MISMO Workshop

MISMO workshop was held to review the latest results obtained from MISMO and relevant research programs in order to exchange the idea and encourage further studies. In addition, scientific discussion on the MISMO follow-on field campaign CINDY2011 (Cooperative Indian Ocean experiment on isv in the Year 2011), which will be conducted as a multi-national effort, was made.

    Date : November 25-26, 2008
    Venue : Miyoshi Memorial Auditorium
               JAMSTEC Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences
               3173-25 Showa-machi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama City,
               236-0001, Japan
    Conveners :
                Kunio Yoneyama (IORGC)
                Masanori Yoshizaki (IORGC)
                Ryuichi Shirooka (IORGC)
                Yukari Takayabu (IORGC / Univ. of Tokyo)
                Yukio Masumoto (IORGC / Univ. of Tokyo)

    Organizer : Institute of Observational Research for Global Change (IORGC)

    Language : English


    Contact : K. Yoneyama   E-mail : mail