Deformation Prediction System
  SDS          Scientific Data Set
  SDSM         Satellite Data Source Module
  SE           Signal Engineering, Inc. (USA) (the manufacturer of GOES's transmitter)
  SEAMAC       Size-Segregated Aerosol Model for Marine Air Chemistry
  SEBAL        Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land
  SEFDH        Seasonally Evolving Fixed Dynamical Heating
  SES          School of Environmental Sciences (Univ. of Shiga Prefecture)
  SEUS         Snow Water Estimations and Updating System
  SFGC         Space Frequency Co-ordination Group
  SGL          Sub-Group Leader
  SGLI         Second-generation GLI (onboard sensor for GCOM)
  SGP          Southern Great Plains
  SH           Southern Hemisphere; 南半球
  SHEBA        Surface Heat Balance of the Arctic Ocean
  SHI          State Hydrological Institute (Russia)
  SHIVA        Studies of the Hydrology, Influence and Variability of the Asian Summer Monsoon
  SHTTP        Secure HTTP
  SI           Syst'eme International d'Unit'es; SI単位系
  SIAM-SEA     Study on Impacts of Asian Monsoon in South East Asia
  SIMBIOS      Sensor Intercomparison and Merger for Biological and Interdisciplinary Oceanic Studies
  SIMIP        Sea Ice Model Intercomparison Project
  SINET        Science Information Network (サイネット Japan)
  SINEX format Software Independent Exchange format (a format of GPS data)
  SIO          Scripps Institution of Oceanography (USA)
  SIPS         Science Investigator-led Processing System
  SIR          Shuttle Imaging Radar
  SIS          Spherical Integrating Source
  SIT          Strategic Implementation Team (COEP)
  SLC          Scan Line Corrector
  SLP          Sea Level Pressure
  SLR          Satellite Laser Ranging; 衛星レーザ測距
  SMA          Soil Moisture Accounting
  SME          Scan Mirror Electronics
  SMILES       Superconducting Submillimeter-wave Limb-emission Sounder (JEM)
  SMIS         Space Monitoring Information Support laboratory (Russia)
  SMMR         Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
  SMOS         Surface Meteorological Observation Station
  SMTMS        Soil Moisture-Temperature Measurement System
  SNIP         Siberian Network of Isotope in Precipitation
  SNOTEL       Snopack Telemetry
  SNR          Signal-to-Noise Ratio; S/N比
  SNSB         Swedish National Space Board
  SOA          Secondary Organic Aerosol
  SOAP         Simple Object Access Protocol
  SOC          Southampton Oceanography Centre (UK)
  SOHO         Solar Heliosphere Observatory
  SOI          Southern Oscillation Index; 南方振動指数
  SOLAS        Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study
  SOLSTICE     Solar Steller Irradiance Comparison Experiment
  SON          Septermber-October-November
  SONEX        Subsonic Assessment Program Ozone and Nitrogen Oxide Expedition
  SOP          Special Observing Period
  SORCE        Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment
  SOS          Southern Oxidant Study
  SOWER        Soundings of Ozone and Water Vapor in Equatorial Pacific
  SPADE        Stratospheric Photochemistry, Aerosols, and Dynamics Expedition
  SPAM         Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Model
  SPARC        Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate (WCRP); 成層圏過程とその気候影響
  SPCZ         South Pacific Convergence Zone; 南太平洋収束帯
  SPG          Science Promotion Group
  SPM          Suspended Particles Matter
  SPONSOR      Semi-distributed ParameterizatiON Scheme of the ORography-induced hydrology (GSWP and PILPS participating model by Shmakin)
  SPOS         Snow Particle Observation System
  SPOT         Satellite Pour l'Observation de la Terre (France);; System Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre (France)
  SRB          Surface Radiation Budget (GEWEX's project);; Storage Resource Broker
  SRES         Special Report on Emission Scenerios (IPCC)
  SRF          Surface Radiative Fluxes
  SRTM         Shuttle Radar Topography Mission of NASA
  SSA          Small Scale Area
  SSC          Science Steering Committee (ISLSCP)
  SSEC         Space Science and Engineering Center
  SSG          Science Steering Group (GEWEX)
  SSM/I        Special Sensor Microwave/Imager; DMSP搭載マイクロ波撮像装置
  SSM/T2       Special Sensor Microwave Water Vapour Sounder
  SST          Sea Surface Temperature; 海面水温
  SSTA         Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly
  SSU          Stratospheric Sounding Unit
  SSURGO       Soil Survey Geographic Database
  SSiB         Simplified Simple Biosphere Model
  STA          Science and Technology Agency (Japan); 科学技術庁
  STAR         Synthetic Thinned Array Radiometry
  START        System for Analysis, Research and Training (IGBP,WCRP); 解析,研究及び訓練のためのシステム
  STATSGO      State Soil Geographic Database
  STB          Scientific and Technical Board
  STC          Science and Technology Corporation
  STE          Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange
  STORMFEST    Storm-Scale Operational and Research Meteorology-Fronts
  STRAT        Stratospheric Tracers of Atmospheric Transport
  SUCCESS      Subsonic Aircraft Contrail and Cloud Effects Special Study
  SUNGEN       State University of New York at Albany/NCAR Global Environmental and Ecological Simulation of Interactive Systems
  SURFRAD      Surface Radiation Monitoring Network
  SUSIM        Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Monitor
  SVAT         Soil Vegetation Atmosphere Transfer
  SVATS        Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme; 土壌・植生・大気エネルギー・水輸送モデル
  SVD          Singular Value Decomposition
  SVI          Spectral Vegetation Index
  SW           Short Wave
  SWAP         Soil Water - Atmosphere - Plants (GSWP participating model)
  SWE          Snow Water Equivalent
  SWI          Soil Wetness Index
  SWIFT        Stratospheric Wind Interferometer for Transport Studies (JAXA/ESA)
  SWIR         Short-wave Infrared
  SZA          Solar Zenith Angle (太陽天頂角)
  SeaBASS      SeaWiFS Bio-Optical Archive and Storage System
  SeaWiFS      Sea-Veiwing Wide Field-of-view Sensor
  SiB          Simple Biosphere Model
  SiBUC        Simple Biosphere Model including Urban Canopy
  Sim-CYCLE    Simulation model of Carbon cYCle in Land Ecosystems
  Sland        Simple Land Model (GSWP participating model)
  SnowMIP      Snow Models Intercomparison Project
  T42          Triangular 42-waves Truncation
  T62          Triangular 62-waves Truncation
  TABLE        Tsukuba Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment
  TAO          Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TOGA)
  TAR          Third Assessment Report (IPCC)
  TARFOX       Tropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment
  TB           Tera Byte
  TBB          Black Body Temperature; 黒体温度
  TBC          to be confirmed
  TBD          to be decided
  TBFRA        Temperate and Boreal Forest Resource Assessment
  TBM          Terrestrial Biogeochemical Model (related to VEGETATION)
  TBO          Tropospheric Biennial Oscillation
  TBRG         Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
  TCOON        Texas Coastal Ocean Observation Network
  TCR          Transient Climate Response
  TDR          Time Domain Reflectometry (a principle for soil moisture measurement);; Temperature Data Record (SSM/I's data record)
  TEACOM       Temprate East Asia Regional Committee for START; 温帯東アジア地域委員会
  TEM          Terrestrial Ecosystem Model
  TEMA         Global Change Impacts on Terrestrial Ecosystems in Monsoon Asia (IGBP-MESSC); モンスーンアジア陸域生態系における地球変化のインパクト  TEMPUS       Sea Surface Temperature Evolution Mapping Project based on Alkenone Stratigraphy
  TEMS         Terrestrial Ecosystem Monitoring Sites
  TERC         Terrestrial Environment Research Center (University of Tsukuba); 陸域環境研究センター
  THC          Thermohaline Circulation
  THORPEX      The Observing System Research and Predictability Experiment
  TIBL         Thermally induced Internal Boundary Layers
  TIFF         Tag Image File Format
  TIGER        Terrestrial Initiative in Global Environment Research
  TIMS         Thermal Imaging Spectrometer
  TIMS         Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner
  TIPEX        Tibetan Plateau Hydrometeorological Experiment (China); チベット高原気象実験計画
  TIROS        Television and Infrared Observation Satellite; 赤外線テレビ衛星
  TITECH       Tokyo Institute of Technology; 東京工業大学
  TM           Thematic Mapper (LANDSAT etc onboard sensor)
  TMC          Thematic Mapper Calibrator
  TMD          Thai Meteorological Department (Thailand)
  TMI          TRMM Microwave Imager; TRMMマイクロ波観測装置
  TMR          TOPEX Microwave Radiometer
  TOA          Top of Atmophere; 大気上端
  TOEF         Tomakomai Experimental Forest of Hokkaido University (Japan)
  TOGA         Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere Program; 熱帯海洋及び全球大気変動研究計画
  TOGA-COARE   Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere-Coupled Ocean Atmospheric
  TOMS         Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (onboard sensor of ADEOS etc.)
  TOPC         Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate
  TOPEX        Ocean Topography Experiment (ocean TOPography EXperiment)
  TOPSE        Tropospheric Ozone Production about the Spring Equinox
  TOVS         TIROS-n Operational Vertical Sounder;; Television Infrared Observation Satellite Operational Vertical Sounder
  TPI          Trans Polar Index
  TPW          Total Precipitable Water
  TRACE-P      Transport and Chemical Evolution over the Pacific
  TRIFFID      Top-down Representation of Interactive Foliage and Flora Including Dynamics
  TRIP         Total Runoff Integrating Pathways
  TRMM         Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (USA-Japan); 熱帯降雨観測衛星
  TSAVI        Transformed Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
  TSDIS        TRMM Science Data and Information System (NASA); TRMMデータ処理システム
  TSI          Total Solar Irradiance
  TURC         Terrestrial Uptake and Release of Carbon (model)
  TVI          Transformed Vegetation Index
  TWG          TRMM Working Group; TRMMワーキンググループ
  TWO          Temporal Window Operation (a method for smoothing time series of NDVI)
  TWO          Temporal Window Operation (a smoothing method of NDVI time series by Tateishi and Park)
  Terra        = EOS-AM1
  Triana       is named after Rodrigo de Triana, the lookout who first saw the New World from Columbus' ship.  The first Earth observing mission to the Lagrange-1 (L1) point-the neutral gravity point between the Sun and the Earth.
  UARS         Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite
  UAV          Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles
  UCAM         University of Cambridge (UK)
  UCAR         University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (USA); 大気研究大学連合
  UCI          University of California, at Irvine
  UD/EB        Upwelling Diffusion-Energy Balance
  UDDI         Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
  UEA          University fo East Anglia (UK)
  UGAMP        University Global Atmospheric Modelling Project
  UIO          Universitetet I Oslo (Norway)
  UIUC         University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)
  UKHI         United Kingdom High-resolution climate model
  UKMO         United Kingdom Meteorological Office
  UKTR         United Kingdom Transient climate experiment
  ULAQ         Universita degli studi dell’Aquila (Italy)
  UM           Unified Model
  UMBC         University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  UML          Unified Modeling Language
  UN           United Nations
  UNCDD        United Nations Convention on the Combat of Desertification
  UNCED        United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (1992?)
  UNECE        United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  UNEP         United Nations Environment Program; 国連環境計画
  UNESCO       United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; ユネスコ
  UNFCCC       United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  UNGA         United Nations General Assembly
  UNHCR        United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  UNICEF       United Nations International Children's Fund
  UNIX         UNiplexed Information and Computing System (UNICS)
  URL          Uniform Resource Locator
  USA          United States of America
  USACE        US Army Corp of Engineers
  USAF         United States Air Force
  USDA         U.S. Department of Agriculture
  USFS         U.S. Forest Service
  USGCRP       United States Global Change Research Program
  USGS         U.S. Geological Survey
  USGS-NAWQA   United States Geological Survey-National Water Quality Archive
  USSR         Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  USWRP        United States Weather Research Program
  UT           Upper Troposphere
  UTC          Universal Time Coordinated; 協定世界時
  UTH          Upper Tropospheric Humidity
  UV           Ultraviolet Radiation; 紫外線
  UV-B         Ultraviolet radiation at wavelengths of 290-320 nanometers
  UVH          Ultra-Violet Hygrometer
  UVic         University of Victoria (Canada)
  UZFW         Upper Zone Free Water
  VAD          Velocity Azimuth Display; 速度方位角表示
  VAMOS        Variablity of the American Monsoon System
  VAS          VISSR Atmospheric Sounder
  VCP          Voluntary Cooperation Program (WMO)
  VEGETATION   (a programme, a system, or SPOT-4's sensor)
  VI           Vegetation Index; 植生指数
  VIC          Variable Infiltration Capacity Model (GSWP participating model)
  VIL          Vertically Integrated Liquid Water
  VIPD         Vegetation Index based on Pattern Decomposition
  VIRGO        Variability of Solar Irradiance and Gravity Oscillations
  VIRS         Visible Infrared Scanner; 可視赤外観測装置
  VIS          Visible 可視
  VISSR        Visible and Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer; 可視赤外走査放射計
  VLBI         Very Long Baseline Interferometry; 超長基線電波干渉法
  VLM          Vertical Land Movement
  VMC          Video Movie Camera
  VMap         Vector smart map (NIMA)
  VOC          Volatile Organic Compounds
  VSOP         VLBI Space Observatory Programme
  WAIS         West Antarctic Ice Sheet
  WALES        Water Vapor and Lidar Experiment in Space
  WAM          West African Monsoon
  WAMP         West African Monsoon Project
  WARFS        Water Resources Forecasting System
  WARM         Illinois Water and Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Network
  WASA         Waves and Storms in the North Atlantic
  WAVAS        Water Vapour Assessment
  WBCs         Western Boundary Currents
  WCED         ; 環境と開発に関する世界委員会
  WCP          World Climate Programme; 世界気候計画
  WCRP         World Climate Research Programme (was GARP); 世界気候研究計画
  WDB2         World Data Bank 2 (US CIA)
  WDC          World Data Centre (Russia)
  WDCGG        World Data Center for Greenhouse Gases
  WEBS         Water Energy Balance Study; 全球熱・水収支比較研究プロジェクト;; Water and Energy Budget Synthesis
  WESP         Water and Energy Budget Simluation and Prediction
  WET-AMC Wet Season Atmospheric Mesoscale Campaign
  WFS          1996 World Food Summit
  WG           Working Group
  WGDM         Working Group on Data Management
  WGDMA        Working Group on Data Management and Analysis
  WGISS        Working Group on Infomation Systems and Services
  WGNE         Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (AMIP/WCRP)
  WHIPD        World Hydrology Initiative for Policy and Development
  WHO          World Health Organization
  WHYCOS       World Hydrological Cycle Observing System
  WI           Wetness Index; 湿潤指数; Warmth Index; 温量指数
  WMGGs        Well-Mixed Greenhouse Gases
  WMO          World Meteorological Organization; 世界気象機関
  WOCE         World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WCRP); 世界海洋実験計画
  WP           Western Pacific
  WPDN         Wind Profiler Demonstration Network
  WRAP         Water Resources Application Project
  WRS          Worldwide Reference System
  WS           Workshop; ワークショップ
  WSDL         Web Services Definition Language
  WSI          Weather Services International
  WSL          West Siberian Lowland
  WSR          Weather Service Radar
  WSR-88D      Weather Service Radar 88-Doppler (formerly NEXRAD)
  WSSD         World Summit on Sustainable Development
  WVS          World Vector Shoreline (Data base for mapping)
  WVSS         Water Vapor Sensing System
  WWAP         World Water Assessment Programme
  WWDR         World Water Development Report
  WWF          World-Wide Fund for Nature or World Wildlife Fund;; World Water Forum (世界水フォーラム)
  WWRP         World Weather Research Program
  WWW          World Wide Web; ; World Weather Watch; 世界気象監視
  WiFE         Wild Fire Experiment
  XML          Extensible Markup Language
  YES          Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences (JAMSTEC)
  YIB          Yakutsk Institute of Biology (Russia; current IBPC); ヤクーツク生物研究所
  YONU         Yonsei University (Korea)
  YST          Yakutsk Standard Time
  YuWEX        Yukon basin Water Cycle Experiment
  ebXML        Electronic business Extensible Markup Language
  kbd          keyboard

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