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    Update : Apr. 26, 2018

This is a site of crustal structural data based on the research programs of Frontier Research Program of Subduction Dymamics (1997-2001), the first phase of IFREE (Institute for Frontier Research on Earth Evolution, 2002-2004), the second phase of IFREE (Institute For Research on Earth Evolution, 2004-2009), the third phase of IFREE (Institute For Research on Earth Evolution, 2009-2014), CEAT (Research and Development Center for Earthquake and Tsunami, 2014-).Categories of accessible data are Multi-Channel Seismic reflection data (MCS), refraction and wide-angle seismic reflection data by Ocean Bottom Seismograph.
Please see the JAMSTEC site policy and "Basic Policies on the Handling of Data and Samples" about the document and dataset of this site. Generic Mapping Tools is used to make maps in this site.

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