The northwestern North Pacific Ocean is significant with regard to high nutrient concentrations and the high primary productivity. That is, therefore, one of key oceanic regions for understanding the global material cycle, because the biological pump is particularly effective transferring the atmospheric CO2 to the ocean interior.
Many climate models predict that the Arctic may warm at several times greater than the global average by the end of the 21st century. It is our common understanding that the Arctic cryosphere reacts particularly and sensitively to the environmental change. For example, the recent decrease of sea ice extent in the Arctic Ocean is suggestive of an evolution of global warming.
This program is a multi-disciplinary observational research to investigate the key processes of global change such as the ocean uptake of CO2 and sea ice variation etc. in those oceans. We also aim to reconstruct the past marine environment of the late Quaternary by analyzing the deep-sea sediment.

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