How to use

Please select data set for visualization from the drop-down list of the "Data Set Selection" form and push the "Go" button.
Then you could set plot parameters, including date, elements to plot, presentation form, visualization region etc.
Fixing some of lat, lon, depth and time dimensions you could create maps, vertical sections, time graphs and time sections.
With the JavaScript support enabled in you browser please use floating markers on the Lon-Lat maps to zoom over selected region.
Please contact for more detailed information, support and registration.

Registered users could get more options for the graphical data analysis. To enter your ID and password please use the "Login" link at the left top of the data set selection page. To get the quidance on available additional options type "-help" in the "Other" input box in the visualization parameters frame. Access to some data sets could be restricted to the registered users only; these data sets have prefix [p] in the list of data sets.


  • Horizontal Distributions: Select the date, the depth, and set region (lats, lons).

  • Vertial Sections: Select the date, depth range, and set the longitude or latitude line.

  • Time-mean map or section: Select the reference date and define the spatial coordinates. Mark the "time mean" checkbox and specify time interval and increment for the average. Use "+" for forward, "-" for backward or "no sign" value for centered averaging interval relative to the reference date.

  • Time Graphs: Set the time range using reference date and number of time steps forward (+) or backward (-) from the reference date, fix the depth and point location (lat, lon).

  • Time Sections: Set the time range, select the range for one of depth, lat or lon and fix two other dimensions.

Last two types of presentation could take more time to be constructed. Animation could be created.

For most of remote OPeNDAP-served data the data availability date in this version of VWP is the "supposed" date according to the declared production policy of data generation centers. Real recent data production date could be delayed. Please directly check the status and availability of corresponding OPeNDAP data sets on original servers.

Comment: In case of continuous problems accessing some data set next symbols would be used to mark corresponding data:

 (*) Data set was not available during less then 24 hours ago.
(**) Data set was not available less then one hours ago and access is temporaly disabled.

These problems could be caused by remote server misfunctioning, by network properties and conditions and by misconfiguration of this server.
In case of continuous problems please contact by e-mail the server administrator.

Image generation could take 3-30 sec or even more depending on the requested data size and network conditions.