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Science Services Group

1. Research Support & Technological Development

To ensure the smooth running of research, this group provides research support and keeps instruments in good operating condition. This group also plans and supports scientific programs for the education of young scientists.

Promotion of collaborative research and development of infrastructure

  • Development of new skills to provided of high precision of isotope ratios analysis.

  • Hosting of the “Core Analysis School”.


Group Leader (add. post)
Yoshifumi Kuroda
Sub Leader
Naokazu Ahagon
Senior Engineer(II)
Toshikatsu Kuramoto
Research Support Staff (MWJ)
Osamu Tadai
Research Support Staff (MWJ)
Jun Matsuoka
Research Support Staff (MWJ)
Kazuya Nagaishi
Research Support Staff (MWJ)
Hideki Mukoyoshi
Research Support Staff (MWJ)
Takeshi Terada

2. Core Curation

This group provides curation services for core samples collected by IODP and JAMSTEC reserach cruises.

a. IODP Core Curation
For details about the IODP Core Curation, click here.

b. JAMSTEC Core Curation
JAMSTEC core curators provide curation services, such as storage and distribution of core samples obtained by JAMSTEC research cruises, and various outreach services related to core sample research and education.

Core samples are highly valued resources for scientific and educational activities. These samples should be accessible to wider scientific community as an asset shared by mankind. JAMSTEC provides the core samples and associated analytical data for general scientific or educational uses after maximum two-year moratorium period (i.e., 2 years after collection of cores/data on board ship).

JAMSTEC core samples are curated by JAMSTEC core curators at KOCHI/JAMSTEC (Kochi Core Center). For accessing the core samples, please visit the JAMSTEC Core Sample Curation website; http://www.jamstec.go.jp/kochi/jc_curation/e/.

JAMSTEC curatorial staff at work in the Reefer #1


Group Leader (add. post)
Yoshifumi Kuroda
Takayuki Tomiyama
Noriaki Masui

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