FY2003Public Invitation for
Utilizing the Oceanographic Research Vessel


Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC), invites research themes and researchers on board for joint utilization of the oceanographic research vessel R/V MIRAI during her FY2003 voyages, which are carried out under the long-term plan for observation and research. R/V MIRAI, with her excellent features for navigation as a research ship and various high-tech observation equipments, is expected to contribute to understanding and prediction of global environmental change such as global warming.

[The Essentials of Invitation]

:: Invited themes
Research themes which can be conducted during the planned five cruises and at the research areas shown in the "FY2003 Operation Plan of R/V MIRAI".

:: Application period
20 June - 19 July 2002
: Postmarked by 19 July 2002

:: Qualifications
(A) Domestic : Researchers in Japan belonging to universities and other institutes
(B) Overseas : Researchers who can apply through their joint researchers qualified as(A)

:: Number of researchers to be admitted
up to 28 persons per voyage
It might be limited depending on the contents of main research theme.

:: Method of invitation
Invitation details are delivered extensively to the related universities and research organizations. Also they are informed in the INTERNET home page. The address is "http://www.jamstec.go.jp."

:: Procedure of selection
Screening and selection will be performed by the R/V MIRAI Operation Planning Committee around the end of August 2002, being considered the degree of contribution to the main research themes shown in "the FY2003 Operation Plan of R/V MIRAI". Notice of the result will be sent around the end of September 2002.

:: Boarding Expenses
JAMSTEC will pay the domestic boarding expenses in Japan to the researchers admitted to board R/V MIRAI in accordance with R/V MIRAI public use of JAMSTEC rule.(The payment will be checked severely from the viewpoint of its necessity and adequacy.)

:: Presentation of the research results
Results of the research using R/V MIRAI must be presented at an annual "MIRAI Symposium"

:: Further inquiries
For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the undermentioned.

Mr.Koike or Ms.Sasaki

[Research Support Dept. Research Support Coordination Div. JAMSTEC]

0468-67-9883 FAX: 0468-69-0812 E-mail:mirakobo @jamstec.go.jp