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Ready for the IODP and legacy core curation [ July 11, 2007 ]

With its recently refurbished reefers, the Kochi Core Center (KCC), is ready to receive the IODP and legacy (ODP and DSDP) cores and perform curatorial services for the science community and academic institutions. The KCC is one of the three IODP repositories in the world, and will store all the samples collected during the past expeditions in the western Pacific and Indian oceans (see Fig. 1 below) and those to be collected in future expeditions under the IODP including the forthcoming NanTroSEIZE expeditions of Stage 1. The current configuration inside the reefers at the KCC will provide sufficient space for about 117 km of core sample. The curatorial staff at the KCC seek to serve the overall objectives of the IODP through strict observance of the IODP sample and data obligation policy, and may be contacted at or Tel./Fax: +81-88-864-0040.

IODP curatorial staff in front of the reefer #2 at the KCC. IODP curator, Dr. Lallan P. Gupta (back, left); Repository curator, Dr. Toshio Hisamitsu (back, right); Curatorial specialist, Dr. Satoshi Hirano (front, right) and curatorial assistant Ms. Shigako Nigi (front, left).

Reefers #2-4@kcc house a movable core rack system.

JAMSTEC core samples in Reefer #1 are stored in D-tubes and labelled with Q-R Code managed by SMS (sample management system).?The photo shows core samples collected by Shimokita Shakedown cruise(CK06-06).

Depiction of the guideline boundaries defining redistribution of legacy cores and storage of core samples from future expeditions in three IODP repositories in the world. (GCR, Gulf Coast Repository; BCR, Bremen Core Repository)

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