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    Update : Aug. 06, 2014

This is a site of crustal structural data based on the research programs of Frontier Research Program of Subduction Dymamics (1997-2001), the first phase of IFREE (Institute for Frontier Research on Earth Evolution, 2002-2004), the second phase of IFREE (Institute For Research on Earth Evolution, 2004-2009), and the third phase of IFREE (Institute For Research on Earth Evolution, 2009-2014), CEAT (Research and Development Center for Earthquake and Tsunami, 2014). Categories of accessible data are Multi-Channel Seismic reflection data (MCS), refraction and wide-angle seismic reflection data by Ocean Bottom Seismograph.
Please see the JAMSTEC site policy about the document and dataset of this site. Generic Mapping Tools [Wessel and Smith, 1991] is used to make maps in this site.

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