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News & Events

Annual IODP Curatorial Meeting held at KCC

During February 26 - 27, 2009, annual IODP (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program) Curatorial Meeting was held in Kochi Core Center (KCC) to discuss the status of core curation after redistribution of the IODP Legacy cores (ODP/DSDP cores) among 3 IODP core repositories; BCR (Bremen Core Repository, Germany), GCR (Gulf Coast Repository, USA) and KCC, Japan. The curatorial staff from the 3 repositories also discussed about issues related to curatorial techniques, policy governing the core curation, display core for museum and academic meetings, databases and software for curatorial work, closer co-operation among the core repositories, etc. during this meeting. The meeting was attended by representatives from the IODP-MI (IODP-Management International), CDEX (Center for Deep Exploration of Earth), KIGAM (Korea Institute of Geology, Mining and Materials) and TORI (Taiwan Ocean Research Institute). A repository facility tour was organized for participants to introduce the latest developments at the KCC. The participants showed interest in Bio-archive facility (core samples frozen at -160℃) and geophysical experiments (fusion of rocks through rapid friction). After the meeting some of the participants enjoyed Japanese culture through various activities in Kochi city.

Meeting participants in front of the core repository at the KCC.

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