Last update: 29/Jan/2009

Former Researchers

(recorded from April 2005)

Hideki KOBAYASHI is now staying in Dept of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, Ecosystems Science Division, University of California, US. (from November 2008 for two years)

Tomomichi KATO is now staying in QUEST, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK. (from October 2008 for two years)

Dennis DYE has been moved to USGS, Flagstaff Science Center, USA. (October 2008)

Nicolas DELBART has been moved to Centre of spatial studies of the Biosphere, France. (August 2007)

Chisato YOSHIKAWA has been moved to Tokyo Institute of Technology. (April 2007)

Takashi NISHIMURA has been moved to Research groups of Plant Ecology, Hokkaido University. (April 2006)

Akihiko ITOH has been moved to National Institute for Environmental Srudies. But, he stays here as an affiliated scientist. (April 2006)

Kazuaki TADOKORO has been moved to Tokai University. (April 2005)