LEG 2 (P06 EAST)

General Information
WOCE Line Number:P06 (EAST)
Date:Sep 09 - Oct 16, 2003
Chief Scientist:Shuichi Watanabe
Data Files
  • SUM - ASCII station/cast information ... Note
  • BOT - ASCII bottle data without station information ... Note
  • CTD - ZIP archive of ASCII CTD data without station information
  • BOT - ASCII .csv bottle data with station information ... Note
  • CTD - ZIP archive of ASCII .csv CTD data with station information
  • Documentation
  • DOC - .pdf cruise and data documentation with figures (Data book)
  • Data History & Updates
    PersonData TypeData StatusPublicSummary
    2008/06/03Uchida, H.BOTCorrectedYesMemo
    2007/06/29Uchida, H.BOTCorrectedYesMemo
    2007/03/13Uchida, H.BOT, DOCPublishedYesCFCs, DELC14, DELC13, CS-137, PLUTO (data book volume 3)
    2007/03/13Uchida, H.BOT, CTDRe-calibratedYesDWNOXY (BOT) and CTDOXY (CTD) (readme)
    2007/03/13Uchida, H.BOTRevisedYesOXYGEN
    2005/08/18Uchida, H.CTD(EXCHANGE)RevisedYesCorrected FLUOR_FLAG_W
    2005/08/18Uchida, H.BOTRevisedYesModified some flags for TCARBN and ALKALI, and a value for ALKALI
    2005/08/18Uchida, H.BOTRevisedYesCorrected significant digits for PH
    2005/03/10Uchida, H.CTD, BOT, SUM, DOCPublishedYeswith data book (volume 1 and 2)