Program  (Tentative as of 10/29/08)

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November 4, 2008(Tuesday)

08:30-09:30 Registration
09:30-10:15 Opening Session
  Chair: Tetsuo Ohata
  Welcome Talk from Organizing Committee
Hiroshi, L. Tanaka: Mission of the ISAR-1
  Welcome Talk from Sub-Committees of Science Council
Hiroshi Kanda
  Congratulatory Address
Hiroshi Ikukawa for MEXT
Yoshiyuki Fujii for NIPR
Shiro Imawaki for JAMSTEC
Yasushi Horikawa for JAXA
Larry Hinzman for IARC
10:15-11:15 Session S-1: Drastic Change in the Arctic under the Global Warming
  Chair: Hiroshi L. Tanaka
S1-1 Mark Serreze (Keynote speaker), Andrew P. Barrett, Julienne C. Stroeve
The emergence of surface-based Arctic amplification
S1-2 Koji Shimada (Keynote speaker), Takashi Kamoshida
Mechanism on further catastrophic reduction of Arctic sea ice: influence of oceanic change
11:15-11:45 Session S-1: Drastic Change in the Arctic under the Global Warming, Continued.
  Chair: Hiroshi L. Tanaka
S1-3 Peter Wadhams (Invited speaker)
Arctic sea ice thinning and its impact on pressure ridging
S1-4 Wieslaw Maslowski (Invited speaker)
Rate and future projection of Arctic climate change - An update
11:45-12:00 Photograph
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Session S-1: Drastic Change in the Arctic under the Global Warming, Continued.
  Chair: Mark Serreze
S1-5 Atsumu Ohmura (Invited speaker)
Unsolved problems in Arctic climate
S1-6 Larry D. Hinzman (Invited speaker)
A warmer Arctic: wetter or drier?
S1-7 Syun-Ichi Akasofu
Need for indentifying natural components of climate change
S1-8 Masami Fukuda
Permafrost response under global warming trend in the Arctic
S1-9 Motoyoshi Ikeda
How soon will the Arctic sea ice disappear in summer?
S1-10 Hiroshi L. Tanaka, Masahiro Ohashi
Mechanism of the decadal-scale variation of the Arctic oscillation index
15:00-16:30 Break and Poster Session
16:30-18:30 Session S-1: Drastic Change in the Arctic under the Global Warming, Continued.
  Chair: Tetsuo Ohata
S1-11 Jia Wang, Jinlun Zhang, Eiji Watanabe, Moto Ikeda and co-author
Arctic dipole anomaly drives the 2007 summer ice minimum
S1-12 William Hibler, S. Vavrus, R. Kwok
An imbedded ice ocean tidal model
S1-13 Hiroyoshi Hayasaka, Murad Ahmed Farukh, Alexander Fedorov, Odbayar Mishigdorj
Recent forest fire activity and precipitation
S1-14 Haruo Sawada, Yoshito Sawada, Yoshio Awaya, Yojiro Matsuura
Seasonal and annual changes of forest environments over 20 years in Russia
S1-15 Atte Korhola
Drastic climate-induced changes in Arctic freshwater ecosystems during the last 200 years
S1-16 Xiangdong Zhang, Asgeir Sorteberg, Jing Zhang, Rudiger Gerdes and co-author
Recent rapid changes in atmospheric circulations: An impetus for accelerated Arctic climate system changes under global warming forcing
S1-17 Alel Wagner
S1-18 Roman Bekryaev
18:30-20:00 Banquet
  Host: Yojiro Matsuura

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November 5, 2008 (Wednesday)

09:00-10:30 Session G-1: Atmospheric Science
  Chair: John E. Walsh
G1-1 Lingen Bian
G1-2 John E. Walsh
Attribution of recent Arctic climate change
G1-3 Yvan J. Orsolini, Asgeir Sorteberg
Projected changes in Arctic summer cyclones under global warming
G1-4 Klaus Dethloff, A. Rinke, W. Dorn, M. Mielke and co-authors
Arctic circulation modeling and observations: regional feedbacks and global links
G1-5 Hyo Choi, Doo Sun Choi
Generation of coastal low-level jet in the King George island, Antarctica
G1-6 Yoshio Asuma, Shuhei Takahashi
Vapor budget analysis around No.31 glacier in the Eastern Siberia
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Session G-1: Atmospheric Science, Continued.
  Chair: Isao Murata
G1-7 Mu Qiao
G1-8 Andreas Bodo Herber, K. Dethloff, Ch. Haas, D. Steinhage and co-authors
POLAR5-a new research aircraft for improved access to the Arctic
G1-9 Hideaki Nakajima, Kosuke Saeki, Isao Murata, Tomoo Nagahama
Bi-polar polar stratospheric cloud (PSC) observations related to polar ozone depletion with FTIR spectrometer at Ny-Aalesund, Svalbard
G1-10 Chandrashekhar Deshpande
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:30 Session G-2: Ocean and Sea Ice
  Chair: Koji Shimada
G2-1 Thomas Agnew, Andrew Lambe, Linda Enciu, David Long
Sea ice exchange between the Canadian Archipelago, Arctic Ocean and Baffin Bay using enhanced AMSR-E imagery
G2-2 Noriaki Kimura
Interannual change in the ice-motion field in the Arctic
G2-3 Vladimir Ivanov, Eddy Carmack, Igor Polyakov,
Vertical heat and salt exchange in the Laptev Sea
G2-4 Igor Polyakov (Invited speaker)
Recent changes in the Arctic Ocean: Effects of long-term change and variability
G2-5 Hugues Lantuitwithdrawn
G2-6 Kohei Mizobata, Koji Shimada
Estimation of ice area export through Fram Strait
G2-7 Hiroyuki Enomoto, Kazutaka Tateyama, Yongwon Kim, Shuhei Takahashi and co-authors
Melting and property changes of Arctic sea ice and snow
G2-8 Eiji Watanabe, Hiroyasu Hasumi
Pacific water transport in the Arctic ocean in a variable GM diffusivity model
15:30-17:00 Break and Poster Session
17:00-18:30 Session G-4: Ice Sheets and Glaciers
  Chair: Kumiko Goto-Azuma
  Session G-7: Integrated Modeling Studies
  Chair: Kazuyuki Saito
G4-1 Jon Ove Hagen (Invited speaker)
Arctic glaciers and ice caps- impacts on global sea level
G4-2 Jacek Jania, Malgorzata Blaszczyk
Dynamics of tidewater glaciers in Svalbard derived from pattern of crevasses
G4-3 Ralf Greve
Increased Furture sea level rise due to rapid decay of the Greenland ice sheet?
G4-4 Jay Zwally, Anita C. Brenner, Helen G. Cornejo, Mario B. Giovinetto and co-authors
Greenland Ice sheet mass balance: Increasing rate of mass loss
G7-1 José Rial, Raj Saha
Stochastic resonance, frequency modulation and the mechanisms of abrupt climate change in the Arctic
G7-2 Seong-Joong Kim, Junmei LÜ, Bang-Yong Lee
The Arctic climate variability in the past and its implication to future change

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November 6, 2008 (Thursday)

09:00-10:30 Session G-3: Hydrology, Permafrost and Snow Cover
  Chair: Takeshi Ohta
G3-1 Charles J Vorosmarty, A. David McGuire, E. Rastetter, J. Hobbie
The United States Arctic Research Commission scaling study
G3-2 Alexander Georgiadi, Irina P. Milyukova, Ekaterina A. Kashutina
Sensitivity of river runoff in Eastern Siberia to recent and projected global climate warming
G3-3 Olga Semenova
Modeling of runoff formation processes for Lena river basin
G3-4 Hotaek Park, Yoshihiro Iijima, Hironori Yabuki, Tetsuo Ohata
Modeling tempo-spatial dynamics of water, energy, and CO2 fluxes in eastern Siberia
G3-5 Jian Wang, Tao Che, Xin Li, Rui Jin and co-authors
An introduction on cold region hydrology experiment (CRHE) of water in Heihe Basin China
G3-6 Maximo Larry Lopez Caceres, G. Guggenberger, R. Hatano, E. Gerasimov and co-author
Is forest fire a problem in eastern Siberia?
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Session G-3: Hydrology, Permafrost and Snow Cover, Continued.
  Chair: Takeshi Yamazaki
G3-7 Daqing Yang, Douglas Kane, Sveta Berezovskaya, Shiaqing Ge
Hydroclimatic changes in the large northern watersheds - review and new result for Yukon river
G3-8 Kunio Rikiishi, Risa Obama
Earlier disappearance of snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere as revealed by satellite observations through visible and micro-wave radiometers
G3-9 Xiaohua Hao, Jian Wang, Zhe Li
In-situ measured the spatial distribution and properties of snow in Qilian mountains--Binggou watershed
G3-10 Kazuyoshi Suzuki, Tetsuo Ohata
Recent advance in snow hydrology in the forest -Effect of land use change-
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Session G-5: Terrestrial Ecosystem and Greenhouse Gas
  Chair: Yojiro Matsuura
G5-1 Martha Shulski (Invited speaker), David R. Klein, John E. Walsh
Weather extremes and population extinction in the Bering Sea
G5-2 Elena Patova, Michail Sivkov, Ekaterina Kulugina, Anna Patova,
G5-3 Akihiko Ito
Model analysis on the variability of terrestrial carbon budget in response to Arctic Oscillation
G5-4 Hisashi Sato, Hideki Kobayashi, Nicolas Delbart
Simulation study of the vegetation structure and function in eastern Siberian larch forests using the dynamic vegetation model SEIB-DGVM
G5-5 Kenji Kimura, Toshihisa Honma
Building the wildfire expansion simulation in Alaska
G5-6 Ken'ichi Honda, Keiji Kimura, Toshihisa Homma
A study of wildfire detection in Alaska by using MODIS date
G5-7 S.M. Singh, R. Ravindra
Impact of climate change on lichen diversity of Ny Alesund Arctic and Larsemann Hills Antarctic
15:00-15:20 Break
15:20-16:20 Session G-6: Marine Ecosystem
  Chair: Sei-Ichi Saitoh
G6-1 Shigeto Nishino, Koji Shimada, Motoyo Itoh, Sanae Chiba
Formation of vertical silicate maxima associated with sea-ice reduction in the western Arctic Ocean
G6-2 Meibing Jin, Clara Deal
A coupled ice-ocean ecosystem model and its 1-D and 3-D applications in the Bering and Chukchi Seas
G6-3 Takashi Uyama, Keiko Sekiguchi, Kenji Yamashiro, Yasuhiro Sakurai
The result of Cetacean sighting survey in the Chukchi Sea during T/S Oshoro Maru 2007 IPY cruise; a special focus on killer whale predations
G6-4 Sang Heon Lee, Terry Whiteledge, Sung Ho Kang
Recent primary production patterns of phytoplankton in the Western Arctic Ocean
16:20-17:50 Session S-2: International Cooperation of Arctic Research and IPY
  Chair: Hiroshi Kanda, Takashi Yamanouchi
S2-1 Takeshi Naganuma (Invited speaker), Annick Wilmotte
MERGE: pole-to-pole, microbe-to-globe project of IPY
S2-2 Jennifer Hutchings, C. Geiger, A. Roberts, J. Richter-Menge and co-authors
Investigating the dynamic component of the sea ice mass balance
S2-3 Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Toru Hirawake
Preliminarily results from the Oshoro-Maru IPY cruises in summer 2007 and 2008
S2-4 Yeadong Kim (Invited speaker), Takashi Yamanouchi
AFOPS Strategy to take the initiative in international polar communities
S2-5 Renate Treffeisen, P. Lemke, K. Dethloff
The new regional climate office for polar regions and sea level rise
S2-6 Tetsuo Ohata
Consideration on structure of Arctic Research in Japan
17:50-18:30 Closing Session
  Chair: Takashi Yamanouchi
C-1 Summary of the symposium
Report from the chairs
C-2 Best student presentation award
C-3 Tetsuo Ohata
Closing talk by the organizing committee

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Poster Session : November 4 to November 5 morning session

Session S-1: Drastic Change in the Arctic under the Global Warming
P101 Sergey Razumov
Consequences of cryogenic processes activation in the east Arctic in connection with changes of a regional climate
P102 Masaki Kanao, S. Tsuboi, R. Butler, T. Larsen and co-author
Planning of the Greenland ice sheet monitoring network (GLISN) for observing global worming
P103 Barry Zellen
P104 Barry Zellen
P105 Takeshi Ise, Paul R. Moorcroft
High temperature sensitivity of peat decomposition due to physical-biogeochemical feedback
P106 Stepan P.Varlamov, Pavel N.Skryabin
The effect of 2001-2002 forest fires on permafrost in central Yakutia
P107 Irina Beldiman
Hydrological processes simulation for permafrost zone by the example of Kolyma river basin
P109 Masahiro Hori, Hideyuki Fujii
Satellite monitoring of the recent drastic changes in the Arctic sea-ice and surrounding environment
P110 Mikhail N. Grigoriev, Rudolf V. Zhang
Drastic change of coastal permafrost processes under recent warming within the East Siberian arctic region
P111 Jay Zwally, Donghui Yi, Ron Kwok, John Robbins
Rapid decline in volume of Arctic summer sea ice
Session G-1: Atmospheric Science
P112 Maria K. Gavrilova
P113 Yutaka Matsumi, Julie K.Pearce, Tomoki Nakayama
Real-time measurements of atmospheric CO2 isotope ratios (13C, 18O) using mid-IR QCL laser absorption spectroscopy
P114 R. Senan, R. Benestad,Yvan Orsolini, M. Balmaseda and co-author
Arctic seasonal predictability associated with polar sea-ice
P115 Mio Matsueda, Ryo Mizuta, Shoji Kusunoki
Future change in atmospheric blocking simulated by 20-km mesh atmospheric global circulation model
P116 David Atkinson, Stanislav Ogorodov, Hugues Lantuit
Erosion of permafrost coasts in the Arctic: mechanisms and trends
P117 Renate Treffeisen, J.F. Gayet, A. Minikin, J. Strom and co-authors
On the onset of the ice phase in boundary-layer Arctic clouds
P118 Masaki Ikeda, Hiroshi L. Tanaka
Positive feedback between polar jet and polar mode of the Baroclinic instability
P119 Shinji Takahashi, Hiroshi L. Tanaka
Dynamics and statistics of cyclones over the Arctic ocean compared with extra-tropical cyclones
P120 Haibo Zhao, Jungang Miao
P121 Masahiro Ohashi, Hiroshi L. Tanaka
Analysis of arctic oscillation simulated by global warming prediction models
P122 Keiichi Kondo, Hiroshi L. Tanaka
Influence of local ensemble transform Kalman filter with the NICAM on high latitudes
P123 Koji Terasaki, Hiroshi L. Tanaka
Spectral energetics analysis of the general circulation of the atmosphere in the vertical wavenumber domain
P124 Fuyuki Fujiwara, Hiroshi L. Tanaka
Interaction between the baroclinically unstable wave and the subtropical and polar-frontal jets
P125 Jun Inoue, Takeshi Enomoto, Takemasa Miyoshi, Shozo Yamane
The impact of the assimilation of Arctic buoys in ALERA
P126 Shingo Kato, Hiroshi L. Tanaka
Prediction experiments of the Arctic oscillation index using a barotropic general circulation model
P127 Kumiko Goto-Azuma, Takayuki Shiraiwa, Sumito Matoba, Takahiro Segawa and co-authors
Climate and environmental variability in the North Pacific region during the past 100 years
P128 Mayumi Seta, Hiroshi L. Tanaka
Research of forcing sources causing the blocking high related to the Okhotsk high
P129 Yoshiki Fukutomi, Kooiti Masuda, Tetsuzo Yasunari,
Cyclone activity associated with the interannual variability of summer precipitation over northern Eurasia
P130 Piotr Glowacki, Jacek A. Jania
Nature of rapid response of glaciers to climate warming in Southern Spitsbergen, Svalbard
Session G-2: Ocean and Sea Ice
P131 Gleb Panteleev, D.Nechaev, V.Luchin, P. Stabeno and co-authors
Toward development of the 4Dvar date assimilation system in the Bering Sea
P132 Gleb Panteleev, A. Proshutinsky, T. Kikuchi, Nechaev, and co-author
Reanalysis of the Arctic ocean: case study for the Chukchi and East Siberian seas
P133 Maxine Von Eye
Historical Sea Ice in the Greenland Sea
P134 Yukimasa Adachi, Seiji Yukimoto, Masakazu Sueyoshi
Sea ice mean thickness over the north polar cap simulated in the CMIP3 CGCMs for the end of 20th
P135 Zhongyong GAO, Liqi Chen
P136 Sergey V. Pisarev
T,S characteristics of the northern part of the Amundsen basin during 2007-2008. The changes that started in 1990-th are countinuing
P137 Vijay Kumar
P138 Masao Uchida, Motoo Utsumi, Hidetoshi Kumata, Ayuri Matsuda and co-author
Molecular markers of archaeal tetraether lipids from the Chukchi Sea shelf sediments: Potential Proxy for past terrestrial and marine environmental changes
P139 Takahiro Iida, Kohei Mizobata, Mitsuhiro Toratani, Sei-Ichi Saitoh
The relationship between the climate variability and development mechanisms of spatio-temporal Emiliania huxleyi blooms in the eastern Bering sea shelf
P140 Tomomi Nakamura, Jing Zhang, Hisashi Narita
Water mass characterization and seasonal and annual variations in the Southeastern Bering Sea
P141 Motoyo Itoh, Koji Shimada, Takashi Kamoshida, Shigeto Nishino
Decreasing of cold and saline shelf water formation in the Chukchi sea
P142 Kazutaka Tateyama, Hiroyuki Enomoto
Field report from the CHINARE2008 Arctic cruise
P143 Miklós Kázmér
P144 Jiuxin Shi, Jinping Zhao, Shujiang Li, Shaojun Zheng
Watermasses in the Canada basin and their recent variations
Session G-4: Ice Sheets and Glaciers
P145 Steven Palmer
P146 Hideaki Motoyama, Kokichi Kamiyama, Okitsugu Watanabe, Makoto Igarashi and co-author
Studies on global warming in 1920's using various ice cores in the Arctic
P147 Jun Uetake, Takeshi Naganuma, Martin Bay Hebsgaard, Hiroshi Kanda and co- author
Snow algal communities on the glaciers in West Greenland
P148 Keiko Konya, Tsutomu Kadota, Tetsuo Ohata
Mass balance of Potanin glacier, Mongolia Altai revealed by field observation at ablation area
P149 Shuhei Takahashi, Konosuke Sugiura, Takao Kameda, Hiroyuki Enomoto and co-authors
Outline of glaciological activities, in Suntar-Khayata range, Eastern Siberia, from IGY to IPY
Session G-7: Integrated Modeling Studies
P150 Kazuyuki Saito
Impact of subsurface hydro-thermal representations on the atmospheric hydroclimate
P151 Masatake Hori

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Poster Session : November 5 afternoon to November 6

Session S-1: Drastic Change in the Arctic under the Global Warming
P108 José A. Rial, Chuanhai Tang, Koni Steffen
Greenland's glacial rumblings: Indicators of rapid ice sheet response?
Session G-3: Hydrology, Permafrost and Snow Cover
P201 Takeshi Yamazaki, Yoshihiro Iijima, Mamoru Ishikawa
Simulations and process studies on recent moistening and thawing of soil in eastern Siberia
P202 Alexander Fedorov, Go Iwahana, Yoshihiro Iijima, Hironori Yabuki
Drastic change in the Siberian region under the global warming
P203 Roman V. Desyatkin, P.P. Fedorov, A.R. Desyatkin
Water regime of forest soils in cryolithozone under the global change
P204 Pavel Fedorov, R.V. Desyatkin, A.R. Desyatkin, A.N. Nikolaev
Relation of  larch radial increment with the soil moisture in Central Yakutia
P205 Vladimir Rusakov, M. Fukuda L.I. Shipitsina
Near-surface permafrost monitoring and ground temperature trends in Tiksi, Arctic Russia
P206 Yuki Sawada, Koichiro Harada, Mamoru Ishikawa, Yoshiyuki Ishii and co-authors
Difference on the active layer characteristics between burned and unburned sites in poker flat research range, interior Alaska
P207 Masahiro Hosaka
MRI new land surface scheme for global warming simulation
P208 Yoshihiro Iijima, Tetsu Nakamura, Yoshihiro Tachibana, Alexsander N. Fedorov and co-author
Recent hydroclimatic change in relation to permafrost degradation in eastern Siberia
P209 Tomoyuki Wada, Yongwon Kim, Kazuhisa A.Chikita, Hiroyuki Miyazaki
The sources of sediment and particulate organic matters in the glacial Tanana river, Alaska
P210 Akhat A. Akhmetshin, Vladimir A. Grigoryev, Vill S. Yakupov
Monitoring of crylithozone and dynamics of its change
P211 Akhat A. Akhmetshin
P212 Zakir Hussain Dahri, Bashir Ahmad, Joseph Leach
P213 Mateusz Strzelecki
Geoecosystem of polar coast under global change conditions - the clash between neglection and future challenge in polar geosciences.
P214 Hironori Yabuki
The long term monitoring of deep ground temperature in tundra region, eastern Siberia
P215 Ivan Dorofeev
Present state of frozen ground in the Aldan upland, Yakutia
P216 Yinsheng Zhang, Yanjun Guo, Tetsuo Ohata
Variability of Northern Eurasia snow cover in passed 40 years
P217 Kazuo Takeda, Hiroji Fushimi, Tatuo Kira
Recent rise of water level in lake Hovsgol, in the permafrost zone of Northern Mongolia - trends and causal factors
P218 Hongyi Li, Jian Wang
Simulating and analyzing of the snowmelt runoff in the upper Heihe basin in Northwestern China
P219 Hiroyuki Tsutui, Toshio Koike
Long-term annual variation of snow depth in Northern Hemisphere based on SSM/I
P220 Yuji Kodama, Shiro Tsuyuzaki, Keiji Kushida
Change of surface albedo and planet cover after 2004 wildfire in a black spruce forest in interior Alaska
P221 Konosuke Sugiura, Tetsuo Ohata
Global-scale characteristics of the total transport rate distribution of blowing snow
P222 Daqing Yang, Douglas Kane, Sveta Berezovskaya, Shiaqing Ge and co-author
Hydroclimatic changes in the large northern watersheds - review and new result for Yukon river
Session G-5: Terrestrial Ecosystem and Greenhouse Gas
P223 Takashi Osono
Estimation of the decomposition rates of dead woody stems of Salix arctica in recently-deglaciated area in Canadian high arctic using radiocarbon (14C)
P224 Masaki Uchida, Masao Uchida, Takayuki Nakatsubo, Hiroshi Kanda
Microbial activity and decomposition characteristics in a raised beach deposit under terrestrial vegetation on the high Arctic deglaciated area
P225 Takeshi Ueno, Takeshi Osono, Hiroshi Kanda
Comparison of element stoichiometry between bryophytes abd vascular plants in a Canadian high Arctic tundra
P226 Masao Uchida, Masaki Uchida, Hidetoshi Kumata, Yoshiyuki Takahashi
Heterotrophic microbial decomposition of ancient carbon in the soil sequence after the glacier retreat, Svalvard, Norway Arctic
P227 Naoko Kan, Masaki Uchida, Hiroshi Koizumi, Shinpei Yoshitake and co-authors
CO2 emission from plant litter during winter on a deglaciated area, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard
P228 Miyuki Kondo, Masao Uchida, Masaki Uchida, Shinpei Yoshitake and co-authors
Elemental and isotopic signatures of soil organic carbon and its relation to vegetation in a successional glacier foreland in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbards
P229 Yojiro Matsuura, T. Kajimoto, A. Osawa, T. Koike and co-authors
Soil carbon storage in Russian northern forest ecosystems
P230 Makoto Kobayashi, Bruanin S.V., Nemilostiv Y.P., Prokopchuk, V.F. and co-authors
The carbon accumulation rate in mixed conifer-broad leaved forests in the southern part of Russian Far East
P231 Alexey Desyatkin, Fumiaki Takakai, Pavel Fedorov, Roman Desyatkin and co-author
Effect of thermokarst different stage on CH4 emission in central Yakutia, Russia
P232 Yongwon Kim, Yuji Kodama, Mamoru Ishikawa
Regulating factors on continuous winter CO2 flux in black spruce forest soils, interior Alaska
P233 Masahito Ueyama, Yoshinobu Harazono
Carbon exchange and the controlling factors in a black spruce forest in interior Alaska during five years of observation
P234 Yoshinobu Harazono withdrawn
P235 Yoshinobu Harazono, Nana Nishida, Masahito Ueyama, Yoshiaki Kitaya and co-author
Regional estimation of CO2 budget over arctic wet tundra by applying MODIS-visible bands
P236 Mamoru Ishikawa
Physical settings and long-term trend of the forests on the Eurasian ecotone, Mongolia
P237 Hideki Kobayashi, Rikie Suzuki, Shiho Kobayashi
Seasonality of the satellite-observed reflectance and its relation to the larch canopy leaf area index in East Siberia
P238 Rikie Suzuki, Yongwon Kim, Reiichiro Ishii
Ground-based forest survey for biomass estimation by ALOP/PALSAR over boreal forest in Alaska
P239 Keiji Kushida, Yongwon Kim, Shiro Tsuyuzaki and Masami Fukuda
Spectral vegetation indices for estimating shrub cover, green phytomass and leaf turnover in a sedge-shrub tundra
P240 Koichi Edagawa, Keiji Kimura, Toshihisa Honma
Local-scale weather simulation related to large wildfire in Alaska
P241 Koji Nakau, Masami Fukuda, Yumiko Nagamine
Improvement of wild fire detection algorithm for arctic region
P242 Tomoya Ogawa, Keiji Kimura, Toshihisa Honma,
First spread termination of boreal wildfire with GIS analysis
P243 Elizabeth Bella
P244 Akihiko Ito
Model analysis on the variability of terrestrial carbon budget in response to Arctic Oscillation
P245 Takayuki Nakatsubo, Hiroyuki Muraoka, Masaki Uchida
Response of net ecosystem production to climate change in a high Arctic glacier foreland: a model prediction
P246 Motoko Inatomi, Akihiko Ito
Terrestrial greenhouse gas budget using a coupled carbon and nitrogen cycles model
VISIT: estimation of greenhouse gas budget in northern hermisphere
Session G-6: Marine Ecosystem
P247 Mitsuko Obata, Satoru Taguchi
Does warm climate affect on ice algal community in the temperate sea ice?
P248 Clara J. Deal, Meibing Jin, Rolf Gradinger
Modeling microbial food web dynamics in Arctic Sea ice
P249 Elena Bondareva
Nutrient budgets investigations on the Chukchi Sea shelf
P250 Haruki Senoo, Heidi L. Wold, Jan Oivind Moskaug, Katsuyuki Imai and co-authors
Signs of toxicity from combined accumulation of vitamin A, persistent organic pollutants, and climate changes in arctic top predators
P251 Sei-Ichi Saitoh, I Nyoman Radiarta, Toru Hirawake, Yasuhiro Sakurai and co-authors
Biodiversity change of demersal fish community in the northern Bering and Chukchi Seas
P252 Jingfeng Wu, Ana Aguilar-Islas, R. Rember
Sea ice-derived dissolved iron and its potential influence on the spring algal bloom in the Bering Sea
Session S-2: International Cooperation of Arctic Research and IPY
P253 Takashi Yamanouchi
New Direction of Interdisciplinary Research Project of the Arctic,"Arctic Change - Past, Present and Future"
P254 Hiroshi Kanda, Masaki Uchida
The IPY project, "Tundracycle", estimating vegetation change and carbon flow in the high Arctic

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