Ocean Downscaled Prediction Research Team
Climate Variation Predictability and Applicability Research Program
Research Institute for Global Change

FRA-JCOPE2 17 Years NW Pacific Ocean Re-Analysis


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Authorization is optional for access to the public data (get more functionality),
and is required for visualization of restricted data sets marked as [p] in the list above
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How to use

Please select data set for visualization from the drop-down list of the "Data Set Selection" form and push the "Go" button.
Then you could set plot parameters, including date, elements to plot, presentation form, visualization region etc.
Fixing some of lat, lon, depth and time dimensions you could create maps, vertical sections, time graphs and time sections.
With the JavaScript support enabled in you browser please use floating markers on the Lon-Lat maps to zoom over selected region.
Please contact jcope@jamstec.go.jp for more detailed information, support and registration.

Registered users could get more options for the graphical data analysis. To enter your ID and password please use the "Login" link at the left top of the data set selection page. To get the quidance on available additional options type "-help" in the "Other" input box in the visualization parameters frame. Access to some data sets could be restricted to the registered users only; these data sets have prefix [p] in the list of data sets.

Click on the "How to use" header or here for more detailed explanation.

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