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Today's deep-sea hydrothermal fluid known as Black Smoker used to be highly alkaline White Smoker in the early Archean era!? Putting forward a new hypothesis from the geological records of 3.5 billion years ago. Go to ¨ Achievements

In front of the Great Buddha statue, Kamakura

Prof. House in Bamboo Garden, Hokokuji Temple, Kamakura

We tried a cup of green tea. Hokokuji Temple, Kamakura
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1st January
A Happy New Year to All from Precam Lab!


Motoko with her prizes
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Kentaro Nakamura giving the lecture
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Ueno, Y., Johnson, M.S., Danielache, S. O., Eskebjerg, C., Pandey, P., & Yoshida, N.
Geological sulfur isotopes indicate elevated OCS in the Archean atmosphere, solving faint young sun paradox. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, (2009) 106:14784-14789.