Press Release
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

February 18, 2005

State of Marine geology and geophysical survey in immediate response to the occurrence of the 2004 Off Western Coast of Sumatra Earthquake by The Research Vessel "Natsushima".

Contact information
Off Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami Survey Group
IFREE/DSR: Wonn Soh, Masa Kinoshita
Tel +81+46-867-9323 fax +81-46-867-9315
Public Relations: Kenichi Takahashi
Tel +81+46-867-9066 fax +81-46-867-9055

The Research Vessel gNatsushimah of JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology: President Y Kato) left from Kagoshima Port on Feb 2 (Wed), 2005 for an offshore survey around the epicenter area of huge tsunamis causing unprecedented damage around the Indian Ocean arrived at the survey area and started survey as below.

1. State of R/V Natsushima
The Research Vessel gNatsushimah passed across the Malacca Strait at midnight of February 18(Fri), 2005 (local time), then arrived at the survey areaoff the Sumatra Island.

2. State of Survey
Seafloor topographic survey started using multi narrow beam echo sounder system(SEABAT) from February 18(Fri) in the early morning.