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News & Events

Brainstorming on Earthquake Rupture Propagation in Subduction zone was held at KCC.

During March 24-25, 2009, Brainstorming on Earthquake Rupture Propagation in Subduction zone was held at the Kochi Core Center to discuss the integration of material science ( core sample analysis), borehole/seismic observation and numerical simulationi towards understanding of subduction earthquake. In order to strengthen the tie between material scientists and seismologists for the improvement of our strategy for the NanTroSEIZE, we held the brainstorming to share the knowledge on the rupture propagation processes in subduction zones. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Harvard University ( U.S.), ENS(France), ERI, AIST, NIED, and Hiroshima University.

A laboratory facility tour was organized for participants to introduce the latest machines on rock physics at the KCC. Field Excursion was held on March 24 to see the deformation structures in Shimanto belt. We stopped two sites ( Yokonami area and Kure area) to see typical melange in Shimanto and seismogenic fault in accretionary prism.


- Wataru Azuma (JAMSTEC/Kochi) "Introduction of IODP/ICDP"

- Masa Kinoshita (JAMSTEC) " Current status and future drilling plan of NanTroSEIZE"

- Weiren Lin (JAMSTEC/Kochi) " How to determine stress state in deep scientific drilling -An example from NanTroSEIZE stage 1 drillings-"

-Takehiro Hirose (JAMSTEC/Kochi) " Frictional properties of core samples from NanTroSEIZE stage 1: preliminary results"

- K. Motizuki (ERI) " Current seismic activities offshore of the Kii peninsula"

- N. DeDontney (Harvard University) " Fault Friction and Splay Fault Activation"

- R. Ando (AIST) " Dynamics of splay fault and fault zone formation"

- Y. Ito (Tohoku University) " Fault parameters and stress field of shallow very-low-frequency earthquake occurring within the Nankai accretionary prism"

"Very-low-frequency earthquake related to small asperities on the plate boundary interface at the locked to aseismic transition"

- K. Ota (University of Tokyo) "Precise hypocenter distribution of deep low-frequency earthquakes and its relationship to the local geometry of the subducting plate in Nankai subduction zone, Japan"

- S. Ide (University of Tokyo) " Interpretation of seismic slow earthquakes"

- A. Schubnel (ENS Paris) "Is the brittle-ductile transition really a seismic-aseismic transition? A laboratory perspective"

- T. Shimamoto (Hiroshima University) " A proposal of Earthquake and Fault Mechanics Consortium"

- N. Brantut ( ENS Paris)

- S. Guillon ( ENS Paris)

- S. Tamura ( University of Tokyo)

- K. Ohashi ( Hiroshima University)

- M. Sawai ( Hiroshima Univeristy)

- Y. Hamada ( Osaka University )


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