01Surface Meteorology (including radiation, SST)Oct. 04 to Dec. 10JAMSTEC
02RadiosondeOct. 22 to Dec. 10
03Doppler radarOct. 19 to Dec. 10Surveillance images only. Volume scan data sets are available upon request. See Readme.
04CeilometerOct. 04 to Dec. 10
05Total Sky ImagerOct. 04 to Nov. 25
06Sea Surface MonitorOct. 04 to Dec. 12
07ADCPOct. 04 to Dec. 10
08CTDOct. 22 to Nov. 25
09Chemical AnalysisOct. 21 to Nov. 25
10GPSOct. 16 to Dec. 10
11Rain and Water vapor samplingOct. 04 to Dec. 12
12Turbulent FluxOct. 28 to Nov. 21Okayama Univ.
13LidarOct. 17 to Dec. 10NIESNote ! Data has been replaced on Sep. 18, 2008. See more details here.
14Cloud radarOct. 04 to Dec. 10Tohoku Univ.Images only. Corrected data will be available later.
15Wind ProfilerOct. 28 to Nov. 20Kyoto Univ.
16VideosondeOct. 26 to Nov. 25Yamaguchi Univ.
17Ozone and water vapor sondeOct. 29 to Nov. 20Hokkaido Univ.
18Near surface temperatureOct. 28 to Nov. 10Tohoku Univ.
19Compact-CTD with FluorometerOct. 22 to Nov. 25Osaka Pref. Univ.
20ArgoOct. 22 to presentJAMSTECSelect [Japan Argo floats] -> [Table of all floats] WMO_ID : 2900671-2900682