Latest PPI Iamge of HARIMAU X-band Doppler Radar (XDR) at Minangkabau International Airport (MIA) Site

This PPI Image will be updated automatically evry 10 minutes.

The HARIMAU is "Hydrometeorological ARray for ISV-Monsoon AUtomonitoring" project supported by Japan Earth Observation System (EOS) Promotion Pran (JEPP).

This project has been operated under the cllaboration between Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology of the Republic of Indonesia (BPPT) since 2005.


  • Location of MIA XDR
  •   Longitude: 100.30 E
      Latitude:  -0.79 S
      Height:   5 m MSL

  • Specification of MIA XDR
  •   Frequency:  9770 MHz
      Peak power:  70 kW
      Mamimum range:
    (Nov. 03, 2007 - )
        Survailance PPI mode: 320 km
        Volume scan mode:   160 km
    (Oct. 25, 2006 - Nov. 02, 2007)
        Survailance PPI mode: 160 km
        Volume scan mode:   80 km

  • PPI Reflectivity/Velocity (0.6 deg)
  • CAPPI Reflectivity/Velocity (2km, 5km, and 8km)
  • VAD Wind profile (range: 40km)
  • Sky View Camera Image & MAWS Data
    *Sequential image archives are coming soon on the web site!
  • Detailed Specification of MIA XDR


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