Independent Administrative Institution, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) invites research themes and researchers on board for joint utilization of the oceanographic research vessel MIRAI during her FY2007 voyages, which are carried out under the long-term and the middle-term plan for observation and research.

The Essentials of Invitation
1.Invited themes: Research themes can be conducted during the planned five cruises and at the research areas shown in the "FY2007 Operation Plan of R/V MIRAI".
2.Application period: 12th July`15th Aug., 2006
(Deadline: Received on 15th Aug., 2006 by e-mail)
(A) Domestic : Researchers belonging to Japanese universities and research institutions in Japan
(B) Overseas : Researchers who can apply through their joint researchers qualified as (A)
4.Method of invitation: Invitation is delivered extensively to the related universities and research institutions. Invitation details are informed in the INTERNET home page.
The home page address is "".
5.Procedure of selection: Screening and selection will be performed by the R/V MIRAI Operation Planning Committee around the beginning of September, 2006, being considered the degree of contribution to the long-term plan for observation and research, the middle-term plan for FY2007`FY2008 for observation and research and the main research themes shown in the "FY2007 Operation Plan of R/V MIRAI". Notice of the result will be sent around the beginning of October, 2006.
6.Boarding Expenses: Researchers@are responsible for travel expenses and meal expenses, etc.
7.Duties of researchers conducting research themes: Researchers must observe the JAMSTEC rule gThe handling policy for data, samples, and results obtained when utilizing R/V MIRAIh in terms of the data, samples and results obtained by observation and research involving R/V MIRAI.
Results of the research using R/V MIRAI have to be presented at the annual gMIRAI Symposiumh.
8.E-mail address for
sending Application Form:
9.Further inquiries: For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the undermentioned. Mr. Miyamoto or Ms. Sasaki
(–)Research Vessel Management and Operations Dept., Marine Technology Center, JAMSTEC
TEL: 046-867-9883
FAX: 046-869-0812