Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL)

   The multi-sensor core logger has been developed to measure the physical properties of core samples without destruction. By moving a core sample past sensors using a conveyor belt-like mechanism, it is able to continuously acquire physical property data, encompassing density, P-wave propagation velocity, magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, etc.

XYZ-MSCL (color spectrophotometer)

   Mounted with a color spectrophotometer sensor system, the XYZ-MSCL continuously acquires color spectrum data from core sample sections. With core samples placed side by side and sample length and measurement interval data input, the sensor determines the distance between it and the core surface using laser light and makes measurements while moving horizontally and vertically.

X-ray CT Scanner (X-CT)

   The X-ray CT scanner three-dimensionally analyzes the fault structure, sedimentary structure, etc. contained in core samples without destruction. By applying medical X-ray CT scan techniques, it generates X-ray see-through images and computer tomography (CT) images.

X-ray Fluorescence Core Logger (XRF-CL)

   The X-ray fluorescence core logger continuously measures the variation in the concentrations of major elements that make up a core sample by irradiating it with X-rays and analyzing the resulting fluorescence X-rays.