Download CTD/XCTD Data

     As the "TOCS (Tropical Ocean Climate Study)" project, vertical profiles of temperature and salinity in the western tropical Pacific ocean and in the eastern Indian Ocean were measured by using CTD (Conductivity, Temperature and Depth meter) and XCTD (eXpendable Conductivity, Temperature and Depth meter). The data listed in this web is just a part of our data from the western tropical Pacific Ocean and the eastern Indian Ocean, which were observed by R/V Kaiyo. The rest of our CTD/XCTD data, which were observed by R/V Mirai, is open through the Mirai data web (

     To download the CTD/XCTD data, click the "Cruise ID" in each row in the table below, then you can link to the FTP server. If you click the folder mark, then you can download all the CTD data in the cruise, and if you click the mark of individual file, then you can download each CTD/XCTD data. The data format is described in readme_CTD.txt and readme_XCTD.txt.


Cruise Period Position
from to
K9304 1993/4/19 1993/4/30 05N146E-04N137E
K9307 1993/12/7 1993/12/27 04N147E-05N165E
K9402 1994/4/25 1994/5/6 05N147E-05N137E
K9406 1994/12/23 1995/1/10 02N165E-06N135E
K9505 1995/7/1 1995/7/22 06N130E-04N156E
K9601 1996/1/24 1996/2/23 04N167E-04N136E
K9606 1996/7/8 1996/8/1 06N137E-05N156E
K9702 1997/1/27 1997/2/25 08N165E-02N137E
KY9709 1997/8/5 1997/8/27 07N155E-05N137E
KY9801 1998/1/4 1998/1/30 07N165E-04N136E
KY9810 1998/8/17 1998/9/9 07N155E-05N136E
KY9901 1999/1/28 1999/2/28 00N161E-06N133E
KY9909 1999/10/20 1999/11/20 07N133E-05N146E
KY0006 2000/8/26 2000/9/28 05N146E-09N128E
KY0111 2001/12/2 2001/12/24 23N150E-04N142E
KY0210 2002/10/4 2002/10/28 29N148E-07N136E
KY0312 2003/11/6 2003/11/19 04N147E-02N141E
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