The VENUS project recommissioned the Second Trans-Pacific Ocean Cable between Okinawa and Guam. The goal of the VENUS project is to construct a multi-purpose earth observation system. In the first stage, we will install an observation point in the trench landward slope of the Nansei Shoto trench (4,200-m depth), about 90 km southeast of Okinawa Island.

The Earthquake Research Institute of the University of Tokyo, JAMSTEC, KDD Research and Development Laboratory, Hydrographic Department of the Maritime Safety Agency, Meteorological Research Institute, Electrotechnical Laboratory, Communications Research Laboratory, and the University of the Ryukyus have joined forces to develop the observation instruments, including broadband seismograph, multi-sensor, hydrophone arrays. These will be installed at the observation points by March 1998.

We developed technology for coaxial electric and fiberoptic cables that permits them to be connected and disconnected underwater. We also developed a technique for connecting transfer units at the seafloor, using submersibles. These methods are essential in constructing the observation system.

Observation data will be transferred in real time to the JAMSTEC data center via a dedicated line from the Okinawa on-land station, and then distributed to related institutes via the Internet.
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