Objectives and Outline:
The cryosphere is changing in Asia, as well as globally, due mainly to global warming. The long term impact of these climatological changes on the environment is still uncertain. This Symposium was organized to focus on the Asian Region component of the WCRP CliC (Climate and Cryosphere) Project*. The objectives of the Asia-CliC Symposium are to exchange scientific results and information, discuss the main issues of CliC in this region, develop plans for implementation, and to inform Asian countries about CliC activities. The Organizers are expecting the participation of scientists/engineers, students and also funding bodies from various Asian countries. The symposium will focus on the eastern part of the Eurasian continent and surrounding regions. The main topics of interest are:

(1) Glacier distribution/changes
(2) Frozen ground/Permafrost condition and changes
(3) Snow cover, cold region hydrology and water resources
(4) Land surface and atmosphere processes in cold region and mountains
(5) Large-scale cryosphere-atmosphere interactions
(6) Cryospheric database
(7) Satellite and ground base observations of cryosphere
(8) Modeling of cryosphere
(9) Strategy for future cryospheric research

The meeting will be composed of general presentation of papers (oral and posters) on the above topics, and will have one day of split sessions on specified topics that need to be discussed in depth, and that require immediate action by the communities. Symposium language will be English.

Organized by:
WCRP-CliC Science Steering Group
Japan CliC Committee
China CliC Committee