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International exchange

a) International exchange

Supported by funding agencies like the JSPS, Japan and NSF, USA, many students and researchers conducted research in collaboration with the researchers at Kochi/JAMSTEC. In future, we hope to receive researchers from many other countries for conducting research at the Kochi/JAMSTEC with financial support from their own country.

Country Organization / Program Period
New Zealand Dr. Elizabeth W. Mass / JSPS Invitation Fellowship Programs for Research in Japan, 2008 11 - 17 August, 2008
U.S.A Mr. Brandon R. Briggs / JSPS Summer Program, 2008 17 June - 21 August, 2008
U.S.A Mr. Mark A. Lever / JSPS Summer Program, 2007 12 June - 22 August, 2007
Taiwan Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University / IAJ Summer Program, 2007 18 - 21 July, 2007

b) Asia-Oceania network

A few countries in Asia-Oceania are planning to build their own core repositories. Through the concept of Asia-Oceania Network of core repositories, we plan to provide them basic information about repository infrastructure and sample management system. We shall also train the curatorial staff of these repositories and help them in formulation of curation policy. In this way, it will be possible to exchange data and samples among these core repositories without any problem related to core sample management. It will also be helpful to the scientists in this region and throughout the world to access samples without being lost in complications of different sample request handling procedures in different core repositories.

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