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Core Analysis School

J-DESC Core Analysis School

This school is one of the courses offered in the 'J-DESC Core School' supported by the J-DESC (Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium).

Introductory Course (March 15-18, 2008)
Core logging and description techniques combined with lectures and interactive discussions on core processing.

Isotope Analysis Course (March 19-21, 2008)
The Isotope Analysis Course consists of following three programs and accepts 3 to 5 persons for each program, so that guidance to the participants can be as good as one-to-one.

Program1: carbon and oxygen isotope measurements in carbonate fossils by IRMS.
Program 2: Sr isotope measurements in carbonate samples (tufa) by TIMS.
Program 3: compound-specific carbon isotope measurements by GC/C/IRMS.

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