Research Programs  
Climate Variations Observational Research Program
  This program will develop an extensive and continuous ocean observing system in the western Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and other oceans under an international cooperation, and clarify mechanisms of oceanic and atmospheric variations on seasonal to decadal time scales.[more]
Hydrological Cycle Observational Program
  Water greatly influences the variety and the characteristic of the global climate. Currently, it is necessary to understand the hydrological cycle from the viewpoints of water resources, disasters and agriculture because there is a great concern about the change and the variability of the cycle caused by global warming.[more]
Global Warming Observational Research Program
  The northwestern North Pacific Ocean is significant with regard to high nutrient concentrations and the high primary productivity. That is, therefore, one of key oceanic regions for understanding the global material cycle, because the biological pump is particularly effective transferring the atmospheric CO2 to the ocean interior.[more]
Ocean General Circulation Observational Research Program
  The ocean covers over 70% of the earth's surface and plays a central role in the global climate change by means of great capacity to store and transport heat and materials.[more]
Ocean, Land and Atmosphere Interactions Integrated Research Project
  The Indian Ocean, the western Pacific Ocean and "Maritime Continent" between these two oceans, have unique geography with the various tropical islands over a significantly warm ocean. Various precipitating clouds over the region drive the global atmospheric circulation as the "heat engine". Thus, the modulation of the precipitating cloud system over the region affects the global climate so much.[more]