Institute of Observational Research for Global Change (IORGC) /
Frontier Research Center for Global Change (FRCGC)
Joint Annual Symposium for FY2006

19th and 20th March, 2007
Miyoshi Memorial Auditorium at Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences (YES),
JAMSTEC, Yokohama


Monday, March 19th
9:30-9:40 Opening Remarks
Part 1: Report on Research Results

Hydrological Cycle Observational Research Program / Japan EOS Promotion Program
Dr. Tetsuo Ohata and Dr. Jun Matsumoto
"Progress report of Hydrological Cycle Observational Research Program"

Dr. Manabu D. Yamanaka
JEPP (Japan Eos Promotion Program) 21-01: HARIMAU (Hydrometeorological ARray for Isv-Monsoon AUtomonitoring)

10:15-10:40 Hydrological Cycle Research Program
Dr. Tetsuzo Yasunari
"Overview of Hydrological Cycle Research Program for FY 2006"

Dr. Xieyao Ma
"Land-Surface Hydrological Cycle Process Group: Overview for FY 2006"

Dr. Kozo Nakamura
"Clouds/Precipitation Process Group: Overview for FY 2006"

10:40-11:15 Atmospheric Composition Research Program / Kyo-sei Project 3
Dr. Hajime Akimoto
"Overview for FY 2006"
"Observation of Seasonal Variation of Surface Ozone at Three Mountain Sites in China and Validation of Chemical Transport Models for IPCC" (Kyo-sei Project 3)

Dr. Yugo Kanaya
"Elucidating atmospheric composition over the North China Plain: Collaboration between intensive field observations and modeling research"

11:15-11:50 Climate Variations Observational Research Program / Japan EOS Promotion Program
Dr. Keisuke Mizuno

Dr. Motoki Nagura
"Pausing of the ENSO cycle: A case study from 1998 to 2002"

Dr. Shigeki Hosoda
"Sea surface freshening in the North Pacific Ocean detected by Argo floats"

11:50-12:25 Climate Variations Research Program / Kyo-sei Project 5
Dr. Toshio Yamagata

Dr. Lingjia Luo
"ENSO and IOD prediction in the SINTEX-F coupled GCM"

Dr.Karumuri Ashok,Dr. Hengyi Weng
"El Niño Modoki and its climate impacts"

Dr. Hitoshi Tamura
"Development of a high-resolution coupled wave-current prediction model in the Kuroshio region"

< Lunch 12:25-13:15 >
Ocean, Land and Atmosphere Interactions Integrated Research Project
Dr. Masanori Yoshizaki
"Activity Report of Ocean, Land and Atmosphere Interactions Integrated Research Project in FY2006"

Dr. Naoki Sato
"Air-sea coupling system related to the low summertime SST in the western North Pacific ITCZ region"

Dr. Hiroyuki Yamada
"An observation of a convective system during a tropical cyclogenesis event over the western north Pacific -- results of PALAU2005 and future plan --"

13:40-14:05 Global Warming Observational Research Program
Dr. Jun Inoue
"The faster drifting, the faster melting: Observations made using ice-drifting buoys near the North Pole"

Dr. Shuichi Watanabe
"Seasonal and temporal change of nutrients and carbon species in the northern North Pacific"

Dr. Katsunori Kimoto
"Estimating past-bottom water temperature: Mg/Ca calibration of benthic foraminifera using High-resolution ICP-MS"

14:05-14:40 Global Warming Research Program / Kyo-sei Project 1
Dr. Tatsushi Tokioka

Dr. James Annan
"Using the past to predict the future"

Dr. Minoru Chikira
"Improvement of planetary boundary layer and shallow convection in

Dr. Takasumi Kurahashi
"Modeling study on glacial-interglacial variations of atmospheric CO2 concentration: the effect of oceanic carbon cycle"

14:40-15:05 International Arctic Research Center (IARC)
Dr. Larry Hinzman, Dr. John Walsh and Dr. Jia Wang
"JAMSTEC-supported research at the International Arctic Research Center"
15:05-15:30 International Pacific Research Center (IPRC)
Dr. Julian McCreary
"Activities at the International Pacific Research Center"
< Break 15:30-15:55 >  Poster Session

Ocean General Circulation Observational Research Program
Dr. Masao Fukasawa

Dr. Hiroshi Uchida
"Abyssal flow through Wake Island Passage"

Dr. Hiroshi Ichikawa
"Net Temperature Transport of the Kuroshio through the ASUKA-line north of 30N"

16:20-16:45 Ecosystem Change Research Program
Dr. Eitaro Wada
"Overview of Ecosystem Change Research Program (ECRP) in 2006"

Dr. Sanae Chiba
"Marine Ecosystem and Global Environmental Change: Selected Results from ECRP"

Dr. Dennis Dye
"Terrestrial Ecosystem and Global Environmental Change: Selected Results from the FRCGC Ecosystem Change Research Program in 2006"

16:45-17:25 Global Environmental Modeling Research Program / Kyo-sei Project 2 / Kyo-sei Project 7
Dr. Tatsushi Tokioka

Dr. Masaki Sato
"Next-generation atmosphere and ocean models"

Dr. Michio Kawamiya
"Development of an Integrated Earth System Model for projection of global environmental change"(Kyo-sei Project 2)

Dr. Toshiyuki Awaji
"Four-dimensional variational coupled data assimilation experiments" (Kyo-sei Project 7)

< Break 17:25-17:30 >
17:30-17:50 Ceremony for Achievement Award
18:00-20:00 Reception at Guest House, YES
Tuesday, March 20th
Part 2: IORGC/FRCGC Cross-cutting Forum

Theme 1: Mirai Indian Ocean cruise for the Study of the MJO-convection Onset (MISMO)
Dr. Masanori Yoshizaki, Project Director, IORGC

< Break 10:10-10:20 >
10:20-11:10 Theme 2: Data Integration and Analysis System
Dr. Tetsuo Ohata, Program Director, IORGC
Dr. Eitaro Wada, Program Director, FRCGC
11:10-11:25 Theme 3: Introduction of Collaborative Research Project with IPRC
Dr. Tatsushi Tokioka, Director-General, FRCGC
11:25-11:30 Closing Remarks
Dr. Tatsushi Tokioka, Director-General, FRCGC