Results of "Kaiko"'s Final Field Test

The maximum depth diving test of a 10,000 meter class remotely operated vehicle "Kaiko" has been carried out on March 24 (Friday) 1995 at the same place as the last year's test. The outline of its main test results are as follows. In the Challenger Deep (about 10,920 meter depth of water, measured by Hydrographic Department, Maritime Safety Agency of Japan) which is the deepest sea in the world and in the Mariana Trench the maximum depth diving test was carried out, and at AM 10:22 JST (Japan Standard Time, local time: AM 11:22), Kaiko landed on the ocean bed having a sea depth of 10,911 meter, measured by depth meter on it, adjusted by salinity and temperature of the water column (1122.394'N, 14235.541'E ).

On this landing, " a plate on which Kaiko's name and this date were written" was placed on the ocean bed by operating its manipulator. After that the vehicle ascended from the bed and a survey test was carried out within a radius of about 60 meter for about 20 minutes;a hovering lugworm and small fish-like-creatures (lator,biologist confirmed it to be skeleton shrimps ) gathered to a bait were observed by TV and their pictures were photographed successfully. Furthermore, the marker placed on the occasion of last year's diving was found out, consequently, it was confirmed that the positioning system of "Kaiko" has a very high accuracy. Besides, in a series of works from its launch to recovery, all instruments were operated normally.