MISMO Workshop

- Agenda -

Date:November 25 (Tue) - 26 (Wed), 2008

Venue:Miyoshi Memorial Auditorium

Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences (YES) / JAMSTEC
3173-25, Showa-machi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 236-0001, Japan

The following PDF files contain some unpublished works. Please do not reuse any of these contents.

DAY 1 (November 25, 2008)

09:30 -- 09:40 Opening Remarks (M. Yoshizaki)

09:40 -- 09:50 Local Arrangements (K. Yoneyama)

09:50 -- 10:05 K. Yoneyama (IORGC)   [abstract]   [PDF]
"Brief Review of MISMO"

Session-1 MJO-convection (Chair: K. Yoneyama)

10:05 -- 10:30 K. Yasunaga (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Three Kelvin-type disturbances and SST variations over the Indian Ocean from September to December in 2006"

10:30 -- 10:55 H. Yamada (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Small-scale structure of eastward-propagating precipitating systems within a super cloud cluster during the MISMO IOP"

10:55 -- 11:05 Coffee Break

11:05 -- 11:30 C. Takahashi (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Convective developments in the Madden-Julian Oscillation with equatorial Rossby wave in the equatorial Indian Ocean"

11:30 -- 11:55 C. Zhang (RSMAS) talk by M. Katsumata (IORGC)    [PDF]
"Bimodal structure of diabatic heating profiles: A comparison between Q1 time series from MISMO and other tropical experiments"

11:55 -- 12:20 M. Katsumata (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Observed atmospheric heating profile and its relationship to the process toward the convectively active phase"

Session-2 Air-Sea Interaction and Oceanic Studies (1) (Chair: Y. Masumoto)

12:20 -- 12:45 O. Tsukamoto (Okayama Univ.)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Air-sea energy fluxes with on-board eddy--covariance system during MISMO"

12:45 -- 14:00 Lunch

Poster Session-1 (Core Time 13:20 --14:00)

14:00 -- 14:25 T. Horii (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Equatorial upwelling in the central Indian Ocean estimated from moored ADCP array during the MISMO"

14:25 -- 14:50 S. P. Kumar (NIO)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Physical and biogeochemical coupling in the equatorial Indian Ocean over short time scale from MISMO time-series"

Session-3 Relevant Studies in Indian Ocean (Chair: Y. Masumoto)

14:50 -- 15:15 N. Nishi  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Vertically fine structure of the stationary circulation in the upper troposphere over the Indian Ocean"

15:15 -- 15:40 K. Aoki (Univ. Toyama)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Ship-based aerosol optical properties measurements over the Ocean"

15:40 -- 16:00 Coffee Break

Session-4 Numerical Studies (Chair: M. Yoshizaki)

16:00 -- 16:25 T. Shinoda (Nagoya Univ.)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Results on daily simulation using a cloud resolving model over the tropical Indian Ocean during the MISMO"

16:25 -- 16:50 Q. Moteki (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"The impact of the assimilation of additional sondes during MISMO in ALERA"

16:50 -- 17:15 H. Miura (CSU)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Global cloud-resolving simulations of MJO events in November 2006 -- January 2007"

17:15 -- 17:40 T. Nasuno (FRCGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Global cloud-resolving simulations of MJO events in November 2006 -- January 2007: Multi-scale structure"

18:30 -- 20:00 Reception at the Guest House in YES

DAY 2 (November 26, 2008)

Session-5 Relevant Studies to MJO (Chair: R. Shirooka)

09:30 -- 09:55 M. Yoshizaki (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Eastward propagation mechanism and asymmetric horizontal structure of super cloud clusters in the equatorial region -- an instability view of positive-only wave CISK-- "

09:55 -- 10:20 M. Wheeler (CAWCR)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"The MJO, equatorial waves, and TCs over the South Indian Ocean: Their associations and use for prediction"

10:20 -- 10:55 M. Satoh (FRCGC/Univ. Tokyo)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Use of a global cloud-resolving model NICAM for MJO studies"

10:55 -- 11:05 Coffee Break

Session-6 Air-Sea Interaction and Oceanic Studies (2) (Chair: K. Yoneyama)

11:05 -- 11:30 N. Sato (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Variability of the oceanic upper layers associated with the MJO"

11:30 -- 11:55 H. Bellenger (LMD/ENS) and Y.-N. Takayabu (IORGC/Univ. Tokyo)
"Role of diurnal warm layer in atmospheric convection during the MJO pre-onset phase", (canceled)

Session-7 CINDY2011 and relevant projects (Chairs: K. Yoneyama / Y. N. Takayabu)

11:55 -- 12:20 K. Yoneyama (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"The proposed field experiment CINDY2011: A basic strategy"

12:20 -- 12:45 A. Murata (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Repeat Hydrography/Carbon observations in the Indian Ocean by JAMSTEC"

12:45 -- 14:00 Lunch

Poster Session-2 (Core Time 13:20 --14:00)

14:00 -- 14:25 C. Zhang (RSMAS) (talk by M. Katsumata (IORGC))    [PDF]
"The US effort of participating CINDY"

14:25 -- 14:50 M. Wheeler (CAWCR)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Developing a plan for Australian participation in CINDY2011"

14:50 -- 15:15 J.-P. Duvel (LMD/ENS)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"Scientific objectives of TRIO and SWICE experiments"

15:15 -- 15:40 M.-D. Yamanaka and S. Mori (IORGC)  [abstract]   [PDF]
"HARIMAU radar-profiler network over the maritime continent: Collaborations with MISMO until now and CINDY in future"

15:40 -- 16:00 Coffee Break

Session-8 Plenary Discussion  [PDF]

16:00 -- 17:30 General review on MISMO and Discussion on the future field experiment CINDY2011

17:30 Closing remarks (K. Mizuno)

Poster Session (Day-1 and 2)

H. Hashiguchi (Kyoto Univ.), N. Kawano (JAXA), M. Teshiba (Weathernews), K. Yoneyama (IORGC), and S. Fukao (Fukui Univ. of Tech./Kyoto Univ.) [abstract]
"Lower atmosphere observations over the equatorial Indian Ocean with a ship-borne lower troposphere radar during MISMO field experiment"

K. Suzuki, S. Shigeto, T. Koga, K. Morinaga (Yamaguchi Univ.), and K. Yoneyama (IORGC) [abstract]
"Microphysical structure of stratiform clouds associated with the MJO observed during MISMO project"

A. Shimizu, I. Matsui, and N. Sugimoto (NIES) [abstract]
"Lidar observations of tropospheric aerosols and clouds in the Indian Ocean"

M. Fujiwara (Hokkaido Univ.) [abstract]
"Cirrus observations in the Tropical Tropopause Layer over the western Pacific"

J. Suzuki, K. Yoneyama, R. Shirooka, M. Yoshizaki (IORGC), M. Fujiwara, Y. Inai, F. Hasebe (Hokkaido Univ.), and A. Shimizu (NIES) [abstract]
"Equatorial waves and disturbances around the Tropical Tropopause Layer observed over the Indian Ocean during the MISMO field experiment"

K. Yasunaga (IORGC) [abstract]
"Diurnal variations in precipitable water observed by shipborne GPS over the tropical Indian Ocean"

A. Seiki (IORGC) [abstract]
"The oceanic response to the Madden-Julian Oscillation and ENSO"

T. Yokoi, T. Tozuka, and T. Yamagata (Univ. Tokyo) [abstract]
"Seasonal variation of the Seychelles dome"

T. Izumo (FRCGC), S. Masson, J. Vialard, G. Madec, C. de Boyer Montégut (LOCEAN), J.-J. Luo, S. K. Behera, K. Takahashi, and T. Yamagata (FRCGC) [abstract]
"Existence and interannual variations of a low-frequency (55-100 day) MJO mode in Austral summer - Role of oceanic diurnal warm layers"

K. Katsumata (IORGC) [abstract]
"Water property changes observed along WHP lines I03 and I04 between 1995 and 2003"

S. Kouketsu (IORGC) [abstract]
"Changes at intermidiate depths in the Indian Ocean using repeat hydrography and Argo data"

Y. Kumamoto (IORGC), M. Aoyama (MRI), A. Murata, S. Watanabe, and M. Fukasawa (IORGC) [abstract]
"Chemical tracers in the Indian Ocean: Results from WHP repeat hydrography in the Indian, South Atlantic, and South Pacific Oceans in 2003/04"

Contact point: Kunio Yoneyama mail

JAMSTEC/IORGC, 2-15, Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka 237-0061, Japan