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Joint Graduate School Program

We would like to contribute not only in various tasks of current scientific mission that JAMSTEC must perform, but also in upbringing of the young researchers who will contribute to scientific missions in future. For this purpose, we have a Joint Graduate School Program in collaboration with the Hiroshima University and Kochi University in order to deal with education of the graduate students who have interests in the issues mentioned below :

1. Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Science, Kochi University

Research related to submarine resource, ocean floor sedimentology, sedimentological implications of diversity and genesis of ocean floor sediments.

Visiting Professor: Masataka Kinoshita
Visiting Professor: Weiren Lin

2. Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University

Research on various issues of geoscience, such as earthquakes and global environmental changes, by analyzing drill core samples and related materials recovered from a wide range of locations from continent to deep-sea floor with an interdisciplinary approach.

Visiting Professor: Tsuyoshi Ishikawa
Visiting Associate Professor: Masaharu Tanimizu
Visiting Associate Professor: Takehiro Hirose
Visiting Associate Professor: Motoo Ito

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