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Curation of Routine Microbiological Samples ( RMS) begins at KCC

Following a directive from the IODP-MI*, routine sampling of the cores for geo-microbiological research was conducted on board the drilling vessel Chikyu during the recently concluded IODP Expedition 322 in the Nankai Trough area of the Philippine Sea. Such samples will be routinely collected on each IODP Expedition, and stored at -80 ℃ or lower temperatures ( e.g. liquid nitrogen cooled tanks) in order to preserve their scientific value for the geo-microbiological research in future.

The first batch of such samples were received at the KCC on Oct 14, 2009, which marked the beginning of the curation of Routine Microbiological Samples ( RMS).

* IODP-MI : IODP- Management International Inc.









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