Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC) invites research themes and researchers on board for joint utilization of the oceanographic research vessel R/V MIRAI during her FY2004 voyages, which are carried out under the long-term plan for observation and research. R/V MIRAI, with her excellent features for navigation as a research ship and various high-tech observation equipments, is expected to contribute to understanding and prediction of global environmental change such as global warming.

The Essentials of Invitation
Invited themes Research themes which can be conducted during the planned seven cruises and at the research areas shown in the "FY2004 Operation Plan of R/V MIRAI".
Application period 5 June-4 July 2003
Deadline :
Postmarked by 4 July, 2003 when sent by mail ; or received by 17:00 on 4 July, 2003 when sent by e-mail
Qualifications (A) Domestic : Researchers in Japan belonging to universities and public institutions
(B) Overseas : Researchers who can apply through their joint researchers qualified as(A)
Number of researchers
to be admitted
up to 28 persons per voyage
It might be limited depending on the contents of main research theme.
Method of invitation Invitation details are delivered extensively to the related universities and research organizations. Invitation details are informed in the JAMSTEC home page. The address is "http://www.jamstec.go.jp."
Procedure of selection Screening and selection will be performed by the R/V MIRAI Operation Planning Committee around the middle of August 2003, being considered the degree of contribution to the main research themes shown in the "FY2004 Operation Plan of R/V MIRAI". Notice of the result will be sent around the middle of September 2003.
Boarding Expenses JAMSTEC will pay the travel expenses for the researchers allowed to board R/V MIRAI within limitations of the budget in accordance with JAMSTEC rules governing public use of R/V MIRAI. (Payment will be checked severely from the viewpoint of its necessity and adequacy.)
Presentation of the
research results
Results of the research using R/V MIRAI have to be presented at the annual "MIRAI Symposium".
Further inquiries For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the undermentioned.
Mr. Muto or Ms. Sasaki
(*) Research Support Dept. Research Support Coordination Div., JAMSTEC
TEL: 0468-67-9883 / FAX: 0468-69-0812 / E-mail: mirakobo@jamstec.go.jp