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Last update: 28/Dec/2007

Publication list (Published in 2006)

With peer review

Carr, M.-E., M.A.M. Friedrichs, M. Schmeltz, M.N. Aita, D. Antoine, K.R. Arrigo, I. Asanuma, O. Aumont, R. Barber, M. Behrenfeld, R. Bidigare, E.T. Buitenhuis, J. Campbell, A. Ciotti, H. Dierssen, M. Dowell, J. Dunne, W. Esaias, B. Gentili, W. Gregg, S. Groom, N. Hoepffner, J. Ishizaka, T. Kameda, C. Le Quere, S. Lohrenz, J. Marra, F. Melin, K. Moore, A. Morel, T.E. Reddy, J. Ryan, M. Scardi, T. Smyth, K. Turpie, G. Tilstone, K. Waters, Y. Yamanaka (2006)
A comparison of global estimates of marine primary production from ocean color
Deep Sea Res. II, 53, 741-770.

Chiba S, Tadokoro K, Sugisaki H, Saino T (2006)
Effects of decadal climatic change on zooplankton over the last 50 years in the western subarctic North Pacific
Global Change Biology. 12: 907-920.

Friedlingstein, P., P. Cox, R. Betts, L. Bopp, W. von Bloh, V. Brovkin, P. Cadule, S. Doney, M. Eby, I. Fung, G. Bala, J. John, C. Jones, F. Joos, T. Kato, M. Kawamiya, W. Knorr, K. Lindsay, H. D. Matthews, T. Raddatz, P. Rayner, C. Reick, E. Roeckner, K.-G. Schnitzler, R. Schnur, K. Strassmann, A. J.Weaver, C. Yoshikawa, and N. Zeng (2006)
Climate carbon cycle feedback analysis, results from the C4MIP model intercomparison
J. Climate, 19, 3337-3353.@Jly, 2006

Hirota, M., Tang, Y., Hu, Q., Hirata, S., Kato, T., Mo, W., Cao, G., Mariko, S. (2006)
Carbon Dioxide Dynamics and Controls in a Deep-water Wetland on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Ecosystems, 9, 673-688.

Honda, M., H. Kawakami, K. Sasaoka, S. Watanabe and T. Dickey (2006)
Quick transport of primary produced organic carbon to the ocean interior
Geophys. Res. Lett., 33, L16603, doi:10.1029/2006GL026466.

Hyodo, F., I.Tayasu and E. Wada (2006)
Estimation of the longevity of C in terrestrial detrital food webs using radiocarbon(14C): how old are diets in termites?
Functional Ecology, 20,385-393.

Ito, A. (2006)
Simulation of global terrestrial carbon cycle using the JRA-25 reanalysis as forcing data
SOLA 2:148-151.

Ito, A., and T. Sasai (2006)
A comparison of simulation results from two terrestrial carbon cycle models using three climate datasets
Tellus 58B:513-522.

Ito, A., Inatomi, M., Mo, W., Lee, M., Koizumi, H., Saigusa, N., Murayama, S., and Yamamoto, S. (2006)
Examination of model-estimated ecosystem respiration using flux measurements from a cool-temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest in central Japan. Tellus, 59B: 616-624.

Ito S. , B. A. Megrey, M. J. Kishi, D. Mukai, Y. Kurita, Y. Ueno, Y. Yamanaka
On the interannual variability of the growth of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira): a simple 3-box model using NEMURO.FISH
Ecol. Modelling., 202, 174-183.

Ito. A., H. Muraoka, H. Koizumi (Gifu Univ), N. Saigusa, S. Murayama, S. Yamamoto (AIST) 2006
Seasonal variation in leaf properties and ecosystem carbon budget in a cool-temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest: simulation analysis at Takayama site, Japan
Ecological Research

Kato, T., Tang, Y., Gu, S., Hirota, M., Du, M., Li, Y., Zhao, X. (2006)
Temperature and biomass influences on interannual changes in CO2 exchange in an alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Global Change Biology, 12(7), 1285-1298.

Kato, T., Kamichika, M. (2006)
Determination of a crop coefficient for evapotranspiration in a sparse sorghum field
Irrigation and Drainage, 55(2), 165-175.

Kohyama, T. (2006)
The effect of patch demography on the community structure of forest trees
Ecol. Res., 21, 346-355.

Kohyama, T., Urabe, J., Hikosaka, K., Shibata, H., Yoshioka, T., Konohira, E., Murase, J. and Wada, E. (2006)
Terrestrial ecosystems in monsoon Asia: scaling up from shoot module to watershed
In: Canadell J, Pataki D, Pitelka L (eds), Terrestrial Ecosystems in a Changing World, pp. 285-296. The IGBP Series, Springer, Berlin.

Miyasaka, H., Dzyuba, Y.V., Genkai-Kato, M., Ito, S., Kohzu, A., Anoshko, P.N., Khanayev, I.V., Shubenkov, S.G., Melnik, N.G., Timoshkin, O.A. and Wada, E. (2006)
Feeding ecology of two planktonic sculpins, Comephorus baicalensis and Comephorus dybowskii (Comephoridae), in Lake Baikal
Ichthyological Res., 53, 419-422.

Murakami, H., K. Sasaoka, K. Hosoda, H. Fukushima, M. Toratani, R. Frouin, B.G., Mitchell, M. Kahru, P. Deschamps, D. Clark, S. Flora, M. Kishino, S. Saitoh, I. Asanuma, A. Tanaka, H. Sasaki, K. Yokouchi, Y. Kiyomoto, H. Saito, C. Dupouy, A. Siripong and J. Ishizaka (2006)
Validation of ADEOS-2 GLI ocean-color products using in-situ observations
J. Oceanogr., 62, 373-393.

Sarma, V.V.S.S., T. Saino, K. Sasaoka, Y. Nojiri, T. Ono, M. Ishii, H. Y. Inoue and K. Matsumoto (2006)
Basin-scale pCO2 distribution using satellite sea surface temperature, Chl a, and climatological salinity in the North Pacific in spring and summer
Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 20, GB3005, doi:10.1029/2005GB002594.

Sasai, Y., A. Ishida, H. Sasaki, S. Kawahara, H. Uehara and Y. Yamanaka (2006)
A global eddy-resolving coupled physical-biological model: Physical influences on a marine ecosystem in the North Pacific
Simulation, 87, .467-474.

Sasaki, H., Y. Sasai, M. Nonaka, Y.Masumoto, and S. Kawahara (2006)
An-eddy-resolving simulation of quasi-global ocean driven by satellite-observation wind field, -Preliminary outcomes from physical and biological fields-
J. Earth Simulator, 6, 35-49.

Yoshikawa, C., T. Nakatsuka and M. Wakatsuchi (2006)
Distribution of N* in the Sea of Okhotsk and its use as a biogeochemical tracer of the Okhotsk Sea Intermediate Water formation process
J. Marine Systems, 63, 49-62.

Yoshikawa, C., Y. Yamanaka and T. Nakatsuka (2006)
Nitrogen isotopic patterns of nitrate in surface waters of the western and central equatorial Pacific
J. Oceanogr., 61, 511-525.

Without peer review

Ito, A., M. Inatomi, H. Muraoka, N. Saigusa, S. Murayama, H. Koizumi, S. Yamamoto, and T. Oikawa. (2006)
Model analysis of temporal variability in the atmosphere-ecosystem CO2 exchange at AsiaFlux sites.
Report Series in Aerosol Science, 79:262-263.

Chiba, S. and H. Sugisaki (2006)
Long-term spatio-temporal variation of copepod community in the western North Pacific and influences of the North Pacific Decadal Oscillation
GLOBEC International Newsletter, 12(1): 63-64.

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